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Manufacturer’s update: Safari Condo

As I wrote back in April, Canada’s Safari Condo had introduced a fixed roof model of their Alto model. Since then, production has been brisk. According Safari Condo’s Michele Nadeau, “We are sold out until February 2014! To respond more quickly to demand we have almost doubled our production in the last three months.”


The Alto also sports a new color. “We have a new exterior color that replaces the yellow one and this is the Metallic blue.” As mentioned back in April, the Alto is now available through the United States.


For more information on the Alto or Safari Condo, you can contact them through their website:  You can also visit them at their Facebook page:


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Little Guy debuts T@G and myPod at Hershey show

As I hinted at in late August, Little Guy Worldwide this week debuted the T@G teardrop and the myPod molded fiberglass trailer at America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The T@G will have optional TV, air conditioning, and refrigerator & freezer. It comes standard with a queen size bed, 2 side doors, 2 side windows, a galley, and fan. With options (including the battery), the T@G checks in at 1.025 lbs and 875 lbs without options. The MSRP is $8,995 and production will start in November. No specs to report on the myPod other than the base weight without options is just over 500 lbs.






1292977_507374626013603_1322827145_o(3)(photos courtesy Little Guy Facebook page)


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Guide released for DIY camper builders

Compact Camping Concepts of Salem, Oregon has recently released a guide for do-it-yourself building of tent based camping trailer. The 37 page manual, “The ABC’s of Home-Built Camping Trailers”,  is geared towards those with the skills to build, but just need the guidance on how to put one together.buildcampingtrailerOwner Scott Chaney tells me, ” This guide is for folks with an idea of what the perfect DIY camping trailer would be and are looking for guidance because they have not done a project like this before. It is also a great overview for understanding what is involved and assessing if a project like this is right for you.”  The manual is divided into three sections: assessing your needs, workspace and tools, and details of building.


The ABC’s of Home-Built Camping Trailers retails for $12.95 and is available on the Compact Camping Concepts web site at:

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