Small Trailer Snapshot: The Aliner Great Ascape

Back in August of 2017, I gave a first hand report of the new for 2017 Aliner Ascape, which you can read here. Aliner has since shuffled the Ascape lineup and now offers one that really hits on all cylinders, so to speak. The Aliner Great Ascape will soon be hitting dealer lots after the new year, and is one worth looking into, especially if you’re short on tow capacity. It’s 9″ wider than the smaller Ascape Camp, ST, MT, and Plus, equating to 12% increased width. But it adds all the features that the smaller versions couldn’t fit in to one floorplan. The Great Ascape continues like the rest of the Ascape lineup with its signature rear entry door, covered by a standard 6′ Thule awning. It also comes standard with a Cool Cat AC/Heat pump, as well as double pain Euro style windows. This is one I’d give a hard look at if I were in the market for something in this class.

Key Features: Unique rear entry door; 9″ overall width increase compared to the entry level Ascape; small footprint and lightweight; loaded with amenities . 

Key Specs: Checks in at just over 1800 lbs, with a 14′ length and 220 lbs hitch weight with 650 lbs of cargo capacity. Interior height is 6’4″ A 6’4″ interior height due to a handy drop floor makes the Great Ascape one that your average camper can easily fit in.

Why I Like It: Why would any small trailer enthusiast not love the Great Ascape? It’s small enough to tow with a plethora of vehicles, it’s got everything one needs to camp comfortably, and it’s got visual appeal. Standard features include a built-in microwave, flush mount sink and stove, 3.0 cubic foot fridge, enclosed wet bath with cassette toilet, and 23″ flat screen TV & sound bar. Exterior features include an outside shower, dual 20 lbs propane tanks, a 6′ Thule awning, and a 100 watt roof mounted solar panel. When the dinette is in full bed configuration, it measures out to an impressive 77″ x 64″. Or if you are camping with a buddy, you can use each side of the dinette booths as single beds. While the Great Ascape is a brand new model in the Ascape line, I’ve not found any out on the market yet, but I suspect that will change within the next couple of months. Look for MSRP’s to be in the mid $20K’s, which should translate to a low $20K take home price.

Video courtesy Mount Comfort RV


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5 Responses to Small Trailer Snapshot: The Aliner Great Ascape

  1. Dean

    Cool little trailer! Lots of features in a small package. Nice to be able to use the dinette benches as twin beds that can configure into a large bed!

  2. Rhonda

    Absolutely! The twin bed feature is the greatest draw for me. The overall weight of the rig is great for towing/gas mileage. The cassette toilet would be another plus for me. Overall, if I were in the market for a small trailer this one would be on the top of my list. I still love my little 14′ Jayco (and it’s paid for) so I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this little gem, but it certainly hits all the “must haves” for me! Thanks for the article! 🙂

  3. Donny

    Pretty cool trailer
    Have a lance 1275 hybrid.
    Could go smaller. Just need The basics
    Warm place to sleep. Restroom at night if needed. Make coffee and basic breakfast.
    Like the Cassette toilet Dump stations of a bummer

  4. Doug

    What I like the best is that tires don’t stick outside the body

  5. Ron

    I’m curious as to how much wood there is in the trailer construction. It fits my wishlist for sure! Moving to Vegas and hoping to find a dealer out there. Can one full time in this I wonder. It’s just me.

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