Little Guy expands roster with the debut of the Mini Max

Just eight months after production began on the Little Guy Max, Uniontown, Ohio based Liberty Outdoors today is introducing the next addition to its ever growing lineup in the Little Guy Mini Max. I first introduced you to the Max last July after visiting their Somerset, Pennsylvania factory, and since then the head count of employees at Somerset has grown to over 60 as the Mini Max starts its production cycle.

The Mini Max is a condensed version of the Max.  At 17’2”, it checks in some 4 feet shorter and over 1,000 lbs lighter than its big brother Max, weighing in at 1,993 lbs. But just looking over the specs and features, a few things stand out. It has an improved 6′ interior height when compared to others in this class, as well as a microwave oven and a 5 cubic foot refrigerator. Folks, I have a 22′ bunkhouse trailer that’s 5′ longer than the Mini Max and it only has a 3 cubic foot refrigerator! To find a way to get a 5 cubic foot fridge in a trailer of this size gets a tip of the cap from me. And it’s actually larger in size than that of the Max. Another thing I like is the incredible amount of storage. There’s a substantial pantry/wardrobe with adjustable shelves to the left of the entryway that will go over very well. And the last thing that really sticks out for me is the addition of a microwave. Since it’s mounted below the kitchen counter, you don’t lose any counter space. There’s also a fair share of storage nooks throughout for additional storage.

The Mini Max also has a wet bath, which in this class of trailer is a standard these days. And speaking of the wet bath, the tank sizes include a 20 gallon fresh, 14 gallon gray, and 9 gallon black tank.

The U-shaped dinette can convert into either twin beds or a 75″x70″ queen bed. Overhead and to the side of the dinette you’ll find a 19″ Jensen 12 volt TV.  The dinette also consists of a rotating dinette table top, sitting on a marine style, 3 stage hydraulic action table pedestal. And I wish I could explain it in words, but the hideaway slat system is just cool. Trust me!

The Mini Max also boasts 5 opening windows, including the one in the door that the Max has, for extra ventilation, which also includes a sliding screen door. The windows include integrated shades and screens much like the Max. I’ve noticed they’ve gone with a friction hinge door on this model, which I really like even in my own trailer.

From a construction aspect, the Mini Max has Liberty Outdoors’ 2 year manufacturers warranty. Sitting on a tubular steel chassis, the Mini Max is framed in aluminum (sidewalls and roof), with Azdel paneling and block foam insulation in the sidewalls and roof.

A few other notable standards are a bone chilling 13,500 BTU roof mount Dometic air conditioner, an 8″ deep stainless steel kitchen sink, 16,000 BTU furnace, 2 burner glass top stove with electric ignition, and exterior Furrion speakers with an exterior TV mount. There is also a Keder rail to attach aftermarket visor, awning or tent room.

All of those standard features can be had for an MSRP around $23,000, so I would suspect dealer prices to be around $20K. There are a few options you can add on for an upcharge, including the Rough Rider Package, which includes 15″ off-road tires and a 2.5″ axle lift, a 100 watt flexible Zamp solar panel, walnut cabinetry, Jack-It bike carrier, and a Furrion wireless observation system.

In a press release today from Liberty Outdoors, “We are super excited to announce the Mini Max. Our community has spoken and we are responding with a smaller Max that is much easier to tow, while not sacrificing the best features or the craftsmanship of the larger model. Our operations team and production crew has outdone themselves with the Mini Max. We can’t wait to bring it to the teardrop market,” said Liberty Outdoors Co-founder and Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, Joe Kicos.

“The Mini Max really hits the sweet spot for many more customers,” said Dylan DeHoff, Liberty Outdoors Director of Operations. “The spaciousness, the storage, the huge refrigerator, the electric ignition stove, the bed configuration, the ability to keep the microwave, I could go on. These are things that trailers in this class simply don’t have. I think our community will be thrilled with the Mini Max,” said DeHoff.

As for my thoughts, the Mini Max should do very well for a few reasons. First, it offers more standards than others in this class of trailer for the same…if not less expensive…price. After seeing their factory firsthand and the areas of their trailers you can’t see in the finished product, their stuff is built to last, with exceptional fit & finish. These guys have always known how to market and distribute trailers for years, but now that they’re building them, they’re at that same level as manufacturers. Their interaction with their customers before and after the sale is something you just don’t see much from in the industry, as I’m sure some of you reading this can attest. It’s nothing to see comments on the Little Guy social media pages on a daily basis from either Dylan DeHoff or Chris Baum. It’s that kind of customer service that really builds the foundation for success, and these guys have the Midas touch. As you can see by the lack of an ad from Little Guy on my website, I say this not as someone paid anything by them, but as someone who appreciates an RV manufacturer who goes that extra mile to make the customer happy in an industry where that is a rarity.

