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Jackson Center, Ohio based Airstream, Inc. has acquired the assets of NEST Caravans, an Oregon based molded fiberglass trailer company that saw its first prototype produced in just the past year.


In a press release from Airstream President Bob Wheeler, “We’ve been imagining a small, well-thought-out fiberglass travel trailer for quite some time and are very confident about its potential. Nest is a product that conveys sophistication, simplicity, and upscale modernity, so it made sense for us to partner and help bring this design to market.”


The NEST is the brainchild of Robert Johans, President and Lead Designer of the Bend, Oregon based company. After moving to Bend  in 2006, Johans started a fiberglass trailer restoration business called The Egg Plant. It was his time spent restoring and modernizing Scamps, Bolers, Trilliums, and other fiberglass “egg” trailers where he envisioned creating his own offering to the fiberglass trailer market, and thus the NEST Caravan company was born.


The NEST is rear entry, monocoque bodied, 2400 pounds, and is 16’8″ from hitch to tail. It is by far an upscale offering as molded fiberglass campers go. According to the NEST Caravans website, the price on a base model starts at $29,995 and goes up from there, depending on additional options. Perhaps when Airstream gets them into mass production, that price may be a little lower, but when it comes to the price of any Airstream, that’s really anyone’s guess. But considering the upscale features NEST already incorporates, I don’t see Airstream backing off of that philosophy and in reality, they’ll likely raise the bar.



Obviously this story is developing and much more will be learned in the months to come as Airstream gets production underway. I’ll post here as I hear new updates. For more info on the NEST, you can visit their website (until it shows up on Airstream’s website) here: In the meantime, below is a short video with Robert Johans discussing NEST Caravans.


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50 Responses to Airstream Acquires NEST Caravans

  1. Dean


    Being a Casita owner, I am a fan of molded fiberglass rigs. I have been reading about the Nest product for a year or more. Airstreams are nice rigs as well. All of this will make for an interesting story!



  2. The Elkhart, Indiana RV Mafia can’t wait to countrify this elegant trailer.

  3. Mc moran

    What is the price point for basic?

  4. Will Askew

    This is great new beginning but don’t overlook the smaller RV customer…
    When will a smart company like Airstream make an upscale high tech small travel trailer light enough to tow with any small four cylinder car? This is very important to a downsized trending marketplace. Envision one which pops up to provide a “move around inside” area roof when camping which lowers for aerodynamic travel and better still, fits in standard at home Garage Storage, a universal residential HOA requirement! Imagine an affordable RV in every garage across America. Maybe a spin off upgrade from a “Meerkat” or “Alto” trailer.

    • Mark

      You mean like the Airstream Basecamp, that no one bought? There are companies making very nice TT’s. Heck you mentioned 2 yourself. Much as you or I might like it, the market just isn’t there.

      • Susan

        Airstream Basecamp is awesome, but it’s just a little too heavy for 4 cylinders.

      • Darryl van Herksen

        Wrong. There is definitely a market for an upscale small Airstream that can be towed by a 4-cylinder and lighter on the pocket book. I would love to own an Airstream but I’m not going to invest in a big block gas guzzling truck that’s heavy on the environment just to tow an Airsteam on the occasional weekend.

        • Doug

          The good news is that a couple of Airstream restorers have bought the old Silver Streak brand and designs and have started making the 1946 original design, but in various sizes, showing 13/16/22/28′ models initially. They only have a Facebook page as of now but seem to be close to production after watching the progress of their R&D. Anxiously awaiting the debut.

  5. Mary Darrow

    Nice option, but to say that no other company is making a design conscious, lightweight trailers, is just untrue (look up Little Guy Worldwise, Merkat, or Safari Alto). Either the interviewer is biased, has not done her homework OR she is just trying to sell these. We have a T@B and it is lighter weight (1600 lbs), has a queen-plus bed, has a modern style, and is very high quality. Just saying… Nice new modern option through!

  6. Chris

    Interesting. We are intrigued by the Nest when researching small trailers over the last few years. Will be interesting to see what Airstream does. Would be unfortunate if they take it too up market cost wise as the Nest was already kinda pricey, but a nice alternative for those of us who can’t afford an Airstream.

  7. Eric Swenson

    There are other mfgs making small trailers….but the Nest is so much nicer and it has a shower inside!
    Modern clean design..can the keep the price point at what it was or lower?

