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Paradise Coast RV set to debut June 4

Benton Harbor, Michigan based Paradise Coast RV is set to debut the first of its line of retro travel trailers Monday, June 4 at the Mahogany Outfitters Classic Boat and Auto Museum cruise-in in Cassopolis, Michigan.  A follow-up showing will be Wednesday, June 6 at the Niles, Michigan Kar Club cruise-in.

The first model Paradise Coast is putting out is the 143RKB “Silver Beach”, which checks in at 17′ overall length with an impressive 7′ interior headroom, thanks in part to arched ceiling construction. One eye catching feature that I don’t recall seeing on modern travel trailers of any size is a split front window.

We’ll be talking more about Paradise Coast in depth in the weeks to come, but if you’re in the southwest Michigan or northern Indiana area, be sure to stop by one of these two events Monday or Wednesday.



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Redesigned Serro Scotty Sportsman debut set

The weekend of May 11-13 marks the debut of the newly redesigned Serro Scotty Sportsman. It is scheduled to be introduced in Hermitage, Pennsylvania at the Shenango Valley Mall RV Show. The look of the new Sportsman has been kept under wraps, so what it will look like is known by just a handful of folks.

The 2007 Sportsman was the first model reintroduced by Serro Scotty Worldwide when it was formed in 2006. It had a more rounded look to the bodies, similar to the Sportsmans of the original era Serro Scottys of the 1960’s.

That lasted about a year. When production moved from Yoder Toder to Sierra Motor Corporation in 2008, a new body style for the Sportsman came with it, which was a little taller and had more of a squared look to it when compared to the 2007.

When I talked to Serro Scotty Worldwide’s Bill Kerola in December, he told me the new Sportsman would go back to a rounded look, but I suspect it will look different from the 2007 version. He mentioned it will have hints to the former Serro Scotty Pup, but a little larger.

If all the stars align during my return trip from the east coast this coming week, I hope to be able to come through Hermitage and get a first hand look at the show.

The Shenango Valley Mall is located at 3303 East State Street, Hermitage, PA. The show will be held outside the mall. Admission is free and hours are Friday: 12 Noon – 8:00 PM; Saturday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM; Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


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The Fastest Shasta Around…

Having lived in the shadows of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the past 10 years,  it’s not been too difficult to get absorbed into the world of IndyCar racing. After all, the famed 2 1/2 mile oval has been around for over 100 years and is arguably the most iconic race track in the world.

I follow a few of the drivers (past & present) on Twitter, one of them being the legendary Mario Andretti. Retired from active racing since 1994, Mario still finds time to get behind the wheel of an IndyCar. A two-seat IndyCar, that is. A few days ago I was intrigued by one of his Tweets that showed him in front of a campground sign:

Then on Saturday, Mario quipped about arriving in St. Petersburg, FL in this, for the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg:

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find anything regarding the story behind the picture. However, the sign in the background is the same as the one Mario was standing next to in the picture above. The trailer “in tow” appears to be that of a 1950’s era Shasta.

If anyone reading this happens to know the story behind it, please leave a comment. We’d love to hear about it!

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Serro Scotty Worldwide Reorganizes Lineup

When Bill Kerola brought the Serro Scotty brand back to the market in 2006, he contracted with Pleasant Valley Trailers to construct the 2007 HiLander and Sportsman.

Serro Scotty’s involvement with Pleasant Valley lasted just that first model year before manufacturing duties were moved to the Elkhart, Indiana area with custom horse trailer conversion specialists, Sierra Motor Corp.  The variety of Scottys put out by Sierra was impressive. There was the Tonga, which there were a total of 3 built, forcing the model to be discontinued following the 2009 models,

then the Scotty Pup,

then the Silver Pup,

the 13′ Sportsman,

the Silver Sportsman,


and the popular HiLander.


All seemed to be going well between Sierra & Serro Scotty until early 2011 when Sierra decided to get out of the travel trailer building business and stick with their bread & butter: horse trailer conversions. This left Kerola to find a new manufacturer, and that he did in Cozy Travler  from Goshen, Indiana. With the change in manufacturers, Serro Scotty also has faced a streamlining in their lineup. Gone are the Silver Series trailers and the Pup. The Sportsman is facing an overhaul in its design, and a new entry level model, the Scotty Lite, was introduced to the public in July 2011 at the Crossroads of America Tearjerkers Rally in Indiana.

The Scotty Lite is built by teardrop trailer manufacturer Trekker Trailers in Central Florida. It boasts a weight of less than 1,000 lbs, meaning it can be towed by many small cars. With its rather spartan amenities, its only options are air conditioning and electric brakes. One decked out will fetch a price of around $9300.

The HiLander (built by Cozy Traveler if you’re keeping score), remains essentially the same, with the exception of a few minor cosmetic changes, both in the interior and exterior. And good news for the consumer, they were able to hold the price for the 2012 models as the 2011 models.

As for the Scotty Sportsman, the Serro Scotty website tells us the new model will be coming out sometime in 2012. So as of now, the only new models being produced are the HiLander and the Lite. The redesigned Sportsman will fit somewhere in between the two in size. And when it comes out, we’ll let you know!


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