Xtreme Outdoors purchases Liberty Outdoors assets

Announced late Saturday on their Facebook page, Uniontown, Ohio based Liberty Outdoors announced the selling of their assets to Xtreme Outdoors, LLC.

From the Facebook posting:

“On July 24th, 2019, Xtreme Outdoors, LLC completed the acquisition of the assets of Liberty Outdoors, LLC. Xtreme Outdoors will be focused on improving the quality, dealer and customer experience of the Little Guy brand of trailers. A number of the experienced industry staff have agreed to transition over to Xtreme Outdoors. Warranty claims on trailers sold earlier will continue to be honored.

The principals behind Xtreme Outdoors have been successful, individual (not private equity) business owners for over 20 years – they like to own and operate businesses for long periods of time. They have the background to provide substantial operational and financial backing to the business.”

Liberty Outdoors produces the Little Guy Max, Mini Max and the recently released Camp Rover, which will continue to be built in the current manufacturing facility in Somerset, Pennsylvania.

I’m interested to see what this means for the existing Little Guy lines as well as the planned Serro Scotty. My guess is that the initial focus will be on fine tuning the quality before we see any new models hit the market, as well as improving customer and dealer relations. I’ve read and heard firsthand from several frustrated dealers and customers in recent months of communication issues with Little Guy, so here’s hoping for them it will be a positive change.

As I hear more on this acquisition I’ll post it here. In the meantime, the new website for Xtreme Outdoors can be found here: goxtoutdoors.com




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9 Responses to Xtreme Outdoors purchases Liberty Outdoors assets

  1. CJ Phelps

    I called this one! Who in the world is Xtreme Outdoors anyway? Never heard of them…

  2. Peregrine

    So happy we came upon your site. We are new to the RV world. I have been researching for a couple of months and recently had a chance to look at the little guy max. The videos looked awesome, but I was slightly disappointed in the finish of the wood. Rough, not well sanded and smooth which represents to me attention to detail. I realize this is small as I do believe the rest of the design elements are well thought out. I agree with camp girl’s feedback regarding having built in shelves for bathroom rather than mesh storage. We have not pulled the trigger on buying it and yesterday a manager at RV dealer knocked them for poor quality manufacturing. This has made us pause. I am wondering if he is referring to how thing were being run prior to acquisition or if he referring to the new group that acquired them. Could you shed some light on this. Thanks.

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  4. Aldis

    Now with once market leader LG obviously out of the teardrop business (regardless the shape, I’m afraid both Max’s fall out of the teardrop category because of the size), it would be interesting to have an overview from you Pat on how does the teardrop trailer scene looks like now, who is who, biggest players, newcomer challengers etc. What do you think?

  5. Kerry Popernack

    Quality / Electrical engineer, certified ISO 9001 lead auditor .
    Semi retired, looking for part time employment.
    Do you need help in the Somerset area?
    How do I contact your personal dept.?

  6. Tee Moore

    I need help…i need to talk with someone who can help me with the ongoing problem

  7. Lidia Johnson

    What is the tongue ball height on a little guy mini max? What should I set the ball mount height on my suv?

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