E-mail Subscription Upgrades

Just a little bit of maintenance work to announce. I’ve gone with a new e-mail subscription widget for the site. This new e-mail notification widget will allow you to unsubscribe from receiving e-mail notifications, something the old widget doesn’t allow when you receive e-mail notifications when a new post on the site is published. The only downside is that I was not able to export the existing list of subscribers, so you’ll have to re-subscribe to continue to receive email notifications. Just enter your email on the right hand side of the main page (to the right of this post) and below the Amazon ad. Look for “Subscribe to Blog via Email”, enter your e-mail address and then you’ll be good to go. I’ve had a few people in the past who wanted to unsubscribe and couldn’t with the widget I was using, so this should alleviate that in the future.

Again, thanks for following!


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4 Responses to E-mail Subscription Upgrades

  1. Joanne

    Good luck with all the changes.

  2. Wayne underwood

    2011 18 ft campfire pulled with a 1956 olds super 88

  3. Mo

    Tomorrow is the inaugural trip for my Little Guy teardrop trailer. Taking it down to Cape May for a few days to do some road cycling. I’m in dire need of new scenery!!!

    Any eateries recommended? Specifically for lunch stops since I will be doing my own cooking in the evening.


  4. I have missed your e-mails and hope that I can continue to receive them.

    In any event, although I may not have responded appropriately, I think your letters help a lot of owners, restorers or, like me, wanna-have-one but haven’t spotted that “affordable orphan” yet.

    Keep up the good work!


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