Aliner Introduces Ascape Travel Trailer

Known for 30 plus years as an A-frame fold down trailer company, Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania based Aliner is set to bring to the small trailer market an unconventional (for Aliner) travel trailer called the Ascape in 2017.


The Ascape is fairly unique for a trailer in its micro-trailer class, of which that class is rapidly expanding among manufacturers. It has a seldom seen rear entry door, with a drop floor which allows just over 6 feet of headroom yet keeping the total exterior height at under 7 1/2 feet. The walls are constructed with an .030 exterior aluminum skin and high-tech Azdel composites.


“The Ascape is a progressive product that we are sure will not disappoint. For such a small trailer, the space inside is very welcoming,” said Brett Randall, President of Aliner. “Working together with the team members at Aliner, we feel this will truly please that market that has been waiting for a lighter concept.”





The Ascape measures in at 13 feet long and 1350 lbs. It will come in a basic and plus model. The plus model will include a potty, A/C, audio/visual package and exterior awning. As of this writing, the MSRP is to be determined, and other specs, such as tank sizes, are not yet available.

The Ascape will debut next week at the national RVIA trade show in Louisville, which I’ll be attending. I’ll be sure to give it a look and let you know my thoughts.


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30 Responses to Aliner Introduces Ascape Travel Trailer

  1. Prof C

    Very interested in this!!! Looking forward to your follow up. :-)

    • Mic

      Us too! My wife and I have been considering a TT to replace our spacious tent for convenience (and to get up off the ground finally). This Aliner looks like just what we were considering which is, basically, just a bed-on-wheels with some kitchen accessories. Please let us know what you think about its construction and future availability.

  2. John Eisenberg

    great…very interested

  3. DIDO

    Holy Cow! based on the pictures you sent with your announcement, this looks like the perfect sized trailer to tow with my 4 cyl Mazda 5. Finally somebody made a trailer for our class of tow vehicles and I don’t need a pickup to get the job done!

    Holding my breath until your next update reporting in after the show.

  4. Ron

    Great to see new offerings in this small of a travel trailer.

  5. Jane Thibeault

    Problem with this is: It’s a royal PAIN to change the bed into a table and back every night. A full time bed and a small table somewhere would be much better.

    • moonpie

      I’m interested, too. But do not plan to do all that work every night. Instead, leave the bed, hang a curtain to hide & use your outdoor space for hanging out….using an extension tent (sure to be an accessory, OR for me traveling solo, make it into a twin. & keep 1/2 as a bench w/table. Just thinking…

    • chris

      Have you seen the new Tab 400?

      • Pat

        I saw that at Louisville last week. Nice looking, but that fridge was waaay too puny. Looked like one they put in a T@B Basic. I think once the sticker price is revealed, that will tell if it’s success, which I suspect it’ll be in the $30k ballpark.

  6. Jan Bell

    Ive been an Aliner owner for the past few years. Definite pluses and minuses to the Aliner. The biggest issue that I have is interior sweating on the aluminum surfaces when camping in cool/cold temperatures. I have been in the Pacific Northwest for the past 10 weeks. All the sweat has ran down in , especially in the corners, causing mold and mildew to grow on the plywood under the cushions. If they had sprayed all exposed aluminum (before assembly) with spray-on truck bed liner, this would solve the problem.

    The other issue I have with a lender and most of all American-made RVs, is that they need to hire an interior designer. I don’t know why they think that everyone likes fake wood grain. And the curtains are hideous.

    I notice that this Ascape it’s looking more and more like all other American RVs on the interior. Whatever happened to actual “camping?” Having an exhaust fan over the stove goes just a little too far in my opinion. Hopefully the flatscreen TV is an option, because I don’t want to be near a television when I’m camping!!

  7. Will Askew

    Welcome to the New Reality for a vast developing market of small light weight TT,s. I can’t wait til after T’day to post am few considerations.

