Small Trailer Snapshot: The Coachmen Clipper/Viking Express 9.0TD

Back in September when I was attending the Elkhart RV open house in Elkhart, IN, I came across this little offering in the Coachmen RV section at the Forest River compound. The shape and size of it instantly caught my eye for a further look. It was a new model Coachmen was introducing in both the Clipper and the Viking lines of camping trailers. The one on display was a Coachmen Viking Express 9.0TD.

Key Features: Unique hybrid design, with elements of both a teardrop and a pop-up camper; Rear entry door; 5,000 BTU air conditioner; Bluetooth stereo; Full pass-through storage; 20,000 BTU furnace; 1.2 cubic foot 110 volt refrigerator; Zamp solar prep; USB charging ports; Side mount grill with quick-connect propane hook-up; Four heavy duty stabilizer jacks; Optional rear awning.

Key Specs: 9′ box length; 13′ total length; Weighs just under 1,100 lbs; 54″x74″ bed; 13″ aluminum wheels; 20 lbs propane tank; 12″x24″ baggage doors; 15″x24″ windows.

Why I Like It: The Clipper/Viking Express 9.0TD hits all the right notes for me in a small camping trailer. Who’s it for? I see it for those who want to “get off the ground” from tent camping and into something with a little more amenities, but without breaking the budget. I’ve seen these advertised for less than $7,000, so they’re quite affordable for most. It’s also excellent for those with low tow capacity, as it weighs under 1100 lbs. While it is a step up from tent camping, you’re still responsible for your potty facilities, as it does not have a toilet, which will be a deal breaker for some. However, it’s safe to say you’ll already know that based on the size of the Clipper/Viking Express 9.0TD. If you like cozy, without having to pay a king’s ransom, this is the ticket. You’d be spending more than half of what an upscale traditional teardrop is going for these days. But one thing the 9.0TD has going for it that a traditional teardrop doesn’t is that you can actually stand in this once the pop-up is popped up. The 5,000 BTU air conditioner should more than take care of you on a hot summer day when you have the tent portion zipped up. And to add to that, you’ll get excellent cross ventilation from the two windows that are on each side of the camper near the head of the bed. And it’s got decent storage for what it is as well, featuring a bed that flips up for storage access, as well as interior cabinets as well as a shelf above the head of the bed, which also houses two speakers for the Bluetooth stereo. Add the optional tent room and you’ve got a nice little set-up that you’re not spending a fortune on. These are slowly starting to show up on dealers lots and websites, but I suspect that will increase over the next couple of months just in time for spring. So if you’re in the market for a teardrop, or if you’re a tent camper and just want to get off the ground, give either the Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0TD or the Coachmen Viking Express 9.0TD a look. I think you’ll find they’re a really nice alternative for your budget and camping experience.

You can find more info of either model at:




(photo courtesy Boe RV & Marine)



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  1. Dean

    Nifty little bugger-boo!

    • Zen

      Overall, I like this little unit but it is starkly sparse with features. Even that could be a positive in the sense I could bring my own appliances, etc., but what I found alarming is the absence of electrical outlets inside. No outlets plus no space for a porta-potty would make this a deal breaker for me. That’s a pity because it’s otherwise a very nice little unit.

  2. Rhonda

    Cute little thing. As a woman traveler I would be concerned about the safety factor (I want a secure, lockable unit) but this would be great for anyone who did not have such concerns and did not want to sleep on the ground.

  3. Jeffery Hammonds

    It looks as if it will slip through a 7′ high garage door for storage. Good. Bring along a shower tent with a shower set up and put a porta potty in the tent and we’d be ready to go. Looks like luxury tent camping. That’s all we need for weeks on end. Simple. Minaminalist. Fun. It’s enjoyable to watch the manufactuers evolve in creative ways.

  4. marlie bennett

    I’m not much into hybrids just for the lack of security against wildlife and bad guys, but I must admit I do like this one. The simpler the better.

