Winnebago Spruces Up Exterior of the Winnie Drop

A long time ago, many jobs ago, the CFO of the company I worked for once told me, “Pat, just because someone has an idea, doesn’t mean it’s a good one”. Fortunately he wasn’t referring to me, just giving me advice that’s stuck with me all these years. When the Winnebago Winnie Drop was introduced a couple of years ago, that advice came to the surface of my thinking. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the Winnebago Industries. Not only has Winnebago been synonymous with RVing for decades, but their products are synonymous with quality. And it could be I’ve had an affection for Winnebago for some 40 years when my mom and dad bought me the famous Tonka Winnebago Indian that came out in the early 1970’s that I got for a Christmas present when I was a young lad. I really wish I still had that thing!


But when the Winnie Drop first came out, I was initially excited about Winnebago introducing a small trailer that was eye catching, but the more I looked at one, the less excited I got. I just could not get past the graphics and the interior color. Let’s face it, the graphics were nothing short of a cluttered mess that left the word “garish” embarrassed.


Instead of enhancing the Winnie Drop, these graphics did nothing more than distract from it. With the size and shape, as well as the exterior colors offered by Winnebago, the graphic package never did this trailer any favors. Up until now.


(image courtesy Josh Winters of Haylett RV –

This late 2017 graphics update for the Winnie Drop is exactly what this trailer needed. Now what do we have? A trailer that is accented by an excellent balance of size, shape, sidewall color and a much less vocal graphics package. Even the new Winnie Drop logo on the side is very nicely done with a simple arch incorporating the Winnebago “W” as a wheel.

Aside from the new graphics on the Winnie Drop, Winnebago has also increased the number of available colors it comes in. As Josh Winters of Haylett RV in Coldwater, Michigan tells me, “If yellow isn’t your color, then remember it only comes in six other amazing colors!” Up until now, the only colors it came in were cherry, blue, white, and platinum. In addition to those, you can also get it in orange, champagne, and the lemon color shown above.


Now hopefully Winnebago will look into going with a lighter interior instead of the, as I call it, “brownish-gray” that they’ve had since its inception.


Going with the interior color Winnebago is now putting in their Minnie line of trailers would open up the feel tremendously in their 6 1/2′ wide Winnie Drops. mi-b2f-16(image courtesy

For those of you new to Winnie Drops, Josh put together another one of his stellar walk through videos of the Winnie Drop with the new exterior graphics. Be sure to visit the Haylett RV site for more info on their line of Winnebagos in stock.


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5 Responses to Winnebago Spruces Up Exterior of the Winnie Drop

  1. I agree that it is much improved. Now if only the manufacturers of these rounded front shaped trailers could figure out how to do a front window that doesn’t leak. They are so dark inside!!

  2. Dan Yates

    Isn’t this trailer just a knock off of the R-Pod trailer? As in almost identical. Winnebago can’t design their own trailer, they can only knock off the competition? And now it’ll be a race to the bottom, as they try to outsell each other, primarily by lowering the price, which means crappy components and poor construction. And the new graphics? Just as bad as the RPod. Whatever happened to innovation?

    • Wait until you see Rockwood’s new Geo Pro. Similar layouts as you see in tear drops but without the tear drop shape.

      The shape LOOKS neat, but it’s actually incredibly non-functional. Rockwood, as the #1 producer of ultralites for years now, has once again redefined a market segment.

      The Geo Pro series is essentially be smaller Rockwoods purpose built with small camping in mind. They will include some amazing things like REAL solar (not just 12v trickle charge prep, but actual solar panels) installed standard. The more traditional RV shape (vs. teardrop shaping) will give them extra interior space, storage, and floor plan options tear drops simply cannot match.

      There’s still most definitely a place for tear drops, but you’ll see those Geo Pro models rolling out right next to the tear drops with multiple sets of happy campers.

      • Pat

        Just found a few pics of this. Can’t wait to see their floorplans up close. Hopefully I’ll see some down in Louisville in a few weeks.

  3. Will Askew

    The smaller lighter weight tow-able is where we need to be. Scaled down near 1800-2000 lbs. to pull with 4 and 6 cylinder cars. Changing roof adjustable height allowing garage storage at home and aerodynamic travel yet elevated height for camping. See Alto Safari Condo (Canadian) or Meerkat concepts for adaptation.

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