3rd Annual Winter Camp-In Set for February 11

Looking for a cure for cabin fever? The National Serro Scotty Organization has planned the 3rd annual Winter Camp-In, set for February 11, 2012. The camp-in is a fairly simple venture, and you don’t even need to hitch up or own a Serro Scotty to participate. Simply spend the night in your trailer (any brand, shape, or size) or just have a meal in it, take some pictures, and send them off to the NSSO.


The 2011 Camp-In accounted for 59 participants from 23 states, 2 countries,  and 1 province.

Second Annual Vintage Trailer Winter Camp-in 2011 from Nancy Kroes on Vimeo.

(images courtesy National Serro Scotty Organization)

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  1. I really like your site! I’m a teardrop trailer owner myself and I love to look at other small trailers. Your winter video cracks me up since my husband, our other teardrop friends and I always seem to be bundled up when we go camping in the mountains. We have even heated up rocks on the fire to keep in our beds. Ahhh…the trailer life. 🙂

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