Forest River Recalls 1,736 Shasta Airflyte Reissues

In a report on the Consumer Affairs website on Tuesday, Forest River has issued a recall of 1,736 Shasta Airflyte 16 and Airflyte 19 reissued travel trailers built from September 26, 2014 through August 17, 2015. With 1,941 Airflyte reissues scheduled to be built when this venture started out, this essentially affects just about every one of them built.

According to the report, there are two issues fueling the recall.

“In the first, the rear exit window glass may come loose and fall out due to poor adhesion. If the rear window glass detaches, it could fall onto the road and be a road hazard, increasing the risk of a crash.”

Owners will be contacted by Forest River and can have their trailer inspected by a dealer to confirm if the window is secure in the trailer. Windows that fail inspection will be replaced free of charge. The window recall will begin on October 28, 2015. The recall notice for this is 53-08282015-0081.

2015 Shasta Airflyte 1961 Reissue

“In the second instance, the vehicles may have insufficient clearance between the tire and the wheel well at the top of the tire tread and also at the inner sidewall. If there is insufficient tire clearance, the tire may rub, resulting in sudden tire failure which could increase the risk of a crash.”

The report does not indicate on the 2nd instance that any inspection will be involved. It appears the axle will be replaced with one that provides the proper clearance. This recall will begin October 26, 2015. The recall notice for the axle replacement is 53-08282015-0082.

Owners of the affected Airflyte reissued travel trailers can contact Forest River at 1-574-825-8717 regarding both recalls.

2015 Shasta Airflyte 1961 Reissue

The recall is pretty significant and should please many owners who’ve been calling for a recall for months. I’ve received several emails this year from owners describing the problems these recalls cover, as well as a few other issues with the reissues. Some of the comments on some of the posts I’ve made about the reissues have been just as passionate about the problems in design of the Airflytes. While I’ve read from Shasta these were just isolated complaints, apparently it’s a bigger problem that ultimately had to be addressed. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from owners in the months ahead who have these two issues replaced.



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24 Responses to Forest River Recalls 1,736 Shasta Airflyte Reissues

  1. The details of the recall are now available from NHTSA. There are a number of documents, including how the inspection/replacement of the windows will be done, and why the axles are being replaced. I have uploaded them to the AirflyteHacks forum.

  2. Sharon

    How disappointing that Forest River allowed these little darlings to leave the assembly line with all these issues! Day 1 I took delivery of my AirFlyte 16 I knew. There was a problem with the insufficient clearance in the wheel well when I couldn’t get my hands over the tire to put on the tire covers! I immediately contacted Forest River to express my concern and was told to contact the dealership where I made my purchase?! I found that a bit odd since “they” (Forest River) is the manufacturer!! So, I contacted the dealership and was told they were made “that way” in keeping with the “vintage” look!! I get that, however, the “vintage look” is not worth my safety or that of others on the road! I wrote back to Forest River regarding my concerns and am yet to get a response!!! Does not leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling! Not sure that replacing the axle is the answer… Perhaps putting the leaf springs on top of the axle could be… Not sure! Another concern is the tire rating…I mentioned that as well in my letter to them…they really NEED to make that right as well!!!!

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  4. Markie

    We purchased our Shasta last year and received it this spring here on the west coast. The trailer was delivered by a hotshot or a hired driver that pulled it behind his pickup. On close inspection both wheel wells were damage as a result of low clearance. During this inspection we notice numerous other breaches in the floor membrane that would certainly result in water damage from road spray. In additional there were numerous other quality problems like the sink drain emptying into the drawer or the air conditioner that was not plugged in. Incidentally you have to remove the outside vent to get to the plug – a plug which has a reset button on it with no access. But last but not lease the exterior finish where the roof and side panels come together – it was like someone beat it with a hammer into place than generously sealed it with a compound and awkwardly finish with a hand bent piece of aluminum.

    The final word is I feel for those who proclaim “Make in America” – such an embarrassment.


    • Mark Moran

      Dear Markie:

      My Dad had an RV lot in the early 1960s. He had Winnebago, Shasta and the original Forester. I recall working on them as a kid. Believe it or not, the way the roof material is beat over and the duragum applied under the molding is the way the originals were made. You used a rubber mallet to bang the “skin” over. The concept was to prevent rain leaks.

      I don’t recall the factory units coming with hubcaps. My Dad had his own supply of half moons.

      I looked at the remake and was taken back by the poor installation of screws. Back in the old days before screw guns with preset torque limits, it was hard to set every screw flush without distorting the molding. It looks like the re-issue has just as many poorly driven screws as the old units.

