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Here are a few blogs & links to other businesses & products that get my seal of approval (for what little that means to the world!):

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  1. Scott Van Dusen

    Me and my Wife we are plaining to get a Small trailer for are next Trailer.

  2. Debra

    I am looking for small trailer/vintage trailer groups in Florida that are family friendly! If you come across any please share. Thanks.

  3. Denise

    Hello! I am in need of some help, my dad just gave my husband and I a travel trailer,i do not know what kind it is, i took pictures and i was hoping i could send some pictures to someone to try to figure out what kind it is!! I look forward to restoring it! THANK YOU!

  4. Thanks for the links! They have already proved helpful and inspirational in beginning my journey of converting my Coleman pop-up to a hard-side camper. Just getting started, but looking forward to the day I can say it’s finished! Thx again!

  5. Tony Williams

    We are looking for a vintage trailer that can fit in our garage (6.5 height, 6.5 width), can anyone help with a recommendation of a make/style that can fit. Thank you.

    • Dick Kowalski

      Hi Tony, I have a new build Mat of 2015 Teardrop WOODY for sale. size 142″ length, 72″ width, 70″ height, weight is 790 lbs. tongue weight 160 lbs.
      One of a kind. Have towed with a full size Ford Van and a Chevy HHR. tows
      great. Has a front detachable tool/storage box. Wired with 110 volt and 123 volt for towing.
      thanks, Dick K.

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