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Here are a few blogs & links to other businesses & products that get my seal of approval (for what little that means to the world!):

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  1. Scott Van Dusen

    Me and my Wife we are plaining to get a Small trailer for are next Trailer.

  2. Debra

    I am looking for small trailer/vintage trailer groups in Florida that are family friendly! If you come across any please share. Thanks.

  3. Denise

    Hello! I am in need of some help, my dad just gave my husband and I a travel trailer,i do not know what kind it is, i took pictures and i was hoping i could send some pictures to someone to try to figure out what kind it is!! I look forward to restoring it! THANK YOU!

  4. Thanks for the links! They have already proved helpful and inspirational in beginning my journey of converting my Coleman pop-up to a hard-side camper. Just getting started, but looking forward to the day I can say it’s finished! Thx again!

  5. Tony Williams

    We are looking for a vintage trailer that can fit in our garage (6.5 height, 6.5 width), can anyone help with a recommendation of a make/style that can fit. Thank you.

    • Dick Kowalski

      Hi Tony, I have a new build Mat of 2015 Teardrop WOODY for sale. size 142″ length, 72″ width, 70″ height, weight is 790 lbs. tongue weight 160 lbs.
      One of a kind. Have towed with a full size Ford Van and a Chevy HHR. tows
      great. Has a front detachable tool/storage box. Wired with 110 volt and 123 volt for towing.
      thanks, Dick K.

  6. Pat, I’m writing a review of a Riverside Retro and I’d like to use your photo of the aluminum framework from your post about the factory visit. I’d be happy to credit your blog for the photo. Would this be possible?

  7. Erin

    I am looking for a trailer towable by a Subaru Outback (less than 2,000lbs preferred) that would sleep a family of four. Bonus points for stylishness, but not required. Suggestions? Thanks!

  8. Jo

    Has anyone heard of a Coast Inn travel trailer? Its a 1973 model and is pulled behind a car. Any info would be helpful.

  9. Hi,

    We run a outdoors website specialising in Caravanning / Motorhome tech along with Camping and Outdoor Living. We’d love to feature in your ‘Other Links’ section.


  10. joanne wallace

    I am sooo disappointed that Current is not selling your 2021 Vintage Travel Calendar!!! 🙁

    Please tell me we can buy them directly from you…



    Pat how can I get added to your mailer list , please let me know what I need to do , Thanks for all your information and sharing with us

    • Pat

      Jeff – Unfortunately we don’t have one any longer. We had a crash a couple of years ago with the program we were using. When we tried to redo that one and while researching others, we found there are new regulations where we have to have our physical address in the emails that would go out when new posts were added, which we weren’t too keen on. But thank you for reading!

  12. Hello,

    I thought readers of this page who are considering an RV vacation starting near Nashville TN might be interested in learning more about rending travel trailers and motorhomes from NashvilleRVRentals.com

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