      The problem with a selling dealer trying to reset screws on the “lot”is the screws lose their purchase into the wood frame. The fix used to be back out the bad screw, take a farmers match and insert into the hole as a filler and snap it off flush and then hope it takes when you replace the factory screw. Usually, you made a bigger mess than just leaving it alone.

      I wanted one of these too I order to relive those times but I could not justify the cute factor for the asking price.



  5. Kimberly

    The owners club is a wealth of information for the Reissued Airflyte owners as well. They share fixes, upgrades, add ons, adventures and have 4 “Wingstock” rallies scheduled for the year 2015. It has been a historic reissue of a loved vintage Shasta trailer. Thank goodness the recalls are taking care of the issues some have experienced under the warranty. Through it all I am glad to see those iconic wings back on the US roads again.

    • Ann A.

      No they don’t. They have new instructions which initiate the club’s page is not for any posts about problems, fixed, conmlsintd or apparently anything that isn’t rosy pictures of families having a wonderful time in their Airflyte re- issue. I ought my Airflyte back on Ovtobet snd adkrd the dealerdhip about these specific issues and he assured met here were no problems and that these complaints came from people who abused their trailers. I had no idea there was a recall (I bought mine lightly used by one family whose size had grown and they decided it was .too small for them and it was delivered to me in like-new condition; however I was quite surprised that there were no round hubcaps as had been advertised in the president’s video and was assured by the dealer that they would’ve inside the vehicle upon delivery, and that instead of having the matching yellow striped awning I had a black and white awning.) Our first trip to one location where we stayed 2 weeks was fine but my husband saw a spot in the area of the front dinette bench where between the wall and the floor he could see daylight coming through! My dealership was in El Paso and I am 12-13 hours away in Uvalde so I have no idea how to get these recall items fixed as well as the new problem regarding the place where floor and wall are not fully attached! Can anyone help or advise me? Thank you!

      • Ann A.

        Wow, same story as mine and same dealership! Texans, we even have the same name! Boy would I love to hear from you. I am on Facebook Ann Alejandro from Uvslde TX and we have the exact same problems except my back window already shattered and we replaced with plexiglass. Also a/c not near enough BTUs even in March! Can you imagine August? We also got a propane tank hole in our siding! Are you sure we don’t have the same trailer? Did I purchase yours?

    • Adrienne

      Laughable! If you say anything at all in this “club” that is negative you will be chastised and possibly booted from the group.
      Forest River has not fully addressed the problems with my trailer since I have owned it. It has been sitting in a repair shop for 9 months. My guess, they were stalling until the warranty expired. Which it just did. Lo and behold I got a call claiming it is done. Yet when we went to inspect it, the first thing we spotted was daylight coming in through the front end. Forest River is now refusing to respond to my attempted contact. Surprise.

    • Holly Holmes

      Hi Kim, I just sent a message to you on your personal Facebook account. I’m a newbie at RVing and am considering buying one of these used. The comments I read here and in other forums are indeed scary…if you get this, please watch for the FB message. I’d appreciate your input! Thanks!

  6. Steve Chapman

    My Shasta 2015 16′ reissue was recalled and I took it to a Forest River RV dealer. They replaced the axle and immediately the trailer sits much higher and you can now see the entire tire where before only half of the tire was shown. I checked the inside the wheel wells and before the new axle the tire did rub again the top of the wheel well.

  7. Texann

    I remember the videos from the Shasta building plant and the company pres. showing the prototype pulled by a matching Cadillac! Lots of promises! Well, why did my 2015 19′ retro Airflyte come without any hubcaps at all? The dealer assured me these would be in the trailer upon delivery (mine was delivered from El Paso). And what happened to those cabinets in the back that were supposed to convert to a child size bunk? I have cabinets but no bunk! When I open the storage area under the dining area on the door side, I can see sunlight coming in between the wall and the floor! And although there are just two of us, no way does the A/C unit have enough BTUs to cool this darling trailer…. As advertised, each unit would get a striped awning matching its exterior color–so why are all the awnings black and white? And why is there no way to reach a PERSON at Shasta to address these bait and switch questions for me. I wanted to ADORE this little reproduction. . . But there are so many disappointments. Workmanship indoors and out very uneven–they placed the propane tank with cover in such a way as it drove a hole through the aluminum siding where the rain is going to seep through! I’m MAD.

    • Ann A.

      Wow, same story as mine and same dealership! Texans, we even have the same name! Boy would I love to hear from you. I am on Facebook Ann Alejandro from Uvslde TX and we have the exact same problems except my back window already shattered and we replaced with plexiglass. Also a/c not near enough BTUs even in March! Can you imagine August? We also got a propane tank hole in our siding! Are you sure we don’t have the same trailer? Did I purchase yours?