  5. Jennifer Opitz

    I just purchased one of these yesterday and can’t wait to take it on the road! I can’t find anywhere to purchase the screen room addition though. My dealer said they didn’t sell them. Suggestions?

    • Pat

      Congrats, Jennifer! Have to say, I’m kind of jealous! I checked the Coachmen website and may have found a contact for you. This link takes you to the customer parts department at Coachmen: Let me know if that doesn’t work for you!

      • Rick

        I just got my screen tent delivered today. It took 4 months to get it as they were not satisfied with the original design. It looks well made but has no instructions. I ordered mine through the dealer. I am surprised that did not offer to order one for you.
        BTW, I have spent 9 weeks living in my camper and loved it. I spent most of the time in Arizona and New Mexico.I reserve campsites near the restrooms.
        In regard to security, I carry pepper spray and an air horn on the shelf above the bed!

      • Rick

        I just got my screen tent delivered today. It took 4 months to get it as they were not satisfied with the original design. It looks well made but has no instructions. I ordered mine through the dealer. I am surprised that did not offer to order one for you.
        BTW, I have spent 9 weeks living in my camper and loved it. I spent most of the time in Arizona and New Mexico.I reserve campsites near the restrooms.
        In regard to security, I carry pepper spray and an air horn on the shelf above the bed! Happy Trails!!

    • Wanda Garfield

      Regarding the screen room, you can get these from RV General in Birch Run Michigan. They are somewhere around $300. We just ordered this camper from them and included the screen room. Will get it in a couple weeks. Their phone number is 989 – 624 – 7000. I hope you enjoy your camper.

    • Christina Dudley

      Hello Jennifer, I just purchased this camper in July and have only taken it out once, and am very discouraged with it. I do admit that in theory I thought it would have been perfect for me but in reality my fist trip leaves me wishing I never got it. The biggest issues I am having with the inside was the air conditioner and the quality of the bed, I was thinking I could get a better mattress but the air seemed like it should keep such a small area fairly cool, and it really was so warm I reopened the flaps and was so uncomfortable, did you have issues with the area. I have no experience with hitching and unhitching a camper, we had a really hard time getting this accomplished, and ended up having the camper jam into the back of my jeep and caused a small dent. The last big issue, is the issue of attempting to back up with the camper, it tends to jack knife. Do you still have the camper and just wondering what you have learned?

      • Chrism

        A small fan will help with any air conditioning. There are nice usb fans.
        We have a small Aliner and the small trailers are the hardest to learn to back up. I’m still practicing. But the magnetic yellow balls are great for hitching up alone. (You put one on the hitch ball and one on the hitch, you can see to line up and when the ball one gets knocked off, you are over the ball and ready to hitch.) Good luck.

      • Dave

        Not the trailers fault

      • If you’re wanting to sell let me know I might be interested.

      • Amy S Ash

        I’m looking to purchase one of these possibly so I’m doing a little research.,so have you got the a /c cooling issue fixed?

    • Dave

      How do you like your 9.0 TD so far Any complaints

  6. How do you attach the awning and screen room to the coachman Viking express 9.0 td

  7. Stew

    I see that an off road version is now available. It’s called a Clipper Express 9.0td V-PKG – . We have the basic model and I wouldn’t mind going to the larger wheels & tires. Does anyone know what size they are?

  8. Noah

    Does this trailer have brakes? Not sure why you would need them for such a light trailer.

  9. Michael Martin

    Can you sleep in it with the pop up down?

    • Stew

      I closed the lid with myself inside just to see what it was like. There is enough room to sleep but was a bit tight. In a pinch you could do it wouldn’t be comfortable.

      I also tried fitting 2 adult bikes inside and that was no problem at all. I put a 54″ x 72″ moving blanket on top of the mattress and then the bikes on top of that. I built a kayak rack for mine. I planned to build a bike rack too but I may just transport them inside.


