Teal Camper launches online store

Loveland, Colorado based Teal International has launched an online store for its upstart Teal Camper, now given the name “Tail Feather”. When we first introduced you to the Teal Camper concept in November 2011, the prototypes featured a pop-up top surrounding its polyethylene panels.

 However, the production models will feature a molded dome roof  made out of ABS with roof vents. According to Teal, the dome roof is more advantageous to the pop-up roof becasuse it’s easier to handle, less complicated to set up, and is better insulated.

Assembly or disassembly of the Tail Feather takes just over an hour and can be done by one person.

The Tail Feather comes in three sizes, 4’x8′, 5’x8′, or 5’x10′, and does NOT include the trailer, just the shell and other components.

Nicely equipped, prices can be expected to be in the $7,000-$8,000 range, depending on size and options you choose. Teal’s new online store is now open and ready for business. If you order before December 1, 2012, Teal will waive shipping fees. Shipping is  expected to take 60-90 days from the date of each order.



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4 Responses to Teal Camper launches online store

  1. another smalltrailerenthusiast

    The owner has been at it a long time. If he can land a Gov. Contract for disaster relief I think all his hard work on this would pay off nice.

  2. What would a 14 or 15 foot long an 77 in. +/- inside top rail Run around ? Has twin axels and is 18 foot long in-side ( 21 + Feet over all but I thought I would use three or four feet as a back porch. How would it stack up against the tiny house line?

  3. R Andrew Ohge

    This is the most amazing development in Sustainable Housing I’ve seen to date. Larry, Ryan & Company have gotten it right.

    You have a structure that can be created with recycled materials and, in turn, recycled, is energy efficient, totally modular-yes, it can be a “Camper”, but can also be a home you can reconfigure as the need arises.

    And the tools needed to put it up or take it down (ultra lightweight transport/shipping)?

    A simple “Phillips Head” Screwdriver.

    How cool is THAT?

  4. Sam Langlitz

    Interested in more details about the Teal Camper.

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