Relay For Life

This weekend marks the annual American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life in the Town of Speedway, Indiana. This will mark the first time my wife and I will participate in this rapidly growing event.

As members of the Speedway Police Department‘s citizens academy, we’re joining the relay team consisting of officers of the department. Since the relay is a 24 hour walk at a local park, the various teams set up campsites on the grounds, meant to serve as a home base where they can sit, sleep, eat, and socialize with their fellow teammates. As residents of Speedway grateful to our teammates who put their lives on the line every day for us, we’re upgrading their campsite this year by offering up our Serro Scotty as home base for the department’s team. So instead of the pop-up tents and sleeping bags, they’ll have an air conditioned oasis to crash for what is expected to be a warm weekend in the mid 80’s.

This promises to be one of the best camping trips we’ve had, although our campsite is just a mile away from home. Cancer is a 400lbs gorilla that has likely affected all of us in one way or another. If you’d like to participate by a modest donation to our team, we’d really appreciate the gesture. Donations big or small can be made even after the event. Just follow the link here to our team’s page. I’ll have a full report later this weekend following the event.

Thanks for your support of this event and as always, your support of The Small Trailer Enthusiast.


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  1. Crystal Baker

    We’re taking the T@B to our Relay, too. We’re selling pink ribbon sugar cookies and pink chocolate chip cookies in memory of my mom, who passed last Sept. I pushed her in her wheelchair in the survivors’ lap last year 🙁
    I’ve always walked at the Relay because my sister passed from ovarian cancer in 1989

  2. Donald Costello

    Relay for Life is a really great program, one that as yet has not been taken over completely by the government.

    I live in the South, in Kentucky, and we just completed our Relay for Life program two weeks ago and between the 5 participating churches we collected over $40,000.00 which is a little more than we did last year, this despite a bad economy and high unemployment, which indicates how hard everyone worked to make ours a success.

    Good luck,

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