Sneak peek: The 2013 Serro Scotty Sportsman prototype

Recently Serro Scotty Worldwide introduced the 2013 Serro Scotty Sportsman prototype at various rallies. I had a chance to see it recently at the Big Little Rally in Transfer, PA, and many of you will see it for the first time here.


Serro Scotty president Bill Kerola told me over the weekend there are a lot of things that will need to be tweaked with the next prototype. However, there’s no doubt the Sportsman has received an extreme makeover from the previous model that existed from the 2008-2010 model years.

Some savvy Scotty devotees might notice at first glance it’s similar in styling to that of the now defunct Serro Scotty Pup, which lasted from 2009-2011. While the Pup (pictured below in the foreground) was smaller than the ’13 Sportsman, the design resembles that of the Pup more than that of the previous Sportsman.

While the Serro Scotty website currently does not have any info on the ’13 Sportsman, one spec that I can share is it weighs in at an impressive 1700 lbs. Impressive in that it’s very lightweight for its size. The previous Sportsman checked in at a base weight of 2100 lbs. Kerola tells me there are many composites in the ’13 Sportsman. So many composites that it could probably pass as a “green” RV.  Another attention-grabber is the skylight that stretches over the back of the trailer, above the gaucho sofa. Currently the prototype’s floorplan consist of a toilet and fridge in the front. However, another floorplan is being developed that will feature a dinette in the front and bed in the rear. I was impressed with the headroom as well. I’m a tick over 5’10”, and I’d guesstimate the headroom in the ’13 Sportsman to be around the 6’3″ range.

Kerola tells me he’ll be sending out a press release in the next couple of months, so we should know more about this as well as what the production of the popular HiLander is looking like. The Sportsman is being produced by a group of former Coleman pop-up trailer employees in Somerset, PA.


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10 Responses to Sneak peek: The 2013 Serro Scotty Sportsman prototype

  1. Wow! This could be a candidate for upgrading from a pop-up!

  2. another smalltrailerenthusiast

    Would you happen to know if this and the upcoming HiLander are wood or ALU framed? The aliner folks say those bubble windows let in a lot of heat in the summer time. But I guess a day night shade would help. Thanks.

  3. Pat

    In an email from Bill at Serro Scotty:
    “The walls are fully laminated then we hang the metal on the walls.”

    Decipher that as you will, but I believe the interior walls are laminate and the framing is aluminum.

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  5. Deborah

    I just got a 71 Scotty Sportsman as a birthday gift. I will have to gut the inside and looking for ideas on how to rebuild. We will rewire and replace the sink. But want to keep vintage feel on the outside, but new and modern on the inside. Any suggestions or pictures would be helpful. I love this style of camper so much. Thanks, Deborah

  6. Mark

    Does anyone have transaction pricing on the Sportsman and the Hilander?

  7. another smalltrailerenthusiast

    Look at used pricing on rvtrader

  8. Arthur Hall

    Can you tell me the latest news regarding the comeback of the TravelLite Hi Lo. I’m interested in buying one; but I’d like to see you version before I do

    • Pat

      Nothing new to report. You might try contacting them through their website http://holo Last I heard is the project had no real timeline, so you might consider looking for a used model instead of waiting for a new one, which may never happen.

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