Cricket Trailer Featured on Extreme RVs

Houston, Texas based Cricket Trailer will be featured on The Travel Channel’s Extreme RVs program Sunday night, January 29, 9pm ET and again at Monday, 12am ET on January 30.

The Cricket, with its unique shape made of aluminum composite sidewalls and pop-up roof, checks in with a base weight at 1300 lbs. It’s also framed in aluminum, adding to its light weight feature.  Exterior length is 15′ and has a generous 6’2″ interior head room when the roof is extended. This  environmentally friendly camper is engineered with state of the art materials and geared for the rugged outdoors. The two floor plans offered utilize every inch of space available in creative ways.







The Cricket offers a slew of options to make it a quite versatile unit, including A/C, a tankless on-demand water heater, solar panels, roof racks, and more. One interesting option is what’s called the “Kids Attic”, which amounts to a hanging cot for a person weighing 135 lbs or less.

Should be interesting to watch & learn more about the Cricket. Until the show airs Sunday night, here’s a sneak peak at the Cricket.



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11 Responses to Cricket Trailer Featured on Extreme RVs

  1. Elaine

    That’s neat! The roof reminds me of the VW Vanagon.

  2. Steve

    Absolutely refreshingly cool!! I saw this “Cricket” on Extreme RV’s and I am sold. It is a well thought out, fully functional, user friendly unit, built with integrity and innovation. If the “Cricket” is comparably affordable, I will definitely pursue purchasing one.

  3. Ernest Nitka

    Their website appears to be down – any other links like snail mail or phone to contact them?

  4. patti pryer

    ALMOST what I’ve been looking for. Always wanted a rig slightly larger than the teardrop but thought even the smallest trailers were too much stuff. The Cricket looks to be my answer. I would need to know about sway when pulling in high winds and its weight capacity? Can larger tires be put on rig for better clearance?

  5. tom morgan

    Interesting but brutally basic! FYI Winnebago developed a compact design in 1984 that remains classically impressive! Look it up under LeSharo RV. I have also retrofitted my Heartland 18′ MPG for use as an all-weather camper (installed a fresh water tank and all water lines inside camper). Its dry weight is 2700 lbs being self-contained and its 12v A/C and now sleeps 5. After watching this video, I will be installing all led lights and ceiling strapping now! He has a GREAT idea for saving space and using low-energy camping! But, what does his ?wife say about this space-age camper?

  6. Darryl

    Does anyone know of a website where I can get info on how to trick out a minivan for camping/living?

  7. david

    What is the price and the weight of the cricket

  8. David Hamblin

    INterested in price, availibility, (I have a 2006 Honda accord) any problem?

  9. louis quaintance

    Question… is the Cricket Camper planning a show tour this year?
    I am in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’d very much like to view this camper in person, rather than ordering on line through a dealer. Thanks for the reply. LQ

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