Lance trailer division soars in first half of 2017

In a press release this past week, the travel trailer division of  Lancaster, California based Lance Camper has been identified by Statistical Survey’s RV Business Intelligence Solutions as the top selling composite built travel trailer in the 14′-23′ length range for the first half of 2017.


“We are very pleased with the market segment growth we have seen with our travel trailer line,” states President Jack Cole. “When we first set out to build travel trailers in 2007 we wanted to bring the consumer a new and exciting option. We achieved that through pioneering composite construction coupled with hi-tech manufacturing in reasonable sized, highly-towable floor plans.”

If you’ve never seen a Lance up close, do yourself a favor and find a dealer near you and see why they have the reputation as one of the finest trailers built in the industry today. And their construction is paramount to their success. It starts with cutting edge synthetic materials such as Azdel paneling, LitePly wood, aircraft grade aluminum, molded TPO caps, high density block foam insulation, PVC roofing and Lumilux high-gloss fiberglass. It continues with Lance optimally arranging those materials utilizing the advantages of Solidworks computer design and implementing them with the precision of CNC laser guided machinery.

 I’ve been a huge fan of Lance for a long time, and that was well before they came on board to partner with us on The Small Trailer Enthusiast. Like I do when anyone asks me about Lance travel trailers, I always direct them to this factory tour video at their Lancaster, California facility. You’ll soon realize they are state of the art and constructed with precision.

You can visit their website and view their ten travel trailer floorplans at


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12 Responses to Lance trailer division soars in first half of 2017

  1. Rhonda

    Well, great, Pat! You had just about sold me on the Ascape and here you bring in another sweet contender. Will be looking at an R Pod this morning but now I’ll also put a small Lance on the list to peek at. I appreciate this blog so much as you continually put out useful information for consumers. Thank you!

  2. Brian

    The trailers are great, but they also carry a higher price for that quality. Much of the price surely includes destination and shipping costs due to their western location.

  3. Joseph Croteau

    I love the 1475 but my wife hate the chairs would rather a small booth any chance of that happening?

  4. Susan Birrell

    They are a little pricier, but you get a 2 year guarantee… We are deciding between a Hummingbird or a Rpod, so much alike!

  5. Lancer

    I noticed Brian’s comment. For a Western U.S. buyer, Lance should have less shipping charges compared to coaches made in Indiana. The reason Lances cost more is that they are simply better built trailers compared to the average one, let’s say, being produced in, again, Indiana. After extensive research, I have ordered a Lance 1575.

  6. William

    I have looked at the lance line. They are the best I’ve looked at so far. Hard to justify that price unless you are going to be doing a lot camping and constantly traveling long distant. My self , have the sonic , r-pod , escape mini , and palomino on my list.

  7. Van Brendle

    If you like the r-pod, don’t rule out the Satellite series made by Starcraft. The offer 3 floor plans, and I was impressed by some of the features like the electric awning, and the non-wet bath in the 17RB Model.

  8. ChrisM

    Yikes. On the East coast they Start at $33,000. The next one up is $38,000.

  9. Dean May

    Hi All,

    If I ever decide to leave the world of molded fiberglass campers (Love Our Casita), Lance would be at the top of our list for smaller, higher quality trailers. They have a great selection of trailers ranging in length from a just under 20′ (bumper to hitch) to about 28′ (bumper to hitch). Personally, I am a fan of the 1475. We have a Casita 17′ Freedom Deluxe with the swivel chairs that we love. The Lance 1475 is one of the few RVs available with swivel chairs rather than a small dinette. Great for lounging!!! The 1475 is a bit bigger than our Casita, so it would be an option if we ever decided that we needed a little extra space.

    Take care,


  10. Kathy Carey

    Are you familiar with the CampLite brand? If so, what are your thoughts?

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