2016 White Water Retro 177SE: Firsthand Report

Back in May, I told you of a special edition version of the White Water Retro 177 that was scheduled to hit the dealer lots in June. Through the summer, production of the 177SE has been brisk, and as of October, they’re still being produced.


This past weekend I had the opportunity to get a firsthand tour of a 177SE, courtesy of the fine folks at Braun’s Fun Time Campers, an Indianapolis White Water Retro dealer. Since I first became aware of White Water back in 2011, I’ve paid close attention to the quality of the units, as I’ve gone on record in the past how disappointing some of the craftsmanship was early on.

DSC_0397However I began noticing great improvements in quality around 2013 and it’s been getting better ever since. The 177SE has some pop to it with the baby moon hubcaps and Coker whitewall tires. The paint schemes you can get on the 177SE are many, but I’m fond of both the red on white and the turquoise on white, both of which Fun Time Campers had on their lot that day.


DSC_0398From a construction standpoint, all indications show the Retro is a well built unit, starting with an aluminum frame sitting on a 3500 lbs axle. The dry weight is around 2600 lbs and length is 18’6″. There are two exterior storage hatches, one on the front street side that is accessible from inside, and one hatch in the rear.



The interior of the 177SE is well laid out. Up front there’s a dinette with sliding table that has storage underneath the booth.  It also converts to a bed for increased sleeping capacity. DSC_0381As wet baths go, the size of the 177SE’s is larger than most that I’ve seen. Comparing it to the Scotty I used to have, it’s probably about 1/3 larger, and should be more than adequate, as long as you understand a wet bath isn’t going to give you the size as a regular RV bathroom.  Next to the wet bath is a 6 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer that runs on electric or propane.

DSC_0382  DSC_0394 Across from the wet bath and refrigerator is the kitchenette, which includes a 2-burner stove, overhead microwave, sink, range, 3 drawers, 2 cabinets, and a wall mounted air conditioner. To aid with extra counter space, a flip-up counter top extension on the side next to the stove. DSC_0391




The rear walk around island bed measures 60″ x 74″. There is plenty of storage around the bed with two wardrobes and 5 overhead cabinet doors, as well as storage underneath the bed as well. Atop the wardrobes are shelves for smaller items. Both sides have 110 electrical outlets and one side also has a combination USB and 12 volt charging outlet. There are also two LED reading lights overhead with each having its own on/off switch. DSC_0384



What really sets off the interior is the birch wood that is along not only the walls, but up on the ceiling as well. That along with the black & white checkered floor and 1950’s era design on the dinette cushions completes what is a really well thought out interior that complements the exterior quite well.

Other key features of the 177SE include a 20 gallon fresh water tank, a 32 gallon gray water tank, a 10 gallon black water tank, and a 6 gallon DSI water heater. The floor is a stout 5/8″ thick plywood, and is supported by 4 stabilizer jacks. It’s also insulated with Radiant Barrier technology and includes a 16,000 BTU furnace.

There’s an active Facebook page for White Water Retro owners that I keep tabs on from time to time. I see very little in regards to any type of major problems with White Water products, and after spending quite a bit of time with this one this past weekend, I’d personally have no hesitation about having it for my next trailer. It’s really an ideal camper for two people. Coming from a Scotty where the bed was perpendicular to the length of the trailer, it left that unavoidable task of having to climb over my wife at night when I needed to use the bathroom. The island bed completely eliminates that and makes for a comfortable arrangement. Often times I get asked where a reproduction Serro Scotty HiLander can be found, but since they’re no longer in production, I often point those folks to the White Water Retro 177. Especially if you go with the turquoise on white, it gives you the same color scheme as the Scotty, with a similar floor plan, but with a bit more length and overall comfort.

Special thanks to Matt and Austin Braun at Braun’s Fun Time Campers for the chance to give the 177SE a look at their northeastside Indianapolis dealership. Matt’s been in the RV industry for nearly 40 years and he told me the White Water products are excellent, quality built products that haven’t come back for any type of serious issues since he first started carrying them in 2013.

For more info on the 177SE and other White Water products, check out the Riverside RVs website at http://riversidervs.net. To join other White Water Retro owners on Facebook, join the White Water Retro Trailer Owners page by clicking here.





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22 Responses to 2016 White Water Retro 177SE: Firsthand Report

  1. Great review! Great pictures! We just purchased A Retro 177 SE, R/W, and took it out on its maiden voyage a week ago with no problems, in fact I almost forget I am pulling it. We moved down from a 25 footer to the Retro. Lost a little bathroom space, but the smaller size on the road makes up for that. Thanks again for doing a super review on our Retro. Now I can just send this link to my family and they get the professional view.

    • One more thing about the inside of this Retro 177 SE trailer being finished all in birch, when you wake up in the morning and look around, you have the”feeling of being in a cozy cabin”, the exact quote of my wife after waking up that first morning in it. I had to agree. It’s a fun trailer to travel and play in.

