Nearly 50 face losing deposits as Lil Snoozy abruptly closes shop

This week I received an email from a reader informing me of a situation with South Carolina based Lil Snoozy RV. In business since 2010, the Lil Snoozy is a uniquely shaped, rear entry fiberglass trailer, created by Alan Smoak, who sold the company around 2013 to Richard Mickle. The email I received from the reader indicated her sister had put a $10,000 deposit on a Lil Snoozy, but the website disappeared and the owner could not be contacted. Sure enough, was no longer active. I then joined the Facebook page for Lil Snoozy owners to find out what I could. Sure enough, on Monday there was a post regarding the closure of the Lil Snoozy facility in St Matthews, South Carolina. What I read there and on the forum,, was rather disturbing. Multiple sources indicate some 45 customers had placed deposits, generally in excess of $10,000 each due to their 40% deposit requirement.

One of those indicated he’d been in contact with Mickle’s lawyer and that he was filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which doesn’t bode well for those expecting to get much, if any, of their deposits back. So those 45 customers who put down $10K-plus each, you can see how this stinks, on multiple levels. Considering there had been just a few employees (as in less than 5) building them, it makes you wonder why you’d let the waiting list grow to 45 deposits with so few people working there, resulting in wait times of some 18 months. As they say, “do the math”. This same person indicated the facility where they were produced had in fact been completely emptied of everything and the door was padlocked. Basically, there appears there’s nothing left for anyone to legally go after. I’ve got more researching to do on this, as it’s just developing. However, it seems like a bad situation for those 45, and here’s hoping they can find some positive resolution in the end. I’ll update this situation when new information becomes available.

Here’s a video I found with Alan Smoak, who developed the Lil Snoozy before selling the company some six years ago.


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57 Responses to Nearly 50 face losing deposits as Lil Snoozy abruptly closes shop

  1. David Becker Sr

    This was just a blatant planned ,premeditated act of theft. with 5 workers, taking deposits, on 45 units was criminal. Hope they get whats coming to them

  2. Dean

    Hi Pat,

    Great job breaking this very unfortunate story on Small Trailer Enthusiast. Laura and I attend 6 or so “egg rallies” (gatherings of folks that own molded fiberglass campers) per year. I have seen and been in several Lil Snoozy campers. Great little campers. Unfortunately, 45 or so potential owners put down significant deposits on these campers with wait times of 18 months. Obviously, Lil Snoozy is “micro-company” compared to Hymer Group North America that recently closed its doors due to gross mismanagement. This left 900 people out jobs and many unhappy consumers. For these 45 campers that wanted a Lil Snoozy, this closure and mismanagement feels the same to them as what just happened with Hymer Group North America. The bottom line – BUYER BEWARE. There is no better example of that slogan than the RV industry. We love camping in our little Casita camper, but the RV industry is an interesting example of consumer exploitation.

    Thanks again,


  3. Glenda

    This really stinks for the investors! Bad business here. I had never heard of Little Snoozys but it sure looked like there were some winning ideas in design going on.

  4. Michael Morgan

    If the facility had a padlock on the door, how did they know the facility was empty?

  5. Chris Thrasher

    Once again it’s the consumer that pays the bills. Given the current bankruptcy laws, as I am led to believe, when a company bankrupts, its the creditors suppliers and loan companies that get paid from liquidation first. Then and only then do the consumers get paid, providing anything is left.

  6. David

    Unfortunately I was one of the three employees left without a job the gave us a 24 hour notice we were loosing our jobs I was the lead build tech on these beautiful campers whaat a solid product due to very poor ownership and money management all these customers have been ripped off and 3 employees with no jobs with no care to Richard Mickle at all

    • Pat

      David – My sincerest thanks for writing during this difficult time for you. Did you have any idea that this was about to happen?

    • Daniel

      David, sucks you only got 24hr notice. Out of curiosity, do you know what happened to the molds, tooling equipment or anything else used to build these trailers? I’m sure it’ll get sold off somewhere as the chapter 7 proceeds. Thanks.

    • Jack Gilliam

      David Thanks for your reply. If you have any information or would like to vent, get hold of the editor of this website. And This forum fiberglassRV. Lil Snoozy closed. Also there has been some Facebook postings. WE would like to hear more.

    • Randall

      David, you lost a job and I lost a deposit. I hate the situation we are in. Since you were an employee, I would be curious to know how much build activity was really going on the past eight months. From various forums and groups, it sounds like units were picked up in May and June and then things got quiet. One fellow said he got a Lil Hauley in December. What was going on??

    • Diane

      Hi, David. I also met you when I came to the factory to order. I had the two big Bernese Mountain Dogs that you all were loving. So sorry you also got caught up in this fiasco. I hope you see your way to a better future.