  10. Chris

    Wondering has anyone structure problems we have only had ours a month and it has developed a crease right down the middle of the trailer Looks like a seam underneath has let go
    Dealer not sure what it is yet

    • Stew

      I haven’t had any troubles like that with mine. I take it that the crease is from side to side as that’s the way that the floor is laid. I stiffened up the floor a bit when I added a 2″ receiver under the rear frame cross member. I thought that the floor may get soft in that area eventually s hopefully I got ahead of it.

  11. Tiffany M

    I’ve had my eye on this for about a month now and I’m now saving to buy one. I wonder what sized battery is enough to run everything inside. Also, has anyone tried cooking on a propane or butane stove inside the trailer?

    • Stew

      The trailer comes with a Group 24 auto battery and it should be fine. I replaced mine with a Group 27 deep cycle battery which is a bit more versatile.

      I haven’t cooked in mine and don’t plan too. I suppose you could but it’s a bit tight. I’d definitely open the side and rear window flaps for ventilation. The propane system and grille that come with the trailer work well.

  12. Hayd

    Very cool concept but they need to make the canvas able to put away like pop ups otherwise everything is going to get soaked on the inside. Hopefully the next generations they will.

    • Stew Beatty

      I packed ours up wet (had to!) and drove for a few hours. I opened it up when I got home (still raining) and it wasn’t bad at all. The bed was dry and there was only a bit of wetness on the counters.

  13. Stew Beatty

    I packed ours up wet (had to!) and drove for a few hours. I opened it up when we got home (still raining) and it wasn’t bad at all. The bed was dry and there was only a bit of wetness on the counters.

  14. Just got mine yesterday. Drove 268 miles from home to get it. Got the Clipper with the V-Package. Love it. Did not get my Prodigy Brake Controller in time but dealer put a Reese anti -sway bar on and it towed like a dream behind my 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander GT-V6 at 75-80 mph and still got 27mpg. Got it home and yes it fit in garage with 7ft door. Happy so far and looking forward to first trip to the mountains in Wheeling WV. P.S pass on the screen room-$560.00 from the dealer-I’ll use my 9\8 Kodiak Canvas tent for the living room until someone makes one aftermarket for less money!

    • Dennis Gibson

      Hi Edward,
      Are you still looking for a screen room for your Clipper 9.0 TD?
      I have a brand new screen room that was made for the Clipper/Viking 9.0 TD made before 2/21/2019. If your unit is newer you just need to have a strip of Velcro sewn on two flaps that attach it to the side walls of your camper. I,m selling it for $250 plus shipping.

    • Denise

      I have a screen room for sale for $100. Nothing wrong with it only used it a couple times. I sold my camper

  15. Trevor Aurocco

    Hey Everyone. I am looking at getting one of these awesome little campers. I have two questions for you current owners.

    1. The outside shower and inside sink… is it only available on the V-Pkg.
    2. Has anyone thought about converting the bed into a convertible table bench combo that becomes a bed. Like on other pop up campers?

    I think the one thing that’s missing is a hang out area inside. Do you think this is a possible DIY project? And if you have done it can you please submit photos. Thank you!

    Happy Camping.

    • Trevor, Coachmen is coming out with a bigger TD. Its on their website right now without ‘specs.12.0 and it has a small gaucho, a 2 burner stove, and an actual rear door which just what I wish mine had and the screen room is included. After owning mine since 8\10\19 I really like it but wish I had waited for this bigger one because my 9.0v-pkg is just a bit small for my 6ft frame. Check out their website I think you’ll like it.

  16. Andy T

    Thinking of buying the 9.0TD. Can anyone give me the measurements of the free space between the bed and the door? Trying to see what I can carry in there while traveling. Any chance I can carry a motorcycle in there 🙂 ?

  17. Andy PT

    Can anyone give me the dimensions of the inside open space? Any chance at all I can carry a motorcycle in there :)?

