Lance Debuts 1475 Model Trailer

For 50 years, Lance Camper has been the standard bearer in the truck camper industry. Beginning in 2009, Lance began producing a series of travel trailers which have, in a short amount of time, garnered a reputation of quality that few manufacturers can compete with. There is so much cool technology that goes into a Lance trailer…so much that I couldn’t begin to explain it all here. That said, Lance has put together an excellent video presentation showing the start to finish process. You’ll find the technology and machines used to put together a Lance trailer should give even the most skeptical RVer the confidence they’re buying a pretty solid product.

At December’s RVIA show in Louisville, the Lance Camper display featured a new smaller floor plan that should be hitting dealer lots this Spring in time for the start of the 2016 camping season.



The 1475 model will be a 19’8″ trailer from hitch to tail, with a floor length of just under 15′ with an impressive dry weight of 2495 lbs. The interior consists of a deluxe queen bed in the front, two swivel rockers centered by a removable table on the door side, a kitchen on the street side consisting of ample counter space and cabinets, a 3-burner stove, a sink with pull-out sprayer faucet, and range hood.



The back wall of the 1475 Lance consists of a 5 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer as you come into the rear side entry door next to a . The rest of the back corner houses the bathroom, which consists of a toilet, sink, and spacious shower.



As with all Lance Campers, the construction is sturdy with aluminum framed sidewalls, floor and roof all insulated with block foam. The sidewalls are a laminated fiberglass with Azdel substrate. The tinted dualpane windows help maintain temperature levels whether cold or hot ambient temperatures exist.



Some other key specs on the Lance 1475 include an exterior width of 84″, exterior height of 9’9″, interior height of 78″, 240 lbs hitch weight, GVRW of 3700 lbs, and cargo carrying capacity of 1205 lbs. The enclosed, insulated, and heated fresh water tank holds 26 gallons, a 26 gallon grey tank, and a 22 gallon black tank.


My overall impression of the 1475 were positive. What really sets it off compared to similar floor plans of other brands is the large window next to the two swivel rockers and table. It’s an ideal camper for couples in search of a trailer of high quality with a small footprint. While not yet on the Lance website as of this posting (info should be up within the next couple of months) there currently is one on that has a price tag in the mid-$20k’s, which I believe to be the MSRP, so you’ll likely be able to get into one for $20K range. Once production picks up and they hit dealer lots, you’ll be able to get a better handle on what prices are going for, depending on dealer and location. But overall, my first impressions of the 1475, and Lance trailers in general, met the hype that I’ve heard and read about from owners of Lance trailers. As I always preach, when buying a trailer always do your research with a fine tooth comb, but I think you’ll find that when you research a Lance trailer, you’ll be left with a positive impression.

You can explore more on the Lance Camper website at



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6 Responses to Lance Debuts 1475 Model Trailer

  1. Crystal

    I saw this info on the Lance forum a couple of weeks ago. I always hope/wish there were more floorplans in the smaller units that had a full back window instead of a bathroom across the back. Most places I camp, the view is at the back. Lance’s 1575 used to have a nice-sized window back window beside the bathroom, but they’ve downsized that window recently. For instance, the Casita floorplans are what I’m interested in. Everyone is different, though. Otherwise, I like this new model.

  2. Dean

    I like Lance products and really like this little rig. Love the swivel chairs. Crystal, in November, we bought a new to us ’05 Casita 17′ Freedom Deluxe (swivel chairs). Great little trailer. I still appreciate the 1475!

    Take care,


  3. Craig Berry

    No comment

  4. I just purchased a 2017 lance 1475 camper, and my only negative comment be that it has no rear bumper. No reason, just no bumper. All other models besides the 1575 have a bumper. Imagine getting rear ended, the camper would surely be totaled. Please Lance put a bumper on your 1475.

  5. LAS

    If they don’t add a bumper as suggested by Lenny I’d like to see them put in a solid hitch. Where you could add a 20 to 24 inch aluminum carrier. So I could have a place to put my Solar Generator and small portable freezer/fridge. Also you could carry your bikes folded or otherwise and on occasion our inflatible Sea Kayaks. Some of these carriers are equiped with ramps, also some have swing arms so for some cars you can swing them out of the way loaded but still open and get into your hatch back SUV’s or car trunks. Some small campers are equiped with a hitch now days and probably just for this type of use. It would act as a bumper too.

  6. JERI

    At this point I’m only searching; however I am excited to see the floor plan I’ve been seeking. Finally! Just couldn’t find 2 chairs and table. Perfect for me! Will be buying soon!

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