Jayco Introduces the Hummingbird

Middlebury, Indiana based Jayco, Inc. has introduced a new product to their travel trailer line for 2017 called the Hummingbird. Currently there are three floorplans  for this new lightweight unit that, as you might guess with one look at it, will be in direct competition with Forest River’s R-pod and Winnebago’s Winnie Drop.


The three floor plans will be the 2715 lbs Hummingbird 17FD:



The (weight TBD) Hummingbird 17RB:



And the 2910 lbs Hummingbird 17RK:


From the specs on the Jayco website, they’ll have 25 gallon tanks for fresh, gray, and black water with a 6-gallon gas/electric DSI water heater. Some of the usual modern day standards will include interior and exterior LED lighting, AM/FM/CD/DVD/Bluetooth stereo with speakers, black tank flush, power awning with LED lighting, 2.1-amp USB port in all models, solar ready, and 3 cu. ft. 2-way Norcold refrigerator just to name a few features.




MSRP for these 20 footers will start out at just under $22,000, which should put them in the same price range as R-pods and Winnie Drops. And with Forest River’s lawsuit against Winnebago earlier this year regarding the similarities between the R-pod and Winnie Drop, don’t be surprised if we see similar action taken against Jayco, as has been the Forest River way starting out with the defunct Heartland mpg a few years back.

I checked out R-pod’s floor plans and sure enough, all three floor plans of the Hummingbird are floor plans that R-pod has:

The Hummingbird 17FD = R-pod RP-178

The Hummingbird 17RB = R-pod RP-180

The Hummingbird 17RK = R-pod RP-179

So I’m pretty sure we’ll see press releases by summer’s end pouring out of Forest River’s legal team. One possible saving grace from an exterior standpoint for the Hummingbird is the lower front end, where it has a concave look to it, similar to that of a late 1960’s era Shasta Loflyte.




Without seeing one in person, I have to say I really like the looks of the Hummingbird when compared to the R-pod and the Winnie Drop. The decal package on the Winnie Drop is a hot mess and the R-pod never really has done much for me aesthetically. And as a point of disclosure, I say this as an owner of a Forest River product and a stockholder in Winnebago.  And don’t forget, Jayco offers their 2-year warranty on these where the others are just 1-year.

You can find out more about the 2017 Jayco Hummingbird at their website at: http://www.jayco.com/products/travel-trailers/2017-hummingbird/


(Hummingbird photos courtesy jayco.com)



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4 Responses to Jayco Introduces the Hummingbird

  1. Ron Gorman

    If you have any influence with these manufacturers of these small trailers they should offer an option of a sofa bed or twin beds rather than a full bed a person cannot make as there are no side.. If I decide to buy one I can assure them the full bed is coming out to get more valuable floor space and I will install twin beds..

  2. David Wysocki

    Dear Jayco I have a 2014 Buick Encore with a V6 will it safely tow your hummingbird model 17rb thank you David

    • Mitch

      Your Encore with the V6 is only intended for a max towing capacity of 2000 lbs., there are some options that could get it up to 4500 on some models but your best bet is to call Buick and give them the VIN and ask what the towing capacity is.
      Even if it is 4500 lbs. the model you are looking at is 3000 lbs empty, give or take a few pounds, then you have to account for extra gear, propane, water, etc. (full tank of water would be over 200 lbs.). Personally I would not chance it as you would likely run near the limits and that’s not taking into account any hills or mountains you may hit. Keep in mind you have a towing limit and also the gross vehicle weight limit of the car which would count all occupants and the hitch weight.
      Anything your RV dealer tells you I would take with a grain of salt otherwise you are looking at having to upgrade your vehicle long before you expected to.

  3. Earl Doane

    Good site!

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