    • Phoenix

      Why isn’t there a class action lawsuit? These issues are serious!

  8. Melinda

    So we were all excited to purchase one of these until I read all of the above. If they are still on an RV lot would it be reasonable to think the recall items are fixed & good to go? Will definitely ask that question before buying now!

  9. Cheryl

    I recently purchased a 16′ Airflyte Shasta. I don’t seem to have many of the recall issues…I need to check the wheel well, though. There be a problem that I’m not aware of.
    My question is this: the awning hangs so low, that you can’t open the Shasta door. Any suggestions on how to rectify the problem?


    • Pat

      I’m assuming you have a 3-pole awning? If so, you might try raising the poles to a higher level. In the Scotty I had, that’s how I handled it with a 3-pole awning.

  10. Brittany

    Our dealership in Sherman, Tx has been great and timely on correcting the recalled items on our 2016 Shasta. We have no complaints about our camper (besides maybe the BTUs for the a/c.) July heat in Texas makes it difficult to cool anything. Our camping friends with their 5th wheels and fancy RVs were struggling as well. When you compare the price, our Shasta is definitely worth it. People are enamored by the vintage look and the modern features are the icing on the cake. I’m proud to own one and would purchase again!

  11. debk

    WHAT THE WHAT? The brand new reissue units were supposed to come WITH AWNINGS???? :O Can someone please point me to proof of that?

    My Mom bought one from a dealership in Temecula CA one year ago and there was not a single word nor document that indicated that! Of course, this dealership has been a nightmare to deal with over the recall axle replacement, they didn’t mention the back window issue, and it took them four months to repair a ‘ding’ and tear in the white skin beneath the front window. Appalling lack of professionalism and service – which is why I am not surprised that they didn’t include the awning that was, apparently, included in the price of the unit purchased.

  12. Steve and Fran Lesher

    We purchased our Retro up in Ogden Utah at Sierra. It was bad enough that we told them ahead of the time of our arrival due to a time crunch. We came up from the Albuquerque area to pick this up at 9:00 am sharp with cash so we could get back on the road by 10:30. Due to people not showing up and numerous problems with the camper we didn’t get out of there till 1:30. Anyway, back to the problems! The first is the way all the siding is very warped! You look down the side of it and it looks like vertical speed bumps. They literally are an inch or more high! The big problem I have is the frame looks like it has been repaired in the front with 3 pieces of angle iron Whoever welded the entire frame did what I call b00gger weld job. I am a mechanic and a fabricator and I am shocked by what I am finding! Looks like everything was cut with a torch by someone who has a shaky hand. I’m not sure if I was sold something that had been damaged or in an accident! Upon further inspection the front lower outside compartment on the door side I found on the inside where the wood meets the outer skin area the staples are all ripped out of the wood paneling where it was attached to the wood frame. We are unfortunately just finding out about this because winter was coming and we had some family issues. I’m not really sure this thing is safe!

    • Steven Lesher

      Well, this is our first trip in it since we got it in 2016. It has set for 2.5 years at my house. We are getting ready for a 4th of July run and what do you know, the A/C wont cool it below 87 degrees and the fridge comes on but will not cool at all! Damn! The a/c is way too small so we I am going to upgrade. Not sure what to do about the fridge!

  13. Serge Lapointe

    Do somebody know what is the bolt pattern and the wheel size for the shasta airflyte 16 i whant to have a spare tire.


  14. Ilene Harris

    I have been looking at vintage trailers and came upon this site. I live in Northern California and spotted a 2015 for sale in Albuquerque. My Brother in Law lives there and I planned to as him to check it out. Now I’m not so sure! Thanks for all of the information…

  15. Joan Belcher

    I bought my #1415 Seafoam Green 19 foot Shasta Airflyte from a dealer in Maine, they were the sole owners of my “Lucy” and I LOVE LUCY!! All of the recalls had been completed when I bought her. The emergency window did indeed fall out after a year of owning her, however a call to Forest River and then sent a whole window packaged very well in a wooden crate, took it to the dealership, now owned by another family, and it was replaced, but it continues to fall out! The screw that went into the aluminum rail over the window did not grip, 3 calls to the dealer with no answer and I would like to avoid another whole day of travel and wait for the second attempt to fix….so we bought more sheet metal screws and are going to put in 3 this time, thinking that the pressure is what hold the window in when simple air flow is needed but allow it to fall out when fully extended to make it an emergency egress…..wish us luck!

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