Little Guy Debuts Serro Scotty Line at Hershey

Beginning Wednesday, September 14 through Sunday, September 18, the annual Hershey Pennsylvania RV Show will feature the first look of the resurrected Serro Scotty family of travel trailers from Little Guy Worldwide. Today I got the lowdown and first pictures from Little Guy VP of Operations Dylan DeHoff. As well as the introduction at Hershey, Little Guy is also updating the Serro Scotty website to reflect the new models as well as introducing the new Little Guy logo.


To some, the first wave of Serro Scotties may be a surprise, as their shape and floorplans are similar to other brands on the market. However, their plan to me makes sense. Their goal with the initial wave of Scotties will be focused on an affordable trailer that just about anyone can get into. As Dylan tells me, “We do get many calls and complaints about the teardrops being too expensive for the size offered. These first Scotty’s are built with price in mind. They are wood construction and can be built stripped of features or loaded up depending on what the dealer wants to stock. We will still be coming out with other Scotty’s that have the HiLander and Sportsman shape but we wanted to create this line of Scottys for the entry level buyer who is looking for an inexpensive camper.”


There are some five floorplans available ranging in lengths from 17’2 up to 22’7″, including basic couples floorplans as well as bunkhouse floorplans for smaller families. The interiors mix in the modern with the classic Scotty turquoise. Dry weights will run from 2230 lbs to 3927 lbs. Additional specs can be found on the Serro Scotty Trailers website here.



But Dylan wanted to make it clear that this first wave of Serro Scotty is just the beginning. “We are also featuring a graphic on the home page of the website which shows a cropped version of our first model with two silhouette images of what models are to come. I wanted to put that on there to give the customers an idea of what is to come. But we are really excited to offer this first Scotty as an entry level camper. We want to get the Scotty into as many people’s hands as we can so they can enjoy camping with their family. It was referred to back in the day as the “every man’s camper” and that is our goal with this first model line. Every man’s camper in terms of affordability but unique enough that you stand out from the crowd”. You can expect the 2nd wave of Scotties to be like those of the traditional HiLander (My old 2010 pictured) as well as the Sportsman. Note, these are models from previous Scotty manufacturers. I’m only offering these for reference sake.




The entry level Scotties will be available sometime this year, and you can look for the more retro HiLander and Sportsman styles sometime by mid-2017. As for MSRP, the five initial floorplans will have a respectable MSRP ranging from $15,000 up to around $20,000. When comparing to other brands with similar floorplans, the prices for the Scotties will be right in line with some of the name brands out there. And considering the throwback color scheme the Scotties will wear, in this era of everything “retro”, I can easily see the Scotty as the choice for many.

I’ll continue to keep tabs on the Scotty through the rest of the year and into 2017 as the new models come out. Stay tuned…this is a fun time for this segment of the RV industry.


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9 Responses to Little Guy Debuts Serro Scotty Line at Hershey

  1. Bob Ballou

    A lot like our 2011 Rockwood MiniLite ETC which we love. It is our first, and probably last travel trailer, since it fits our needs so well. Best wishes to the Little Guy folks as they roll out these models, and thanks for keeping us posted on all the little trailer news. We have no desire to up-size or replace, but it’s nice to know what’s out there if we should change our minds.

  2. Ron

    It becomes just another travel trailer. Not something really different like they were.

  3. Layton Woodruff

    I want to see one now.

  4. Charlene Johnson

    I love the look of the Serro Scotty HiLander (2010) on the outside. My family bought a used Serro Scotty trailer in the late 1960’s. We, as a family, were to move to Biloxi, MS, in 1969. Hurricane Camille hit on Aug. 17 of that year. My father pulled our Serro Scotty to MS & used it when he ad to report for duty @ Keesler AFB for a year. Mom & we three children rode a bus to meet him for Christmas vacation. Some of my most fondest memories are traveling to Florida that season.
    I’m a recent breast cancer survivor. I’d like to buy an affordable tiny trailer on a tiny budget; I’m married to an Oklahoma wheat farmer. We’ve just come out of a three-year drought. I’d like to combine my love of photography with travel for my mental, as well as physical health. Thanks! CMJ

  5. Charlie Merrick

    Can’t wait to see more

  6. Cool idea, but really wish they would of keep the original styling.

  7. jenny

    Hi! I have been trying to find the new serro scotty sportsman and cannot find it anywhere. Do you know if it was ever produced ? Thanks for any help you can provide!

    • Pat

      They’ve been going through transition into a new ownership group. Likely put on the back burner until they get their legs underneath them.

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