Manufacturer’s Update: Little Guy Worldwide

Fresh off the heels of the highly successful “Rolling Home” rally for T@Bs and Little Guy teardrops, Little Guy Worldwide VP of Sales Dylan DeHoff tells us things are are moving along very well with the Ohio based teardrop trailer manufacturer. First, total sales of all models are up a whopping 130% from 2012, with nearly 1,500 units to be produced in 2013.


Look for upgrades in the T@B for 2014. Among them is the addition of the Alde 110-LP Water Heater & Central Heating unit, which replaces both the furnace and water heater with the one single unit. Benefits of the Alde unit is that it distributes heat evenly around, is extremely quiet, has programmable controls, and has a 93% efficiency equivalent. Starting in 2014, this will be the standard heating device in T@Bs.


Other changes for 2014 include

  • S and CS-S Models:  Equipped with 6 gallon black tank in addition to 19 gallon gray.
  • Italian SMEV Stove. Inset, Hinged 2 Burner stove with Glass Cover
  • Electric Brakes replace hydraulic brakes


Coming some time in September will be the introduction of two new models: The T@G and the myPod. There’s no indication yet what the T@G will look like, but as Dylan tells it, “It’s a true “tweener” between the T@B and the Little Guy, with modern, T@B-inspired, European lines.” There currently aren’t any images available of the T@G, however Dutchmen also created a T@G around 2009 that never advanced any farther than the prototype stage, which was really nothing more than a teardrop trailer without any kind of galley. So right now there isn’t enough info to warrant a guess as to whether or not this is what it’ll look like.


As for the myPod, I think it’s safe to say what it’ll look like, as Little Guy gave a sneak peak on their Facebook page back in February. The myPod will have a “futuristic”, 100% fiberglass molded, rear loading galley-free design. It will be available in several colors including the option to match a particular paint code. It will also boast an optional roof rack, entertainment center, and air conditioning unit.


As always, we’ll have more on all of this info as it develops.


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4 Responses to Manufacturer’s Update: Little Guy Worldwide

  1. Bob Suber

    We had a great time at the first “Tearstock” – Little Guy/T@B rally last week. The LG folks went out of their way to provide a great experience for all in attendance. One of the highlights was a tour of the Pleasant Valley facility where both T@Bs and LGs are built. Wow – they put a new meaning to the word “quality”.
    Interesting that the Pleasant Valley folks hinted to our group that there might be an American version of the German-made “420”, which would be a little longer and taller than the current T@B, but they made no mention of the T@G or myPod.
    Also, seems that the new heat/water heating system, while being very efficient, appears to be a very expensive option.
    Overall, many of us “old” T@Bbers really love the LG product and will be looking forward to future developments.

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  3. Lisa Mattila

    I have a My Pod and it is efficient to pull behind a small car. I wish that I did not have a stick shift as small car has trouble backing up 500 + pounds. The company is giving me a new one this fall due to cracks in the fiber glass. Since it is on a trailer it gets quite cold so I purchased a space heater and think a thin layer of rigid foam insulation would help . Due to the glue, carpet and finish on the wood I would not say this would be safe for someone with asthma, COPD, allergies or migraines. You really have to keep it vented at all times when in use which creates problems when it is cold and or raining. The article mentioned some sort of a roof rack and mine did not come with it. Would like to add the tent they sell it is another $500.00 and the cost of a mounting kit.

    • Christine Lund

      Where are the cracks occurring? It would have been nice to have an a/c combination heater. How cold is the weather where you are? Have you found a spare tire mount that fits the tongue of the trailer? I’ve driven 5000 miles so far in mine without trouble. The cosmetic aluminum bumper came off somewhere along the way. It isn’t important to me. New shocks on my car were necessary and helped a lot. I drive a Ford Focus and they were ready to be replaced anyway. Altogether, I love it.

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