    • Frank Mcginley

      David, sorry for your trouble, do you know who made the fiberglass shells for lil Snoozy and how they can be contacted?

      This is very important to me.

      Thank you


      • Fred

        Frank, this is just a shot in the dark but there is a fiberglass pool manufacturer on the same road about a mile away from Lil Snoozy. Their name is Alaglas Pools ( and while I don’t believe there is any business ownership connection it would make sense that they supplied the shells. You might reach out to them.

    • Carmen

      Any info on who made the mold

    • Ronald Thomas Thackeray

      Will you still build one? Start your own company?

    • Sue


  7. Will

    They continued to take orders so they could scam people almost .5$B. Gotta keep track of these guys… Very sad!

  8. Jack Gilliam

    Thank you for this story. You are the first to report this. I do not think it has hit the local news at all. As one of the ones who lost out, I was told 8 months to 12 months when I signed on. Then they started extending it. BUT it was always hard to get information from them. You would thing they would of kept us informed. I do not know if other companies do that if there is a change in the schedule. This week we ordered a Casita & asked about any on the lot. They had 2 whom folks had canceled. We decided to order what we wanted & was told the completion date would be May 6th. NO YEAR WAIT!

    • Pat

      Jack – Believe me, I took no joy in writing this. But based on the hits the site got over the past couple days, it’s apparent it was a story that needed to get out there. Even if it can’t help those of you who may end up losing all you put in, I still felt this needed to get out there in the event maybe some good could come of it in the end. May I ask how much you had put down on your order? And congrats on the Casita, as I think you’re going to find great happiness with it, as I know they’ve got an excellent reputation and a really good following of other owners who I know you’ll enjoy being a part of.

  9. Daniel

    David, sucks you only got 24hr notice. Out of curiosity, do you know what happened to the molds, tooling equipment or anything else used to build these trailers? I’m sure it’ll get sold off somewhere as the chapter 7 proceeds. Thanks.

  10. Gerry

    I am extremely upset downabout your loss of a job. I met you on our second trip down to the company (t0 take a few measurements) and was very impressed with the quality of your work.
    My wife and I were anticipating delivery on our trailer this month, looking forward to a nice drive down from Massachusetts. It has been a 15 month wait. What a dissapointment.
    Take care. Wishing you the best.

  11. squeakytiki

    I understand from the thread on the fiberglass forum that a number of people, having already paid their deposit, also bought 12v truck refrigerators on their own dime and had those shipped to Lil Snoozy to have them installed in their trailer. Those refrigerators are private property, bought and paid for by the deposit payers, and shouldn’t be sold to pay the bankruptcy. Wouldn’t their loss be considered theft? Is it possible to go after Lil Snoozy in criminal court because of this?

    • Violet Johnson

      Squeakytiki – According the attorney I spoke with last week, my truck fridge has been moved to a secure site and will be returned to me. Richard did not own the building, and so everything had to be removed in order to make a list of assets and keep things safe. Not sure if I will have to pay shipping to have it returned to me. I guess time will tell.

  12. Ernie Diedo

    I too am out my deposit! Wired direct to their account last June of 2018. Found out through Facebook the bad news March 5th! I am upset to say the least! I contacted Mickles attorney , he did not own the property! A trustee will be appointed by the court to liquidate any assets. Funds will be distributed to those who lost deposits first. I want the guy to go to jail! As a reminder to anyone who takes advantage of the public, not to do the same thing!!!

    • Glenn Mishoe

      Same here! Ordered August 2018. Ernie Diedo, please join the rest of us on the Lil Snoozy – Lost Deposit Facebook page.

  13. Glenn Mishoe

    Same here! Ordered one August 2018. Please join us on the Lil Snoozy – Lost Deposit FB page.

  14. Bob Dodge

    Ordered one in December 2017. This sounds criminal to me and someone should do time.

  15. Robin E Sullender

    Ordered on Sept 5, 2018. I guess it is gone!

  16. Joel Phillips

    Ordered on Oct 6, 2017.

  17. Joel Phillips

    Ordered Oct 6, 2017

  18. Sharryll Dietrich

    I wrote on their Facebook page I. March, when I asked Capt Grahm, Calhoun County Sheriff, to do a drive by. I didn’t know how to tell others.
    We ordered ours Sept 2017. Sept 2018 kept getting excuses why they were behind. Since I am I WA state, I told them I COULDN’T cross the passes till spring. Amy said over and over again, there were no problems with the company…lol NO DOUBT SHE GOT A PAYOUT. This was our retirement gift to ourselves. Guess I have to work longer now.
    If we don’t get our money back, we can take it off our taxes in 2020, but who can afford to lose that much money.
    Clerk of the court, in Calhoun County, has Lawrence Richard Mickle’s address on file FYI. GOOD LUCK TO ALL

    • Tom

      Contact the UNITED STATES POSTAL INSPECTION SERVICE. The POSTAL INSPECTORS are among the very best CRIMINAL INVESTIGATORS in all of FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT. If there is a hint of criminal activity, the POSTAL INSPECTORS will thoroughly investigate, and if necessary, bring the crooks to justice.

