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  1. Ken Schulter

    Glad to find this site. Not new to campers. Have had pop-up in the pickup bed, older Red Dale (awesome), Great Divide (both bumper pulls) and 5th wheels (24-28′ range). We are once again reconfiguring our needs and wish to sell the 5th wheel for a 14-16′ pull. Want a hard side, easy to pull. May on occasion have a grandkid or 2 but mostly my wife and I. Looking for the basics with some counter space, full/queen bed, not bunk beds, definite toilet, possible shower, and not having to take down the table to make into a bed (& vice versa). Whatever it is needs to be quality. Are there any reviews of those that stand out vs. stay away from? Hopefully this is the last time for switching around. Love the 5th and the way it pulls but just too heavy. Thanks in advance.

    • Constance condit

      I like the Rockwell mini lite 1905

    • Carolyn

      We have a Forest River Microlite 21DS with the Queen murphy bed. The bed is easy to put up & take down and when up we have a very comfortable sofa for rainy days or a nap during the day. Also the dinette that drops down for the extra guest bed adds 46″ X 81″ of sleeping room.

  2. david wood

    Does anyone know of a pop-up trailer tent suitable 1 or 2 persons to be towed by a Honda Goldwing motorcycle and sized for the United Kingdom.
    Our laws state, max 1 metre wide, max distance from rear axle of the bike to the back of the trailer is 2.5 meters, max weight 150 kg.
    Small I know but there must be something!!

  3. Gay Ann Morrisette

    I am looking for a tiny, lightweight toy hauler and am hoping that this group can help me find what I need. Toy to haul would be a Vespa. I prefer sleeping in a tent, so the toy hauler would be used to haul the Vespa and carry my gear. I would be staying in campgrounds with facilities and would use the toy hauler to sleep in only when there is bad weather. Any ideas out there?

  4. Terry H Moseley

    I have a small teardrop trailer built on an extended 4×4 frame of a Harbor Fright trailer. I built it to match the size of my Smart Car. Worked very well, but found out I really do like doing this and decided to go bigger. At least big enough I could stand up inside of a trailer and get dressed and cook inside. So now I am looking for a bigger, but yet small trailer. O! And I now have a Ford Escape to pull a bigger trailer with, Smart went bye bye.

  5. Douglas Murray

    Glad to find this site. We have a 2010 R POD 173 great camper. Great camper that meets all of our needs at this time.

  6. Ray Tapia

    Right to the point: In October 2016 I purchased a Jayco 154BH Baja Edition at 15′ 10.” The BH means bunk house, and the Baja means high clearance with axle/spring reverse.

    However, this is not the focus of this post, I started out with sole interest in the smaller Jayco 145 Baja Edition without bunk beds.
    It’s a two-person trailer w/two-year warrenty, toilet/shower, air conditioning, awning, etc Youll find the floor plan at Camping World. com .

  7. Randee

    I am looking for a light weight trailer (probably 1500-2000) that can be pulled by our Suburu Outback. Being able to stand up in it would be a plus! I would love to hear about your experience.

  8. Gordon Brown

    Good Morning . We’re fairly new to the camping world and just bought a
    Jayco 10RK and am looking for a good 10RK forum as to get ideas for
    accessories ( solar panels, mosquito netting , generators and awnings come to mind ) and camping tips. We also need the ability to run a CPAC in remote areas. ( we’re seniors ) We also have a good sized tent for longer stays.
    Any suggestions would help.
    Thanks. Gordon & Johanna.

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