First Hi-Lo Prototypes Completed

Last month I shared some pics of a couple of the reintroduced Hi-Lo trailers from their production facility in Pennsylvania. Those two prototypes are now complete and have arrived at the Transfer, Pennsylvania lot of Kerola’s Camper Store, where owner Bill Kerola heads the Hi-Lo Trailers effort.

Per the Kerola’s Camper Store Facebook page, the two units are available for viewing if you’re in the area. One unit, the Wanderer RB, can be seen at the nearby Shenago Valley Mall in nearby Hermitage, PA. The Wanderer SD should be available at the Kerola’s Camper Store at 3610 N Hermitage Road (Highway 18) in Transfer. However, if you’re driving from any substantial distance to see either one, it’d be best to contact Kerola’s at (724) 962-4561 to confirm either Hi-Lo will be available to be seen.

First off is the Wanderer SD. It comes equipped with a rear queen bed and side dinette. It has A/C, furnace, stove, and 3 Way Refrigerator.





The Wanderer RB also features a rear queen bed and side dinette A/C, furnace, stove, and 3-way refrigerator. Note: All pics above are courtesy the Kerola’s Camper Store Facebook page.










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6 Responses to First Hi-Lo Prototypes Completed

  1. Wow, that really looks good for us who spend hundreds of dollar$ for storage fees every month . Looks like it would fit into a standard garage, and eliminate those monthly storage fees. Or is it longer than it looks, and would not fit into a garage?

  2. Steve S

    Two different floor plans here. One picture shows kitchen across full wall of trailer and another shows kitchen adjacent to bed. One picture shows bed across whole trailer and another against kitchen.

  3. Doug Clay

    Will this trailer have a model with a bathroom? A necessity for the older generation.

  4. Gnuu gnarlson

    Those are nice straight walls. Do they have two or three inches of blue corning fiberboard insulation in them? If not, please consider the option for a model with 4 inch wider walls all around and 3 inches if insulation inside of a fiberglass shell. It would be great for winter camping.
    You could even have the option for German style external insulated shutters over the windows to really keep out the cold and heat.
    Thank you,

  5. Harold Klemm

    Looks like something I would really be interested in……Please keep me informed..Thank you..

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