  18. David Odegaard

    Let me preface this review by sharing that we also own a Coachmen Spirit Super Lite 2936BH travel trailer. We found that at times the Spirit was a little much to just hook up and go off for a weekend quickie trip. The Spirit is the fourth TT that we have owned. Before we bought Spirit and it’s predecessors we had shopped for Pop Ups, A-Frames, Hybrids and other styles. Recently while visiting our long time RV dealer we came upon the Viking/Clipper 12.0 TD XL. Both units are made by Coachmen and sold as Clipper 12.0 TD XL or Viking 12.0 TD XL. Both come in an off road version which has rugged 16 inch wheels and slightly more ground clearance, otherwise all the other features are the same. We lucked out and were able to get the off road edition. These little units sell fast. There is a smaller version the 9.0 TD which we feel is better suited for a single person and they sell fast as well. We picked our Viking up on Saturday and immediately went to a nice campground in the mountains of Tennessee to give it a quick work out. It is a dream to maneuver in a tight campground and tows like it is not even behind our Armada. In less than ten minutes we had popped the top, stabilized the camper and hooked up all the utilities. It was hot outdoors 92 degrees, so we cranked up the 5,000 BTU AC and let it do it’s work which it did very well. The unit is cozy, plenty of headroom for a 6′ person in the higher part of the camper. There is a bench type seating area which is perfect for two people. This bench also slides out an additional six inches which allows it to be used as a single bunk. They call it a “Gaucho”. The one thing we were most amazed about was the amount of tucked away storage places. The pass thru storage is perfect for the Add-A-Room (more on that in a minute), Leveling tools, and extras one may want on an outing. We did not use the two burner cook stove, but other than for heating water for coffee or soups, I would do heavier cooking outdoors to prevent the inside of the camper from being filled with the smoke and smell of cooked meals. Outdoor cooking can be accomplished on the nice gas grill that also comes with Viking. It can be free standing or attached to the outside wall in a preinstalled rail and connected to the LP tank via a quick connect system. The really neat accessory is the Add-A-Room which is a customized screen room made to attach to the entryway of the Viking. The only complaint we had about the whole Viking system was that there were no instructions for the set up of the Add-A-Room. While we appeared very knowledgeable and proficient with setting up Viking, when it came to connecting and raising the Add-A-Room we were a great source of entertainment for all of our very close neighbors. After about thirty minutes of frustration we finally figured it out and it was up. Now that it is done we are confident that it will be attached and up in five minutes or less in the future. The little 10×10 (I think) room was perfect for a couple to sit and enjoy the blue lighting and soft music from the rear mounted speakers. We slept great, the queen sized bed was comfortable as was the Gaucho. The AC kept us comfortable and provided white noise that virtually neutralized all the sounds of our surrounding neighbors. Take down and departure was less than fifteen minutes. Viking proved to be exactly what we needed. We still have Spirit for those longer stays with more creature comforts but love the spontaneity Viking allows. The 12.0 family is perfect for a couple that likes to hike and go out into the wilderness and “Camp above Ground”. the 9.0 family is smaller, Ad-A-Room is an option and comes with or with out AC and micro fridge but is great for the hunter or explorer. Our viking also came with a large storage rack on the roof which is designed to hold two kayaks or anything you may want to put there. This is also an option for the 9.0 but only carries one Kayak. Oh, one last item -Bathroom amenities – Our Viking has a six gallon electric/gas hot water heater which services the indoor small kitchenette sink and the outdoor shower. Yes, outdoor shower. We purchased a shower/potty tent for that purpose. And…speaking of potty tent, we purchased an additional one of those to locate a distance away from Viking and to put our portable potty (also provided with Viking). What would camping be if you didn’t Rough It?

  19. Tom Zak

    Cab a non powered roof vent be installed in a 2020 viking express 9.0 td n if so what is the best lication.

  20. Maria

    Bought a 2020 viking expresd 9.0 td vpkg, still waiting for the screen room. Frustrationing.
    My question is what to do with the flaps if you open the side flap/window? The flaps come down into the sink and counter space. Shouldn’t there be straps to keep the flaps out of the way?

