More on the Little Guy & Yuengling sweepstakes

We’ve been receiving a lot of hits on The Small Trailer Enthusiast since we first posted about the sweepstakes with Little Guy and Yuengling back in August.

Entries for the contest close on October 31, 2012 and the winner will be drawn on November 6. Here’s a video from Little Guy Worldwide’s Chris Baum with a little more on the Little Guy 5-wide platform that will be awarded to the lucky winner. You must be an Ohio resident to win.

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  1. John Simmerman

    Some moron on a street near me won TWO of them in the same contest. I can see them across the pond in his backward. How did this guy win two of them? Shouldn’t it be one winner per hosehold. This guy is a jerk anyhow, he a scammer, know it all, and doesn’t pay his taxes either. I’ll never buy Yuengling of Little Boy products because of this fiasco.

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