  8. JP

    Can’t wait to see this near us in Virginia. Just what we’ve been waiting for.1

  9. Rhonda

    Love the look of this little camper. We have a ’69 Shasta Compact, 10 linear feet inside, that looks amazingly similar to the photo above (it’s been completely redone). It’s about time the manufacturers are returning to small travel trailers for several reasons…easy to pull, great gas mileage, only the bare necessities which translates to eco friendly traveling fun. I’m curious about the price and look forward to more photos after the show. Love this blog!

  10. Dan Schechter

    This trailer fills a real gap in the market — and don’t let anyone tell you that it looks funny! Someone mentioned making and unmaking the bed every day — I have been doing it for years in my little Fun Finder (a model no longer made). It is no big deal to remake the bed, and it is a small price to pay for the nimbleness of a tiny but comfortable trailer.

    Plus, the Ascape will fit on most driveways — no monthly storage fee. Good luck with this new product, Aliner!!

  11. LisaB

    I’m loving the looks of this new camper, and I wouldn’t mind the bed/table situation. My only problem is I don’t think it will fit through my garage door, still too tall. I live in a townhome, so it has to go into my garage, I don’t want to pay for storage fees. But I will keep watching this camper, my home situation could change!

    • Kat

      I have the same problem, I have to park in the garage since I have an HOA with strict rules. I know the Tab is supposed to fit in the garage but I’d love to know if this would fit and the difference in price between the two

      • Pat

        According to the spec sheet provided by Aliner, an Ascape without AC is 7’5″ and with AC it’s 8’4″.

        • J. Hoffmann

          I just came from an RV show in Milwaukee, WI and saw an Ascape and had a thought about height w/ my 8′ garage door. If you lift the tongue,
          this SHOULD lower the back end enough to clear 8 feet, because the A/C unit is on the back of the trailer. You would have to raise tongue almost to point of rear bumper bottoming out and definitely don’t do this alone, but according to my sketches and feeble geometry, this
          should work. I need something w/ A/C, not everybody does.

  12. Fay

    This is a great little trailer! I wish the interior wasn’t fake wood. Would be nice to have more choices with color combinations. Tab 400 is a different trailer all together but the interior cushion covers and lighter wood would make this my first choice. Yes….I’m one of those solo woman campers that like nice interiors!

  13. AppyCamper

    12-15-2016 According to a website of a PA Aliner dealer, one MSRP
    is $18589. and they have a preorder price of $15,500.
    Not bad IMO.

  14. Randy Phillips

    Love it ! We are interested in modern more European style RV’s. I have had Aliner products in the past and they are a well built quality product. Could you ad a small wet bath (shower/ toilet combo), if so let’s make a deal ! Thanks for being creative and thinking outside the RV box !

  15. Garth Hovda

    8’garage door
    Aplus package w/o AC
    How much?

    • Pat

      They’re not quite yet on dealer lots, but one dealer I found on had a pre-sale on one with AC for $15,400. Without the AC, depending on region, I would suspect maybe just under $14k?

  16. Peter Hammond

    Frankly, for such a small trailer the galley is a little too complete ! In a unit that smal the assumption is that you would be ” camping ” , i. e. Cooking outdoors !…I think the space could be better utilized with a small 2 person dinette. You would still have space for a portable butane burner and microwave, sink, etc.

  17. Laura

    I like what I see in the pictures, but would like more information.
    How is the bed made? What is holding it up?
    Where is the fresh water tank, inside the cabin or outside?
    Do you need stabilizer bars to tow?
    I would like to see more video’s demonstrating the camper in more detail.

  18. Michele

    How tall is the exterior with the AC ??
    Was wondering if it would fit in the garage ?

  19. Loren Gratz

    On Saturday, I pick up my Ascape in Phoenix. I’ve been looking for something like this for a couple of years and am excited to finally have a small RV with lots of creature comforts (maybe more than necessary, really). The dealership had many high-quality trailers from teardrops to T@B’s on the lot. All are nice, but this one seems to have it all. It’s about 700 pounds lighter than the fiberglass trailer I have towed for 12 years, so should handle much better behind my 4-cylinder Tacoma. Would be interested in following up on owners’ experiences as time goes on.

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