For more info on the Little Guy Mini Max and where to find a dealer near you, visit their website at



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26 Responses to Little Guy expands roster with the debut of the Mini Max

  1. Dan

    A smaller A/C would be adequate, and could be run on a 2K generator.

  2. Liz Deck

    Love the refrigerator!

  3. Dean

    Hi Pat,

    Wow, what a sweet looking little trailer. Given its weight and GVWR, I am guessing that it is towable by some smaller SUVs that are rated to tow 3,500 lbs. Very impressed with fridge size as well.

    Take care,


  4. Brenda

    It is obvious that you are paying attention to what your customers (and especially potential customers) are looking for! I love so much about the Mini Max, and can see things in it that those of us who own similar trailers have talked about. Thank you for paying attention and I can’t wait to see it in person!

  5. Juliana Henderson

    I really like this little trailer! Would a 2017 Subaru Outback be able to pull it? Or do you have any suggestions of trailers I could look at?


    • Chris

      Check out the Aliner Ascape.
      4 models now including a wet bath.
      Also made in PA.

    • Chan W

      I can vouch for their great customer service from the days when they were selling Tab Trailers. I spoke with Joe Kikos one day, and he gave me the time I needed to track down what became our new Tab. It had just left the factory, and was on its way to a dealer in Vermont, a six hour drive for us, but worth it. Great company. — Chan W.

    • Marion

      The Subaru has a 2700 lb towing capacity so that would be a no

    • Diana Pico

      I have a 2007 Subaru and so far it pulls just fine. Only had it a month and been on two short trips.

  6. Rhonda

    Another darling unit from the Little Guy folks. As a former T@G owner who wanted more room to move but didn’t want to go to the TAB because of the cramped bed space at that time, I think this would be a wonderful option. The most appealing feature to me: the twin bed set up. I’d still not like converting it to a lounge daily (where to put the bedding?) but the twin beds are an extremely useful option for folks like me who sometimes travels with a single friend instead of hubs. For sure, if this had been an option five years ago I’d have gone with this one instead of the T@G, which has moved on to new owners. Thanks for the review!

  7. Martha Effinger

    Lovely! This is a well done thought out trailer. The only down side is the dinette to bed feature which is one of the features we like about our Casita with the full time bed. This is bester insulated than our Casita.

  8. Mary Ellen

    Very thoughtful review, Pat – thank you!

  9. Hue

    It would be nice to have a handle-loop out side at each corner of the Mini Max (just like the t@b) allowing u to pull or push the trailer by hands.

    Hue H.Salem

  10. Nita Gamache

    In 2017 we purchased our first camper, 2017 Tab Max S. Warranty issues that dealer locally wouldn’t service, made go to Alabama. Our camper remained at dealer for two months sitting. Total time we had the camper was seven months. Feeling very discouraged until seeing the new Mini Max. All my critiques of the previous trailer have been resolved (better AC for southern climate, larger fridge and freezer, redesign of cabinets allowing more interior room, more interior height, outdoor shower, updated counter tops, updated plumbing fixtures, modern interior colors (more gray/whites), black/gray tank with one connection that is far enough away from tongue area, hitch in the rear to add storage space, pass through storage area, two year warranty…I could go on. I’m very excited that dealers are getting stock in and I cant wait to set my foot in this new camper, cant wait to bring it home.

  11. Sally

    Super excited for this enough space for DH to stand; weight perfect for our new wrangler unlimited Sahara. The Max was no pun intended at Max weight and this is just what we’ve been looking for. Hope the price point is reasonable. 😉

  12. I think that is really nice. It seems to provide some comfort without having to tow a big camper trailer.

  13. S Dennis

    I don’t know why more manufacturers don’t opt for larger fridges. The real advantage of a trailer over a tent/tent trailer is the food storage capacity.

    Also, love to see more small trailers cram a lot of “options” into a small footprint. I have a family of 4 — no desire to own a behemoth — but many of the trailers are scaled down “large” trailers with walk around queen beds, etc. Some of us just want a jam-packed little trailer that sleeps 4-6 comfortably (ie: beds/bunks with high weight limits) but isn’t fancy!

  14. S Dennis

    Should have added: love that this trailer has a LARGE fridge, despite its small size!

  15. Linda

    Does this have a toilet?

  16. Hank

    Where may I find a dealer?? Preferably, in N.C. or S.C. ….Or even Eastern Tenn. Many thanks!🤗

  17. Don

    This trailer is on our short list when it comes time to replace our Lance 1275. We camp to get outdoors. No need for AC in California. Or the tv and the microwave.
    Are they Solar ready And Gas line hub for a barbecue

  18. Jessica Webster

    I’ve been looking for TT with hard walls, trying to avoid popups because I’m not a fan of mesh but thats all that fits in the garage. Can’t believe one I finally found one with awesome functionality that my little Lexus SUV can pull, and it’s so freaking cute. This will for sure be a gift to ourselves after student loans are paid off!!! #timetoenjoylife #moremotivation

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