Reintroduction of the Hi-Lo Brand Set for 2016

It was just over 4 years ago in the same month The Small Trailer Enthusiast hit the internet that I posted a story about a deal between Pennsylvania RV dealer Bill Kerola and the Snyder family, owners of Hi-Lo Trailers. Despite plans to have prototypes being built in the winter of 2012, things got sidetracked and put on the backburner. imagesNLIVU32KHowever, things picked up late in 2014 and pictures on the Kerola’s Camper Store Facebook page started to pop up, which resulted in a follow-up post by me here.  Throughout this year there have been a few more pictures surface and I finally contacted Bill Kerola to get the latest. “The Hi-Lo project had to get on the back burner but is now very close to reality. I have not prepared any press releases at this time but as you know we have posted some teasers and the new models are close. Very close.”


“I have begun on design of the new website and need the new models for the website and brochures. After initial prototypes I will test camp in them and a production run will start. Some basic important stats are that we are building the exact same lift system that was the original lift system they used, the original front caps (with improved lift struts on the rock guard). I am extremely excited with the way it is progressing.”


“The RV legend of Jim Snyder has been intricate in the new design. Believe it or not Mr. Snyder does all of his CAD work himself! I do plan on the Hi-Lo being offered for purchase in the Spring or sooner of 2016.”


The initial model set to be released is the 16 foot Wanderer and will have two floor plans, the Wanderer RB and the Wanderer SD. Both floorplans will have a rear bed, Fantastic Fan, 3.0 cubic foot 3-way refrigerator, 2-burner stove,  propane furnace, 6,000 BTU air conditioner, fresh water tank, water pump, sink, and awning.



“We are projecting a dry weight of 2600 lbs and a tongue weight around 270 lbs, but won’t know for sure until complete and tested”.  


One important note is that the Hi-Lo will initially be offered as factory direct only, meaning no dealer network. However, Bill tells me that could change in the future. “As we grow I would consider a distributor network, perhaps a western and southern outlet. It’s sufficient to say that will be a future consideration.”

I’ll be updating this story over the next few months as Bill gets the Hi-Lo website up and running and the prototypes get tested and tweaked. With any luck, I’ll be able to make a trip out to Pennsylvania to get an up close look at one. Hi-Lo is one of the classic trailers that is well known in the industry. Their 55 year run from 1955-2010 left a lasting imprint in the RV industry, and now that the return of Hi-Lo is imminent, it’ll be worth watching their growth and how well they’ll be accepted. With former Hi-Lo exec Jim Snyder part of the process, I believe it should be a well built and thought out product. With the recent wave of reissued and retro travel trailers from the past, the time may be right for Hi-Lo to hit the market again with a fresh set of eyes and a new direction. Stay tuned…


**NOTE**: All pictures courtesy Bill Kerola




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34 Responses to Reintroduction of the Hi-Lo Brand Set for 2016

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  2. Earl Hudgins

    Looking to buy one. Please keep me informed!

  3. J L Leidenheimer


    • mike anderson

      We used to have a dealership in imperial beach and are looking to replace one that was stolen if you are looking to sell your unit please contact us. Thank you
      Mike and Kim anderson

  4. Marlin Amspacker

    We have had 3 Hi Los. Ready for the 28’C to return!!

  5. David Rieks

    We’re interested in purchasing a Hi-Lo camper in the future. Will consider a used one, but would prefer a new one. Hopefully you will have a dealer in the Austin, Tx. area in the near future. I don’t like to buy without looking things over first.

  6. James Stitchman

    Looking forward for your new line of hilo trailers. I mean in the market to buy one. Sorry, my wife and I are. Keep me informed. Thank you

  7. Charlie Girl

    I want one! I have been shopping for a 22 footer for a year (the T285 model). PLEASE put me on your wait list!

  8. Charlie Girl

    What is the Hi-Lo web address? The link in the story above does not go to a Hi-Lo Home page or site.

  9. Steven Ochsner

    Looking for the new 28C!

