2015 Shasta Airflyte Update

As posted on the Mount Comfort RV Facebook page, Shasta RV president Mark Lucas released additional photos of the 2015 Shasta Airflyte reissue. The new photos show the Butternut Yellow and Seafoam Green color schemes. With the Matador Red scheme that initially debuted in July, this completes the three colors available of the 1,941 Airflytes to be produced.




According to Mount Comfort RV, most of the 1,941 units have been spoken for and it’s anticipated the last couple hundred will be reserved within the next week. Production of the 16′ and 19′ models will start September 22.

Shasta_Airflyte_2015_1961_16SC_Re-Release_Mount_Comfort_RV_Floorplan Shasta_Airflyte_19_2015_1961_Re-Release_Mount_Comfort_RV_Floorplan


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8 Responses to 2015 Shasta Airflyte Update

  1. Pat Chastain

    Anyone who bought one of these have any ideas how they want to customize their unit? I may get mooncaps for the wheels. I have a b & w photo of President Kennedy I may hang inside. May even put in a guitar hanger for my Fender Strat.

  2. Peg Kern

    I have a friend that is very interested in the new reissued Airflyte. She didn’t like the small gaucho in the back. I see there is a floor plan for a 19ft. Airflyte. Is that coming out too??? When is the production on that size going to start or can it be ordered now?

    Thanks Peg Kern

  3. Pat Chastain

    Anyone know if finished Airflytes were on display at the Elkhart RV Open House? If so, would love to see pictures.

  4. Pat Chastain

    Wow, there are lots of great new pics, and a video, of the Shasta up on Mount Comfort RV’s website: http://www.mountcomfortrv.com. These things are beautiful. They curved the countertop corners for the production model . . . that’s something some of us were worried about. The bulb in the lamp over the table looks like a propane mantle. The careful attention to detail makes this trailer special. They even added stripes on the rear egress window to keep that jalousie look. The awning is classic. I’m so glad I ordered mine before they disappear . . . Good job, Shasta. I think Shasta has busted the door open on a whole new RV sector. I’ll be surprised if this is the last retro / replica trailer we see from them.

  5. Kathy Higgins

    Hi! I am SO in love with these little trailers!!! Have been planning on building my own “tiny house” for a few years…even have the trailer. I would LOVE one of these little gems. Great idea!!!! Will plan to keep an eye out for these in Tucson, AZ.

  6. Matt Smith

    What color did you order Pat? I ordered a yellow. I think the mooncaps are a great idea. I hope I can find some that fit the wheels.

  7. Donna

    How much are these going for?

  8. Alisa seeberger

    I’m interested in purchasing one of the airflytes. I live in Utah . What is the starting price? Thank you

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