Manufacturer’s update: Safari Condo

As I wrote back in April, Canada’s Safari Condo had introduced a fixed roof model of their Alto model. Since then, production has been brisk. According Safari Condo’s Michele Nadeau, “We are sold out until February 2014! To respond more quickly to demand we have almost doubled our production in the last three months.”


The Alto also sports a new color. “We have a new exterior color that replaces the yellow one and this is the Metallic blue.” As mentioned back in April, the Alto is now available through the United States.


For more information on the Alto or Safari Condo, you can contact them through their website:  You can also visit them at their Facebook page:


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6 Responses to Manufacturer’s update: Safari Condo

  1. another smalltrailerenthusiast

    I wonder how easily that thin ALU skin dents? Great blog here.

  2. Mark

    My bet is it holds up as well as any other ALU trailer skin. Nothing new in the world of ALU skinned TT’s..

  3. another smalltrailerenthusiast

    That’s odd how all those diff manufactures came together and agreed on one way in North America and Canada to produce nothing new

  4. AnotherMark

    As of last week, they’re quoting delivery time of late June 2014.

  5. Nice little travel trailer there. I like the design. Sweet blog you got.

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