    Tell me how that will affect the Bambi line.

  8. Gil

    Airstream has destroyed what used to be Airstream. Gone are the lightweight and easy to tow trailers, and all aircraft construction materials- the aluminum now can’t even be polished and has no aircraft aluminum quality, more like shed or gutter aluminum, and cheap. Bye bye Nest, you sold your soul to the 70 Airstream a week building Thor Industries.

  9. Janice Lamsa

    more information on the Nest please.

  10. UNBELIEVABLE. Nest has done nothing but make a prototype, spend thousands in advertising -marketing their concept as a finished product, and convince AIRSTREAM to acquire them.

    Well done.

  11. David King

    It is my hope that the Nest may serve as an upscale toy hauler for my mid-weight motorcycle. I don’t know if its rear door is wide enough in its original design by Robert Johans, by that is how I would want to use it when I am RVing. The small Livin’ Lite and Happier Camper are contenders as affordable toy haulers, but they would not provide the same level of elegant sophistication.

  12. Donna McFarland

    This is a beautiful new contemporary design indeed,with the Airstream attention to detail, it’ll have a real following! I must mention though…the Lil Snoozy that we found, made in S.Carolina, is more than a contender…it’s fantastic & the first of it’s kind too! Check out the You Tube video on them!

  13. William Lin

    add me to your mailing list

  14. CA

    Airstream is selling the Nest for $40,000. I think that is a bit expensive when there are quality small trailers for less.

  15. Rose

    Where did you come up with $40K price tag CA? The Nest Caravans website says $29K and up. Do you really think Airstream will bump it up $10K?

  16. Terry Sanchez

    Love to get more information, when it becomes available.

  17. Terry Sanchez

    Love to get more information, as it becomes available.

  18. James Adkins

    Only if u could incorporate 2 sea Kayak racks to the trailer.???

  19. I like to know how much it cost looks very nice. If you could Email me let me know the price I would appreciate it.

  20. Put me on your mailing list I like to know the price.

  21. Bruce McNally


  22. DarralT

    BEAUTIFUL camper- cant be denied. BUT, I bought a 13′ Scamp in 2010 for $12,500 with options I wanted. That’s at LEAST 1/3 the cost of this Nest or maybe more by the time Airstream gets through inflating it.

    While the style is there, I look at my Scamp and this Caravan and what I’m doing with it- the Caravan can do nothing more than my Scamp that I CAN pull with a Nissan 4-cyl!

    In my opinion, like the Airstream, this little beauty will be owned by the rich and/or famous!

    PS: I DO wish Scamp would innovate their style. But the demand for them in their current class is still too high. “If it’s not broke, dont fix it”. And they WONT.




    • Pat

      Don – The Nest probably won’t be out until sometime in early 2018. I’d suggest contacting Airstream directly if interested in selling them, but I’d suspect they’d want you to carry more than just those.

  24. Scott

    …and, today they announced the starting price of $45900. Way to blow the price out of most people’s budget, Airstream.


    • Pat

      Can’t disagree with you. Anyone could’ve got a Nest prior to the Airstream acquisition for $15K less. I seriously doubt they put an additional $15k in value in it compared to when Nest built them either. The more Airstream comes out with new products one thinks might be somewhat affordable, the more they prove they’re the “gated community” of the RV industry.

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  26. Doug

    Watch for the new Silver Streak Clippers built in Florida, all aircraft aluminum, built by aircraft techs and showing to be very high quality. Check their Facebook page, search on FB: Silver Streak Trailer Co.

    • Mr Brandon Thompson

      This nest is $47k looking around the internet. Well out of competitive price range. Obviously they aren’t enticing new customers and went for greed.
      Their choice. I don’t see $15k in additional materials either. Bye Airstream.

    • Mr Brandon Thompson

      Thanks I will. I’d much rather get the Alto Safari @ $30k (convert Cad to US) while having superior materials and craftsmanship that surpassed Airstream. Granted it’s not a Winter trailer but a solid three seasons worth of fun for sure.

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  30. emma

    Silver Streak Clippers built in Florida, all aircraft aluminum, built by aircraft techs and showing to be very high quality. Check their Facebook page, search on FB: Silver Streak Trailer Co.

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