  19. James connor

    David I’m so sorry. I’m the old man from Rhode Island that you drilled the three holes in the floor for my wood heat hookup. It went great and kept me toasty warm all winter. I love this camper it is so well built. I had a feeling when I picked it up that Richard was in over his head. I have a feeling that his intentions were good but that he was a poor businessman
    Hope all goes well for you all. You are skilled in a number of ways and should make out alright. May God bless you all. If you see Amy give her my greetings. I’m not angry at Richard, only very disappointed. Sincerely. Jim

  20. Janet Elkins

    I was in contact with Lil Snoozy by email as recently as 2-3 weeks ago. My camper was supposed to be completed by Feb. 1. I wired almost $11K dollars to them as a deposit on Feb. 1, 2018. They had quoted me one year. So last week, since my email to them went through, but I had not received a response, I decided to call. After I found the phone number had been disconnected and their website couldn’t be found, I went to an RV site and saw notes about chapter 7 bankruptcy.
    I just got off of the phone with SC district bankruptcy court. I was hoping to get the name of the attorney handling the case, so I could file a claim. The woman was very helpful, searched for bankruptcy cases under Lil Snoozy, Alan Smoak, and Richard Mickle. None were in her system, so according to them, Lil Snoozy has not yet filed for bankruptcy. I hope they didn’t just take everyone’s money and skip town. Also, there is only one bankruptcy district in S.C. In case you’re interested, their number is 803.765.5436.

  21. CJ Phelps

    Eeek! Now, Liberty Outdoors? You got to be kidding me!

    • Pat

      CJ – Lil Snoozy is a different company than Liberty Outdoors.

      • Wade Cunningham

        My dealer told me Liberty Outdoors / Little Guy has been hanging by a thread financially all year. Possibly getting bought out. Would love to know more!

  22. Tom

    For those unfortunate folks who “lost” their deposits, and sent it, or corresponded with Lil Snoozy via U.S. Mail, immediately contact the United States Postal Inspection Service to file a criminal complaint. The U.S. Postal Inspectors are some of the best & most aggressive Federal Agents in the country. If the Postal Inspectors suspect a hint of criminal activity, those responsible will be tracked down and brought to justice.

  23. Ron T.

    I paid my deposit 12/2017. Got the run around each time I tried to find out where my camper was in line of production. Not happy camper. Scammed!

  24. nomo leftists

    I don’t buy new vehicles. Boats, cars, trucks, trailers. It doesn’t make sense monetarily to buy brand new. You also avoid things like this closure.

    • Dany

      Sorry if I hurt anyone feelings, but I would NEVER give anyone that much money up front.

    • Stan Lee

      No, nothing wrong with buying “New” – if you have the capital, however, I’ve already learned in my short lifetime, NEVER PAY AHEAD!

      If a company cannot deliver up front, move on to another one large and established enough to do so.

  25. Dorie R

    wow just wow, shame on you lil snoozy SHAME ON YOU

  26. Robert

    I drove by the Lil Snoozy plant today and there was a sign saying “we’re back” and something about a Snoozy Ii

  27. Glen Mones

    So sad .. I just saw videos on the lil snoozy. And it was exactly what I wanted.. such a fantastic design no waste of space… The design with its door in the rear. Nice couch instead of a cramped uncomfortable dinette..seating ….. A cassette toilet… Lets the small tank to be removed from the outside instead of a black water tank…. The six foot plus ceiling inside… Yet the small aerodynamic signature and lightweight outside…. I want one real bad…. Thank God I did not put a deposit down on one…

  28. MsM

    The photo looks like an Aliner Ascape. Also has door in rear and offers full bath option. Made in Pennsylvania.

  29. Nina

    What is the price range for a Lilsnoozy

  30. Fred

    Seems Snoozy II is out there. You tube video.
    2020 Snoozy II / 2nd Gen Lil Snoozy / Molded Fiberglass RV Travel Trailer Probably coming out of Chapter 7 There is a link to web page, and a phone number. Never know, mabe those 45 who sent a deposit, might benefit. Mabe you Negative Nancy’s can call and apologize to the owners.

  31. JayBee

    Not sure what’s up with this, but check out
    Looks like snoozy may still have a faint heartbeat. But don’t know if that will help those who lost a deposit.

  32. Charles

    Where are y’all located and how much are these campers

  33. Tom

    Has anyone gotten anything from lil snozzy? We have been trying for almost 4 years now, through our lovely court system. Just keep spending more and getting the run around.

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