    • Stew

      Maria – I use a 4′ length of 3/8″ diameter wood dowel for each window flap. I totally unzip the flap and roll it up around the dowel. I tuck one end of the dowel behind the gas strut for the lid to keep the flap up and off of the counter. I store the dowels under the mattress so they’re always handy.

      • Damian

        Hi. We buy a 2022 9.0 and found that it come with four boat bimini bottons that we need to srew to the camper to avoid to clip the sides. Also, we change the original carbon pole for an aluminum tent pole because the carbon are fragil. Now the tent work awesome.

  21. Hannah

    What’s the footprint of the screen room?

  22. Bryan Green

    Bought a 12xo in May,have had nothing but headache and troubles now,needs roof and floor due to water leak,factory want returns calls,dealer will not give me straight answers,at point wish they would take the unit back and forget the whole thing ,recommend not buying Coachman or Viking made by same unresponsive company

    • Lanier Turley

      The roof is an engineering disaster, There is an unsupported seam running across the slope and it will never seal. I was lucky (I guess) that I bought a year old model and the leak showed up on our first trip. It is now sitting at the dealership getting warranty repair. I intend to take it back every time it leaks.

  23. We purchased one in June 2020. Our first problem is the roof seals keep falling off. It’s now October 2020 and now the roof is leaking and we now have mold. The trailer is a neat idea, my wife and I love it, however as far as my concern it is nothing but a trailer of pour execution and craftsmanship. There have been other small issues I could list. The radio dose not work unless you are on top of the radio station. The spine in the door canvassing is coming out. The refrigerator moves out going down road, or door opens releasing all your items on the floor and spoiling them to name a few. I wish I could give it a great review, but the roof leak is the last straw. I now have read about Bryan greens roof leak problems I am starting to dread my leak problem.

  24. Bruce Kenneth McLean

    I purchased one last summer and aside from an issue with the bed, easy fix by the way, really like the little guy. My wife and I took it out 4 times last year and it was perfect for what we purchased it for. Our intent was to do a grand tour of the Utah, Arizona, California national parks and take 4 or so months to do it. We have a larger trailer but were looking for a smaller one for extended towing out west. Covid put a hold on the grand tour for 2020 and maybe 2021. I took it out solo in mid-November by Lake Michigan and it handled the rainy, inclement weather with no problem. Heater kept things toasty and I stayed dry. I am 6’1″ and I really appreciate that I can stand up in it . I also found the bed to be comfortable which is not always the case with trailers. I bought the V package and also the screen room so the trailer is pretty well set-up, only addition I added was a pop-up shelter for the porta-potty. What I found missing were a handle for getting into the trailer (I added one), an outside plug (also added one), and snaps for securing the screen room to the sides. The screen room has the snaps but there is nothing on the trailer side to snap them to. The screen room adds additional room that I appreciated however it comes without set-up instructions and the design for attaching could be better executed, lot of gaps. The screen room is also expensive for what you get but I would purchase again because it was a very nice to have addition. One other comment is the grill that comes with it is usable but pretty cheap, no issue as I cook on a Blackstone 90 percent of the time. That being said I really like the trailer and consider it a little gem and it does catch the eyes of other campers when they see it set up.

  25. Igor

    Hello. I bought RV Viking express 9.0 of 2020. I have a question for you. I need to build on the roof RV rack for my Hobie kayak 12 feet. What strong bracing on the frame for that. What material did you use? Thank you.

  26. Lanier Turley

    The roof is an engineering disaster, There is an unsupported seam running across the slope and it will never seal. I was lucky (I guess) that I bought a year old model and the leak showed up on our first trip. It is now sitting at the dealership getting warranty repair. I intend to take it back every time it leaks.

  27. John Martin

    Does anyone know what size of ball for it 9.o td express

  28. Damian

    If any one need the info about the solar connector an wiring. I recwived thia information from the manufacturer (Coachmen).
    the solar plug port goes to your battery first . from there you would need to contact zamp to find out what you need from there we only supply the port.for zamp
    we do not have wire diagrams zamp should be able to explain how to hook it up and if you would need anything else to run solar .

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