Little Guy set to reintroduce the T@B Clamshell

Little Guy Worldwide plans to debut the reintroduction of the T@B Clamshell model at next weeks 50th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, KY. The first images of the Little Guy version of the Clamshell were released in an article Friday on rv-pro.

Comparing the Little Guy version (above) to the the previous version built by Dutchmen (below) there are a few cosmetic changes. On the Dutchmen, the bottom of the trailer has a slight upward angle near the rear, where the Little Guy version is straight all the way across from the wheel well to the rear hatch. The LG version incorporates new LED strip tail/brake lights below the hatch on a diamond plate base, where the Dutchmen version used standard travel trailer tail lights afixed to the hatch. Much cleaner look on the LG model.

But overall, the concept remains the same with the kitchen area enclosed in the rear hatch  of the unit.

The kitchen will house ample cabinet space, a sink , stove, refrigerator, and an optional flat screen TV with remote and external speakers. Aside from the Clamshell model, a new model called the “S” floorplan is also being introduced as well. It will be a T@B with a wet-bath, and will also be available as an option in the Clamshell.

The Clamshell gives the best of both worlds, for those who like a tradtional teardrop trailer where the kitchen is in the rear yet gives one room to stand up in the interior of the trailer. It’ll be interesting to monitor the message boards over the next few years to see how well these Little Guy hatches hold up against water intrusion. Dutchmen Clamshells had a troubled history of leakage resulting in damaged or rotted wood.

I’ll be attending the Louisville show next Tuesday on opening day, so I’ll be giving my first hand impressions of the Clamshell (as well as other smallish trailers) later next week. I’ll be Tweeting throughout the day from Louisville, so be sure to give us a “Follow” via the link on the right side of this page. For those of you who don’t Tweet but are on Facebook, you can give us a “Like” via the link on the right and view my Tweets there. As always, thanks for reading!

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5 Responses to Little Guy set to reintroduce the T@B Clamshell

  1. cece

    I’m wondering if you have any pictures of the sleeping area? I’m assumeing it’s @ the opposite end to the kitchen/cook area but would like to stop imagining and see it. Do you have one of that angle to post? If so, thanks.

  2. Jay

    Based on my experience with my 2009 Pleasant Valley teardrop (same builder as the New Tab), this may well be my next trailer. My tear has never leaked a drop or had any other problem for that matter. The clamshell in particular is structurally quite strong and very well sealed. In all, a wonderful piece of craftsmanship!

  3. Jack Tally

    The blue T@B clamshell picture is not all that appealing. I tend to like their more earthy and funkier colors. I would also recommend that the clamshell model get a bit of a makeover. It could use a little more curve.

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