  10. Geary

    We are on our third HiLO and pleased they will go back in production.
    Everywhere we go people stare at our camper. It is an outstanding rig./

  11. Gregg Chisolm

    We are interested in a Hi-Lo that can be towed by a 1999 Suburban 1500. We are also interested in having a separate bed that doesn’t need to be set up each day. We’d like to be kept up to date on when trailers would be available for sale. I think we are looking around 26 feet but can’t tell what the weight would be.

  12. Sherry Whetstone

    Please add me to your list.

  13. Jeanne Dennison

    We own a TrailManor which was our first step up from a regular, canvas sided popup. We love it but it looks like the Hi-Lo has more room than what we’ve got with about the same weight. I would also love to have 2 beds ready to sleep in after a long day on the road, without having to pull out couch beds or anything.
    I’ve always eyed Hi-Lo trailers and was pleasantly surprised when I saw one on the road in Denver, Colorado today that looked new! Exciting!

  14. Michelle kietzman

    Looking to buy the wanderrb. Had the old Hilo very heavy! But loved the design and towing ability.
    Give me a call when for sale!

  15. Where can I buy a used or new Hi-Lo Mojo light weight travel trailer?
    Please reply.

  16. Wilbert Clark Cardenas

    I have owned 3 Hi-Lo trailers we have enjoyed them. I would never but any other then a Hi-Lo. I am in the market for buying another one when I heard they weren’t making them. I have been praying they would make them again. My prayers have been answered I saw they are going to make them. I am interested in buying one.
    I am getting ready to retire I am interested in becoming a dealer to sell the Hi-LO. There’s was a dealer in Weslaco, Tx the lady died in 2010.
    I know I can sell at least 5 of them.
    Add my name to the list when they will be ready.

  17. Brenda Atwood

    I have the opportunity to buy a used Midget camper. 2013. I have tried to find out who built it and any info that I can find but nothing comes up on the web. Do you have any information that would be helpful?

  18. Jerry W. Albin

    After reading the above responses, my question was answered about Hi-Los. I used to see them when we camped. I also had noticed that some of them were quite long. Then, when I saw the advertisement for them and only a 16 footer seems to be available, my question is: will this be the only length or will they be coming out with longer models in the future, as referred to in several of the responses? One thing I like about the 16′ is the weight; would make towing with our Toyota Highlander easy, I think.

  19. Guy Lombardo

    Are new units available?

  20. Penny

    I was excited to see them again, but disappointed that they are 95″ wide. That’s a tight fit for some of the older homes for garage storage. Also, many towns are narrowing lanes to help handle traffic and all the lanes are only 96″. For me, that’s not enough margin. There are too many distracted drivers and large trucks that already exceed the lane width. We are looking at keeping in the 80-84″, maybe 88″ width max. I hope they will bring out something in that line.

  21. Teresa Dunlop

    We are very interested in getting a high low trailer no longer than twenty feet. Please let me know where we can go to see them. We live in North Battleford Sask. Also price range.

  22. Patty Brown

    Am in the market for a hi lo. Any suggestions? Need an 18 ft

  23. Jim

    I’ve enjoyed my HiLo Funlite 19 for about 20 years. I’d love another. But please, no slide outs. Just the basics, with the swing up bunk.

  24. I am looking for a 2016-2018 Hi-Lo WANDERER 16RB or 16SD that is closer to California. Any suggestions? Thanks Tina

    • Pat

      Tina – The Hi-Lo is factory direct sales, so unless you find a used one out there, you’ll need to work with Kerola’s Camper Store in Pennsylvania to aquire a new one.

  25. Maryalice Jarreau

    Does anyone have a 15′ Hi Lo with a bathroon…Used but in good condition?

  26. I have owned 3 HiLo, an 18 ft a 22 ft a 24 ft, I prefer the 22 ft for all around.
    If there is a good late model without slide if possible and with swing down bed, I would be interested in your communicating pictures and price. I live in Texas. They pull good at 75mph on our good roads Thanks.
    I used them to go hunting in west Texas, good rig. gave the last one to my children when my back gave out, better now

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