nüCamp secures deal to bring Barefoot Caravan stateside

Earlier this month, Sugarcreek, Ohio based nüCamp RV announced plans to build the British based Barefoot Caravan in nüCamp’s Sugarcreek manufacturing facility, starting in early 2020.

The makers of the stalwart T@B, T@G, and Cirrus truck campers, nüCamp will add a very unique offering to their lineup that has been on the British camping scene since 2015. The Barefoot features a strong European-retro design, which harkens to “caravan” stylings from Europe in the 1950’s & 60’s. The molded monocoque fiberglass compact trailer comes with a wet bath and kitchenette, and weighs in at just over 2,000 lbs and measures just over 16′ long. Expect MSRP on the Barefoot to be in the low $30K’s, which is in line with other higher end trailers of this size and construction. “We are excited to combine the unique Barefoot design with the hallmark nuCamp quality,” said nuCamp CEO Scott Hubble. “We are thrilled to have Barefoot as part of the nuCamp RV family.”

“This is a very special day for Barefoot,” said Barefoot Caravans’ Managing Director Cathy Chamberlain. “We have had thousands of inquiries from the USA and Canada and wanted to find a partner to meet that demand. We are delighted to be working with nuCamp – they share our same work ethics and quality standards. We know they will do a great job. We are really excited about bringing Barefoot Caravans to this new market and realizing our American dream.”

For more info on the Barefoot, visit www.nucamprv.com/barefoot for future updates. And once production starts up, look for a more in-depth review right here.


(photos courtesy nüCamp RV and Barefoot Caravans)



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8 Responses to nüCamp secures deal to bring Barefoot Caravan stateside

  1. Rhonda Markham

    Looks like this little gem will give the Casita and Scamp factories a run for their money. I think the later two are relying too much on the fiberglass component by not modernizing their current offerings, which seem terribly outdated. For small trailer lovers the Barefoot appears both functional *and* cute. Can’t wait to see one in person.

    • Randy

      Sub $20,000 is a better market range.

    • Paul

      I doubt it Rhonda. For more money this doesn’t really bring anything more to the table for would be Casita or Scamp buyers. Who are price sensitive and not looking to pay extra for “retro” looks.

  2. Jim G.

    With “Barefoot prices to be in the low $30K’s”, Scamp and Casita will be hardy be affected.

  3. Jim Mashburn

    Keep me updated on the Barefoot trailer.

  4. Cathy

    Low 30’s? I don’t see it being that much competition for Scamp and Casita who are “tried and true”. You also have Escape (Canadian) and BigFoot (another “tried and true” and I see that EggCamper (Michigan) has their molds, etc. now for sale. The Nest and the Oliver, although higher priced, are also now in the molded fiberglass market. Can’t forget “Happier Camper” either. The market is really growing for the fiberglass molded, but with the major manufacturers coming out with much lower cost (lower quality too, but more affordable) units like Jayco Hummingbird, Forest River R-Pod and both Starcraft and K-Z having the same type, it should be interesting to see how it all comes out in the end. Is there enough demand for these smaller units?

  5. Dean

    The Barefoot definitely has the ‘cute’ factor and it is always nice to see another molded fiberglass offering. The Barefoot will cost considerably less than the Airstream Nest, but we still be quite a bit higher than Scamps and Casitas. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Can NuCamp match the all around quality of other molded fiberglass campers that are generally sold directly from the manufacturer? Liberty Outdoor Group tried to sell the Parkliner via a traditional dealer network, but never really was able to bring it to market. We own a Casita and attend 6 to 7 egg camper rallies per year. I am currently sitting under my awning following the Eggs on the Hiawassee Rally. I appreciate NuCamp manufacturing the Barefoot and look forward to seeing one.

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