Teal Camper Seeking Partners

In a letter sent to supporters of the upstart Teal Camper, Teal International President Larry Drake is asking for financial partners to help move the concept forward. Due mainly to a tight manufacturing environment where manufacturers are unwilling to invest in small, start-up businesses, Drake finds his vision of a modular travel trailer at a crossroads and a shaky future.

“They have scaled back and limited their production to high end, high volume, proven products. This, combined with attempting to start up a new company on a small budget, has not only put the project behind schedule, but has created a financial crunch as well.”

Although the future of the Teal Camper is uncertain, interest from the public remains strong.

 “It has been a hard road with many road blocks, although there has never been a lack of interest.  In fact, we have well over five hundred people who would like to be camping in a Teal Camper if it were available, and hundreds more who visit our website weekly.”

Regardless, for the project to survive, Drake needs more investors and visionaries to move the project forward.

“The Teal Camper and Teal Shelter project needs someone, or a group, who can take it to the next level, both financially and strategically. If you, or anyone you know, have an interest and the means to launch this unique patented product, please contact me for more information.”

If interested, you can contact Drake via e-mail at ldrake@tealinternational.com.



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