Trekker Trailers to host build-your-own camper class

Eustis, Florida based Trekker Trailers will be conducting a class in late June where the students build their own trailer under the supervision of professionals. The first class is scheduled for June 21-30, 2013. The model used will be their entry level Simple Sleeper, which is a teardrop trailer without a rear kitchen.


The Simple Sleeper features an air conditioner, rear cargo rack, drop floor, 2 doors, and a mattress. It measures 7 1/2′ long and 4′ wide, which, along with its 650 lbs weight, makes it easy to tow with a large motorcycle or small car.


In the class, students will be cutting out the shapes using templates, assembling the wood structures, sheet metal, installing windows and doors, and the finishing touches. Some of the work will be done for you so everyone stays on schedule.


The cost of the class is $3900 ($2500 deposit), which is a $1,000 savings on a Simple Sleeper had you just bought one from Trekker Trailers. Currently there are spots for only 3 students.

For more information, contact Andrew Bennett at 352-409-4005 or email

You can visit the Trekker Trailers web site at:


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  1. skubitwo

    anything more on tabs and tadas? i know they stopped making them for awhile, but the rumor was always that “somebody” else was going to make them. all my links to those “somebody” sites seem to be broken, or they only make giant trailers after all, when i try to go deeper.

    • Pat

      Actually T@Bs have been reintroduced for a couple of years now. Little Guy Worldwide markets them and Pleasant Valley is the manufacturer of them. Having seen them and having been a previous owner of. Dutchmen T@B, I must say the quality of the Little GiyT@B is much better. As at as I know there are no plans to bring back the T@DA.

      You can use the “search” feature on the site (simply search “t@b”) to read what I’ve written about the new T@BS over the past couple of years. You can also visit the new T@B website at Thanks for reading!

  2. Alphacat63

    Here’s something I thought might be kind of interesting for your blog:

    I came across this in the May issue of Men’s Jounal. It ain’t cheap! But it is a good sized trailer that can apparently be towed by most cars (in a promo video, it is seen being towed by a Saab convertible). It will be interesting to see how this pans out!

  3. ernest erwin

    I have a Honda Goldwing 1800 trike and I am looking for a Tear drop camper.
    It needs to be no more then 360 lbs. Does any one know where I may find one?

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