  2. Dean

    Very nice review. I have enjoyed reading about these rigs, so it was really nice to see you review it. Great work!!!

  3. Jim Day

    Am interested for our retirement. This trailer would fit us soo good! Can you give me a pricelist? Thank you, Jim & Marilyn

  4. Gary

    Hey folks!!! My wife & I are going soon to a dealership to check out the 2016 White Water Retro 177se… I am just looking for any feed back from anybody that has one… Please give me your pros & cons on these retro units… One big thing I noticed it doesn’t have a black water flush system. Is this a big deal? We never had an RV before & mostly all new trailers you see come with this feature… I am not feeling keen on bringing a garden hose into the toilet to flush out the black tank… Is this really necessary to do after trips? Also the windows aren’t jallicy style. They open side to side & not up… I would hate to think if we are camping out & are hiking, biking or sight seeing & bad weather comes through and the windows are open the inside can get potentially wet. Which we all know is not good for an RV…. These are some of things I noticed that you won’t always get a straight answer from a dealership. I think these units are a perfect size for two that has a queen walk around bed & retro look that is really hard to find.. Please let me know how you like your white water retro RV & happy safe travels to all thanks!!!!

    • Lynn Barbee

      Rinsing dark water with flush wand is easy. I have had no problem with odor or getting it clean. We typically only use for long weekends, so it rarely gets full. I researched flush systems, and FWIW, there didn’t seem to be consistency on how well they worked, and/or if they help up for very long. I can’t say. I can tell you the drain adapter with hose fitting to flush back up the drain won’t work. The grey water tank is straight ahead of the outlet and the dark water tank is at 90 degrees. Not a huge issue for us. As for the windows, I have not had an issue with water, but I guess it could happen.

    • Deni

      We purchased our 2017 177SE last June and got a great deal since the 2018s were coming into the lots. Ours has the roof model air conditioner and a vortex fan that closes automatically if it starts to rain.

      My husband is an inspector for a large aircraft company. He sees everything. While not impressed with the location of the black and grey tank releases, the caulking was a major concern. It wasn’t a deal breaker, but be aware since this is where leaks start.

      We downsized, our awning on the previous TT was 6″ longer than the 177SE. I found that the storage was more than adequate for what we REALLY needed. I don’t miss an oven, but we added a backsplash behind the stovetop to brighten up the kitchen area since there is no window there.

      CONS: The faucet is ugly, and we plan on upgrading it. There is no bathroom storage, so you have to be creative. The flooring dents easily and shows the dirt.

      PROS: The walkaround bed is truly comfortable. Large fridge. The size is perfect for 2 people and a dog or a younger child. Tows beautifully. We are more inclined to go since we aren’t wrestling a large TT. Smaller sites are used which opens up camping areas that we couldn’t use before.

      We love our Retro!

  5. Don

    Just purchased one today 4/9/16 for 16K. Very impressed with the quality and attention to detail.

  6. Linton

    Looking any advice on a Good fitting cover

  7. Rick Pohl

    Thank you for the great review. What is the interior height of the 177SE?

    • Lynn Barbee

      I am 6’6″ and it’s tall enough for me. I can stand without problem, but not much more room. The 2016 has the “window” AC, the 2017 has roof. I’d bet my head would hit the roof AC. It’s a small camper, but I love mine. Island bed is the bomb and a nice mattress. Perfect for two people and a dog on a weekend.

  8. Kath Maddigan

    Any concerns about the amount of weight you can carry inside while moving around? Things add up pretty quickly.

  9. John W

    I have a Toyota Tacoma v6 double cab prerunner and not sure if I could pull the 17SE. What are people pulling theirs with?

    • Jeff Sharpe

      I have a 177se and I pull it with my JK Rubbicon 08 I had to do some mods to my Jeep. Like the electric brakes mirrors and a trail dash 2 programmer. I have pulled it to Maine and back. I live in Salt Lake City Utah and go up in the mountains all the time. I get 14 miles to the gallon. But what I’m not happy with is that the paneling over the bed and on the drive side by the bed is peeling back and is not attached to the frame work in the wall. I have taken it to the dealership where I purchased it from and still not fixed. Also I have a big problem with the water lines and values. I have replaced all the values and water lines that go into and out of the hot water tank And just last weekend I have sprouted a new leak under the sink the water lines split. I am worried that more water lines might go bad in the walls .

    • Jeanne H

      We pulled with a Toyota Tacoma with no problem.

    • Jeanne Hackett

      We pulled with a Toyota Tacoma with no problem. We have had to replace the floor once because of mold. Now we are experiencing it again. Love our camper. Frustrated that this occurred again.

  10. Rhonda

    We just bought a 2017 Retro 177 SE. Excited!!! We live at the beach. Would like to know about a well fitting cover.

  11. Anna Ransome

    Are there significant differences in the 2016 and 2017 models?

  12. Marti Peralta

    We are thinking of purchasing the 199FKS either 2017 or 2018, any reviews on these model?

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