More on the White Water Retro Special Edition

Last month I gave you a brief post on the introduction of the White Water Retro 177 Special Edition by Riverside RV. It appeared the 177SE had the same floorplan and specs as the White Water Retro 177, and that is indeed the case.


The 177SE comes with a few extras that give it an eye-catching look that will surely draw the attention of everyone. I spoke with Riverside RV general manager Mervin Lehman recently to get the scoop on the 177SE. Mervin tells me, “This has been in the works for about 2 months and we used the 177 as it is our most popular model. The first run of these will go into production the week of May 18 so they should be arriving on or about June 1.”


The 177SE will come as a package with no options. But the upgrades from a typical 177 include birch interior, painted rims w/ whitewall tires, radiant insulation, LED lighting, Fantastic Fan w/rain sensor, 6 cubic foot refrigerator, and a deluxe memory foam mattress.


“There are no options with this unit as we are doing this as a special package so that every unit is built exactly the same except for color. This allows production to produce these very efficiently,  hence the special price.” And that special price is a reasonably priced MSRP of $18,600.


Although the 177SE is an in “as is” package, customers will have a choice in exterior colors: white/aqua, white/red, or pewter/red.


I was curious about the announcement of the Retro 177SE on the heels of the successful venture by Shasta RV coming out with the reissue of the 1961 Airflyte. When I asked Mervin if this was their response to Shasta, he told me, “The Shasta reissue had very little to do with this unit. This a very different floor plan than the Shasta unit and has been holding its own in that market.”


Currently there is no set number of 177SE units that will be produced. “The number of units isn’t limited but we are limiting the time frame. The exact date hasn’t been set in stone but we are talking about a July 31 cut off date for orders.” And as far as orders are concerned, Mervin tells me the entire first run has already been sold.

And dealers seem to be excited. I spoke with Austin Braun of Braun’s Fun Time Campers in Indianapolis, a White Water Retro dealer. “We ordered one of these on Saturday as soon as we heard about it! I think it’s exactly what we’re looking for.”



The specs for the 177SE should be on par with a standard 177 model: 18’6″ length, dry weight of 2530 lbs, 20 gallon fresh water tank, 32 gallon gray water tank, and 10 gallon black water tank with an aluminum framed construction.
Currently the Riverside RVs website does not include the 177SE, but my suggestion would be to keep tabs on sometime in early June to find out which dealers have the 177SE in stock.


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29 Responses to More on the White Water Retro Special Edition

  1. Julia

    Love it! Thanks for finding out more about it, Pat. That wood interior is so beautiful, and the tires and wheels are cool.

  2. I like a lot of the choices they made on this trailer – the flip up cutting board, nook storage next to the door, etc. But the layout looks a little cramped to me. And I always want bigger windows. It’s a welcome change from the industry standard brown on brown with brown accents.

  3. Linda

    We are thinking of a Retro 177se, we also need to buy a tow vehicle. Any suggestions? Thank you for any advice, this is our first RV!

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  5. Ty

    Do I need to use a weight distribution hitch with the 177 SE?

  6. russ

    We looked at a Retro 177SE last week, it will meet our needs very well. We preferred the layout over the Shasta Airflyte, certainly a matter of option. There is a surprisingly large amount of storage space in a little footprint, we might modify the underbed area to include some pull out drawers. Plan to tow with a half ton.

  7. Gary

    Hello everyone I am really intrested in the White Water retro 177se trailer.. I’ve read some mixed reviews on them.. Their website isn’t that informative. Does anybody have a newer 2016 that they can give me their honest assessment on them.. I known in the past the older units had issuses with the underneath low clearance but are they now making the newer trailers with a lift in the suspension. Also my wife & I love traveling with our bikes when we hit the road. Is there an option or can you get a 2 inch bike receiver on the bumper to transport bikes. Thanks for any feed back. Happy & safe travels!!!

    GC 1/23/16

  8. Rod Noel

    I’d like to see a skeletal view of the frame substructure (ribs, etc.) of the Retro 177. Thanks!

  9. Amanda

    I’ve been looking at this trailer for a time now and I think this will be it. I am choosing this over the Shasta which I have always loved the old ones. But looking at reviews the Shasta has a poor rating. Wood frame and poor construction seem to lead to it falling apart rather quickly. One sales lot I went to had about half a dozen sitting there waiting for repair and the salesman stated that they quit carrying them due to poor craftsmanship. This has a metal frame construction and improved clearance.

  10. Gary

    Hey folks!!! My wife & I are going soon to a dealership to check out the 2016 White Water Retro 177se… I am just looking for any feed back from anybody that has one… Please give me your pros & cons on these retro units… One big thing I noticed it doesn’t have a black water flush system. Is this a big deal? We never had an RV before & mostly all new trailers you see come with this feature… I am not feeling keen on bringing a garden hose into the toilet to flush out the black tank… Is this really necessary to do after trips? Also the windows aren’t jallicy style. They open side to side & not up… I would hate to think if we are camping out & are hiking, biking or sight seeing & bad weather comes through and the windows are open the inside can get potentially wet. Which we all know is not good for a RV…. These are some of things I noticed that you won’t always get a straight answer from a dealership. I think these units are a perfect size for two that has a queen walk around bed & retro look that is really hard to find.. Please let me know how you like your white water retro RV & happy safe travels to all thanks!!!!

