A Look at the KZ Escape Mini

Shipshewana, Indiana based KZ RV in joining the arena of micro campers that sport the wheel wells outside the sidewalls that weigh around 2800 pounds and are around 20 feet long. You all know what style I mean. While the industry tends to call the style “teardrop” (well, it’s not a teardrop), it’s that design that looks like an R-pod, Winnie Drop, Hummingbird, and Comet. OK, now that you have that mental picture, it’s time to add to that list with the KZ Escape Mini.


There’s a lot to be learned about the Escape Mini, but there’s quite a bit out there on the KZ website. However, as of this writing, they’ve yet to show up on dealer lots. What we do know is that it’s starting out with four floor plans, all listed at 20’11” total length. Two of them don’t have the weights listed, but these should be in the 2800-3000 lbs range. All come with a slide out, GRWR of 3750 lbs, and have a spacious 6’10” interior height. Now one thing I’d like to get clarification from on KZ is the width. Specs list the width at 8′. If true, that’s a good foot and a half wider than competitors, which are usually at 6 1/2′ wide. However, that 8′ listed “may” be from tire to tire and not wall to wall. If it’s tire to tire, then chances are the body width is probably the usual width of a model of this type.


There are some interesting aspects of the Escape Mini when compared to the other competitors in this class. First you’ll notice the shape. It has more of an angled front and rear walls instead of the arch style of its competitors. That’s a nice touch that sets it apart. Another interesting observation from the four floorplans are the bathrooms. Three have a full bathroom and the fourth has just a toilet and shower, but is NOT a wet bath, based on the schematics on the KZ website. As for the four floorplans, they look like this:












As for some of the interior features, the Escape Mini gives you a standard 2 burner stove, 4.2 cubic foot refrigerator, convection microwave, MaxxAir fan, 20K BTU furnace, and optional 13.5K BTU air conditioner, optional wireless backup system. The optional Off-Road Package includes 15″ mud tires, additional ground clearance, heated holding tanks, and double entry step.



As for some construction aspects, it has your standard R-7 insulation, 5/8″ tongue and groove plywood decking, and a one piece seamless fiberglass roof with aluminum rafters. Also there’s full front pass through storage on all four models.

escape mini-5


So that’s about all we know on the Escape Mini so far. But as they start rolling off the line and making it to dealer lots, we’ll learn some more on them. Hopefully the local dealer here will carry these and I’ll be able to bring you a first hand report. But if you’d like to check out more on them, visit KZ’s website at https://www.kz-rv.com/products/escape-travel-trailers/floorplans.html


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6 Responses to A Look at the KZ Escape Mini

  1. Dean


    Another functional small trailer option. NICE! I like the Sofa Slide model. Permanent bed, dry bath, and a sofa for lounging and eating in a trailer just under 21′. SWEET!



  2. Bob L

    Looks to me to be a better floor plan than R Pod for couples with the Sofa or Dinette as the slide side!

  3. C. Condit

    I like the rear bath. You can use it with the slide in. The cabinet color is horrible.

  4. Rhonda

    I actually like the cabinet color and the interior looks quite lovely to me. Sadly, though, I’m thinking it’s just another cheaply made box that will lose value and fall apart far before it’s usefulness is gleaned. While I could enjoy looking at these new small trailers all day long I’d never purchase one. My old refurbished ’69 Shasta works just swell for me. Thanks for your continued research and sharing with us readers–I very much enjoy this website! Rhonda

  5. Jon

    I agree with Rhonda above. Any of the mainstream campers are generally built very poorly and do not hold up.
    I also wonder what is meant by tongue and groove plywood, do they mean OSB tongue and groove, or actual solid layer plywood? Is it treated? are the ends treated?
    Most of the main stream builders are veeeeeeery vague on construction methods. Just buzzwords and fluff.

  6. Louise ODonoughue

    What is the cabinet color in escape mini 181rk 2018?

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