Hymer North America closure ends the Touring GT

On Friday, February 15, Hymer North America terminated their 900 person workforce, effectively killing the anticipated Touring GT travel trailer. The Cambridge, Ontario based Hymer North America group informed their workforce yesterday of the closure of the plant, effective immediately. The Touring GT travel trailer had been in the works for a larger release for a few years now, but never made it. It appeared last year that it was “this” close to hitting the US markets, as they had a nice representation of their trailers at the Elkhart RV dealers open house last September.

Hymer North America is formerly RoadTrek Motorhomes, makers of the popular RoadTrek Class B motorhomes. RoadTrek was purchased by German-based Erwin Hymer Group in 2016, and the plan was to use that acquisition as a means to bring Hymer’s popular Eriba Touring travel trailer to North America, which would then be built by Hymer North America in Ontario. However, that all changed in 2018 with the announcement that Thor Industries would acquire the Germany-based Erwin Hymer Group. As reported in the Toronto Star, “the $3.1 billion takeover was delayed amid an investigation into financial “irregularities”.” On February 1, the final acquisition cut Hymer North America out of the deal, effectively shutting its doors.

It’s a shame this is the outcome for a trailer that had a lot of potential, and one I know some of you were anxious to see. Who knows, once the dust settles, perhaps someone will acquire the rights to the Touring GT and resurrect it. Or perhaps Thor will find a spot for it one day within one of their lines. Either way, for the foreseeable future, it looks like the Hymer Touring GT will be a footnote in small trailer history in the U.S.


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  1. Dean

    Hi Pat,

    The Erwin Hymer North America debacle is definitely far reaching. Too bad 900 people and others have lost their jobs due to what appears to be human/corporate greed. Unfortunately, a really cool molded fiberglass small camper will not make it to market. I agree, perhaps at a later time some company will resurrect it.

    Thank you for covering this topic.

    Take care,


  2. Pete

    The Camping World conglomerate continues to buy up the RV industry, less and less competition. Sad

  3. weworkthere

    It was all part of the conspiracy….not one trailer, other than the proto-type, made it out the door successfully.

    • Craig

      You are actually wrong we have a few of these trailers and they are really nice!

      • Joanna K

        I’ve been waiting a couple of years for these things to come to United States. You say they’re out there and available… Anybody know where I can get one? I have family in Canada… Thanks

        • Sab

          I know someone who is planning on building one in Canada (has the original manufacturer parts) and can do a customized interior if you’re interested.

          • Gregory Howard

            I’m interested in a custom build. Would like a twin bed option with one bed long enough for me at 6’4 without climbing over wife to go to washroom at night or setting up the dinette bed every night

        • Sab

          Hi Joanna,

          I know someone in Canada who is planning on building one (has the original manufacturer exterior) and can do a customized interior. Let me know if you’re interested!

  4. marlie bennett

    Soon it will be only Thor and Forest River..

  5. robert Gottshall

    we are buying one in Gulfport MS. Where can we find a manual?

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