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The fastest trailer on earth

Recently Diesel Power magazine Associate Editor Jason Sands set a world record for the fastest speed while towing a trailer at an impressive clip of 141.998 mph.  The feat was accomplished at El Mirage Lake, a 6 mile long dry lake bed in California’s Mojave Desert near the town of Adelanto.

(photo credit: Jason Sands)

The tow vehicle was a 2006 GMC 2500HD diesel that produced a whopping 1500+ horsepower during the run. The trailer it was towing is from a manufacturer up until now I hadn’t heard of: Carson Trailer out of Gardena, California.

(photo courtesy Carson Trailer)

The Kalispell model that was used for the record setting run was a standard production model. The only change made for the 141 mph journey was a set of beefier radial tires. The Kalispell has a tidy little floorplan and packs a good amount of amenities in a trailer that’s just about 14′ long from hitch to tail.

The fully contained Kalispell comes with a wet bath, dinette that converts into a bed for two, sink, range, closet, and a refrigerator that boasts a healthy 6.3 cubic feet of capacity. The 40 gallon fresh water, and 22 gallon grey and black water tanks are sizes you’d see in travel trailers three times the size of the Kalispell. Weighing in at just over 2600 lbs with a 400 lbs tongue weight, a new Carson Kalispell can be had for around $10K-$11K. Get yours today….they’re going fast!

(A tip of the hat to one of my loyal readers, campingall, for bringing this story to my attention.)


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