    Gary 3/9/16

    • Robert Larson

      Hi: as long (full) time RVer’s, we’re not convinced that the black tank flush works all that well anyway. We’ve had RV’s with & without, and are just as happy rinsing from inside with a hose ourselves. Simple is ALWAYS better as long as reasonable comfort and quality are there. We don’t put anything down our toilet that doesn’t come out of our bodies*, including toilet paper. A waste basket emptied each morning works just fine; but as former sailors we’re used to that! More delicate folks must be careful about the toilet paper they buy – you don’t need the fancy ($$$) stuff sold for RV’s, just read the reviews/forums from other RVer’s and choose. We use Angel Soft as it works ok in tanks and we don’t expect guests to use the waste basket. Regarding the windows? Side-sliders or lift windows are kind of a bummer, but we would never leave the rig for more than a few minutes without closing her up anyway – just like we ALWAYS put our awning away at night or if we leave the coach. We like (and install) manual window awnings; they look great, keep the RV cool in the sun and stop most rain from coming in. Best of luck!
      *and our favorite orange chemical.

  11. Linton

    We get our 177ES in a week. Any suggestions on a cover?

  12. Mark

    I have been shopping for a lightweight trailer that I can pull safely behind–and without undue wear on–my 2015 Toyota Sienna. Could I pull one of these?

    I have all but settled on a Little Guy T@B and have even been in touch with an RV dealership about a specific one they have in stock. But then I spotted these, and they are WAY cool–and cheaper than the new T@Bs!

    Any advice is welcome. For instance, have I overlooked other possibilities in lightweight trailers that might go comfortably behind my van?


  13. Erna Halewyn

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2016 White Water Retro 177SE for sale.
    Can anyone tell me if there is a White Water club where I can post this for sale?

  14. Kathy Phoenix

    I am interested in all the information you can send or email me on the Retro 177 SE or the 177. We have a 2007 Honda Odyssey van. Would we be ok to use it to tow this camper? We plan on doing probably a 10,000 vacation with it. Thanks

    • Kathy,

      Towing a trailer this big with a van won’t be very comfortable. I know these trailers are considered ultra lights and the dealer will tell you that you can tow it with anything. I’m towing my White Water Retro with Nissan Pathfinder Limited Addition 5.6 v8 in it the same engine a Nissan Titan truck would have. Going up Hills I still struggle and wish I had more power, its hard to stay in overdrive with a fully loaded trailer. I also had into install air bags on my pathfinder as the trailer would crush down my rear suspension. A full size SUV I would say you can tow it, but a Mini Van I would look for something smaller to tow.

  15. Rocco Todarello

    We have a 2015 Retro 177SE. Bought it used, only slept in 2 nights, and was traded in for a larger unit. We have owned it one year this week.
    Our adventures include a 30 day, 5000 mile trip and a 14 day, 2500 mile trip, with a few shorter trips to the Oregon coast and Washington State.
    Almost 10,000 miles so far.

    First things first… Changed the factory bais ply tires for Greenball radials.
    Second trip, while passing, had a blow out. Trailer was all over the road, somehow saved it. CHP officer said our skid marks were “impressive”.
    Somehow not a compliment we were fishing for!

    Craftmanship is good, but… Everytime we stop there are wood and metal
    shavings on the floor by the stove cabinet. Looked all over, inside drawers, ect. and can’t find the source. Next, do not trust the TV backing plate. Found my tv on the floor one day. Cut a 1/2 inch plywood square
    with 16 wood screws and gorilla glue. Problem solved. Noticed a wet spot on the wall after a rainstorm, called a mobile RV repair guy, used the
    “Super secret rv roof chalking” and problem solved.

    Personal comforts include a 10″ custom gel foam matress, XM radio,
    tv/dvd, cargo rack in back, 2K silent generator.

    I tow with a 1990 Chevy Suburban 4×4. The trailer wants to wander a bit above 60mph. But, we are never in a hurry… 5 hours or 150-200 miles a day. All in all we love our retro….

  16. Martin Torres

    I am looking to buy a 2017 177SE used that is in near new condition. Willing to pay cash and as much as $14950 for one in top condition. I live near Santa Cruz, CA. Call my mobile phone number. 408 568 1532

  17. Shelly

    Anyone have any preference on products to use washing exterior white water retro 2013 silver and red.

  18. Chuck West

    We’re considering purchasing a 2017 177se. Our tow vehicle will be a 2015 Toyota Tacoma with a 4 liter V-6 engine. We live in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Does anyone have an opinion about the feasibility of this tow package?

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