Little Guy Acquires Serro Scotty Brand – Breaks Ties With Pleasant Valley

Green, Ohio based Little Guy Worldwide has announced they will be adding the iconic Serro Scotty trailer brand to their lineup of small travel trailers and teardrops.

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“Scotty trailers are a big part of the rich camping heritage of America,” said Joe Kicos, owner and president of Little Guy in a press release. “We are very excited to add the Scotty trailer brand and history to the Little Guy family.” Little Guy is one of the most well known teardrop trailers on the market since it first rolled out 20 units in 2002.


The Serro Scotty name dates back to 1957 when John Serro first built, coincidentally, a teardrop trailer. In a short time, Serro Scotty campers became one of the most affordable and mass produced family campers throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s, and ultimately had manufacturing facilities in Irwin, PA, Ashburn, GA, and Bristow, OK. After the Ashburn and Bristow plants closed, the Irwin plant burned to the ground in 1997, ending Serro Scotty’s 40 year run of building trailers.


In 2006, Pennsylvania RV dealer Bill Kerola revived the Serro Scotty brand, having a series of manufacturers build a limited amount of HiLanders and other models of Scottys. Before news of the acquisition of the Serro Scotty brand by Little Guy broke this week, I had confirmed with Kerola that he in fact had not renewed his licensing agreement with the Serro family. Under the Kerola-era of Scotty production, the 16′ HiLander was by far the most popular of the models.


(2010 Serro Scotty HiLanders)

Having owned a 2010 HiLander for five years, I had a pretty close relationship with Kerola, as well as some other owners of the revived brand. While there was a small dealer network at first, it later moved to a factory direct concept. After going through several manufacturers, all production ceased by 2015.


(2010 Serro Scotty Silver Pup and 2013 Serro Scotty Sportsman)

Today I spoke with Little Guy Vice President of Operations, Dylan DeHoff. They’re very excited about acquiring the rights to Serro Scotty and the plans they have for it. “The first few models will strictly be retro designed. Our plan to keep the retro look on the outside with the white/turquoise colors, teardrop shaped fender cutout, etc. The outside would also feature some basic RV designs like white framed windows. On the inside a standard unit would not be retro at all, but rather a neutral interior: Neutral colored cabinets, counters and floors. It would feature your typical RV components such as a Dometic stove, fridge, Coleman AC, etc. We plan to make a line of retro models ranging from 13 to 23 feet. For the customers that want the entire retro experience there will be a retro package which will change the flooring, curtains and other cosmetic items to feature a retro design.

“Right now we are prototyping a 16 foot bunk floorplan and next is a 17 foot front queen floorplan, both modeled after the Highlander look with the “bump up” in the roof. Next would be the 13 foot floorplan and the 15 foot floorplan. The 13 foot floorplan would be modeled after the Sportsman Gaucho but we would also like to create an extended 16 foot box version of the Sportsmen.”

To kickstart the Serro Scotty brand, Little Guy has created a new website for the Scottys at, where for now you can add your name and email to receive Serro Scotty updates from Little Guy.

As big as the news is of Little Guy reviving Serro Scotty, probably bigger is news of their pending separation with long time manufacturer Pleasant Valley Teardrops. The agreement between Little Guy and Pleasant Valley ends on April 1, 2017. While details are a little murky on the separation, what is known is that Little Guy has secured a 169,000 square foot manufacturing facility (rumored to be in the Elkhart, Indiana region) that will handle current and new product lines, with another 200,000 square feet of space in reserve for anticipated future expansion. But what is not known is how this split will affect all the brands that have been built by Pleasant Valley and marketed and distributed by Little Guy: T@B, T@G, myPod, Little Guy Teardrops (5-wide, 6-wide, Silver Shadow, and Rough Rider), and Cirrus truck campers. Some are owned by Little Guy and some are owned by Pleasant Valley. Obviously this is a pretty big deal and I’ll be gathering more information and sort it out for you all in a separate post here on The Small Trailer Enthusiast. Look for much, much more on this in the months to come.








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15 Responses to Little Guy Acquires Serro Scotty Brand – Breaks Ties With Pleasant Valley

  1. Bob Suber

    Interesting news, Pat. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Flip Wilson

    Watch out Riverside. Someone is entering your market!

    • Donna

      Hopefully with a better quality outcome! Watching with anticipation.

      • Gary

        Hey folks I was really intrested in the Riverside White Water Retro 177SE. I even went to a locally dealership in the south Jersey area to check them out… I loved the look, layout & the quality seem decent. I was a little apprehensive to pull the trigger. I’ve been on a lot of these blogs & websites & read a lot of complaints about leaking & the poor quality. Can anybody confirm these issues. Now that Littleguy bought the rights to Serro Scotty I am going to wait & see how these turn out before I make my final decision. I hope to hear any feedback… happy travels….

        Gary 7/21/16

  3. Joanne Tarkington

    SO looking forward to the 13″ Gaucho! I have had one for 20 years and need new ones one! PLEASE keep it “light” for easy towing with a small truck!!
    Won’t be able o afford new tow vehicle too!

    • Joanne Tarkington

      Also leave in All the original windows! Especially front and back!

      • Susan Busch

        I agree. Having windows in the front and back makes going down the highway so much better. I’d consider buying a retro if one had windows front and back. Love that about my Winnebago trailer.

  4. Rhonda

    Great article and underscores the fact that there are MANY of us out here looking for a lightweight, easy to tow, all in one unit. There are thousands of women (widowed, divorced, single by choice) who are looking for travel adventure on their own terms. These small travel trailers with uncomplicated workings (plumbing, heating, electric) are just the ticket for folks like me who choose to travel alone in safety. Thanks for always staying up on current happenings in the RV industry! We LOVE small travel trailers! 🙂

  5. Kim

    I have a 2010 Hilander available for sale. Great little trailer.

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  7. Randy Phillips

    I am also interested in the T@B Max S or the Serro Scotty Sportsman, if the Scotty has a wet bath in it. Lightweight teardrops are the way to travel and a bathroom and shower are a family requirement for our next purchase. Happy travels !

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  10. Karl

    What is this a hoax, show me one video of a 13 foot new gaucho. Of course people want a light weighted duplication of a vintage scotty, a lot more than a T@B. If they are making them they must be prototypes and not available to the public. The remake of the Shasta had pretty poor quality, that lost interest quickly. The 13 foot has to be built to last, look almost exactly like the vintage one, be under 1200 pounds, lp gas and electric refrigerator, hot water heater, outside shower, gas stove and heater, and a price to not exceed 14k. I’m guessing something went wrong, because they would sell like hotcakes.

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