The Fastest Shasta Around…

Having lived in the shadows of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the past 10 years,  it’s not been too difficult to get absorbed into the world of IndyCar racing. After all, the famed 2 1/2 mile oval has been around for over 100 years and is arguably the most iconic race track in the world.

I follow a few of the drivers (past & present) on Twitter, one of them being the legendary Mario Andretti. Retired from active racing since 1994, Mario still finds time to get behind the wheel of an IndyCar. A two-seat IndyCar, that is. A few days ago I was intrigued by one of his Tweets that showed him in front of a campground sign:

Then on Saturday, Mario quipped about arriving in St. Petersburg, FL in this, for the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg:

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find anything regarding the story behind the picture. However, the sign in the background is the same as the one Mario was standing next to in the picture above. The trailer “in tow” appears to be that of a 1950’s era Shasta.

If anyone reading this happens to know the story behind it, please leave a comment. We’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Terry Engelstad

    You have no idea how much Gordie enjoyed reading this message about Indy and Mario. Memorial Day will never be the same after our 2 times at Indy 500 with the airstream rally at the fairgrounds in the ’90s . Thanks so much Pat for sharing and for having this website. Memorial Day camping trips need to always include the sat dish! (wonder why ?)

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