Winnebago Debuts the Winnie Drop

This week at the RV Open House in Elkhart, Indiana, Winnebago Industries has debuted a new small, lightweight trailer called the Winnie Drop. Details are thin at this point, but I should be able to get some more info and pics soon. This photo was released by RV Business last week of the new trailer to the Winnebago towable lineup.


However, what we do know about the Winnie Drop is that it’ll will be available in five exterior colors in four floorplans, including one with a rear hatch featuring an outside kitchen and an expandable hybrid tent model. If the look of the Minnie Drop and these  floorplan descriptions sound familiar, that’s no accident. The Winnie Drop is quite obviously built as a competitor to Forest River’s popular r-pod.


I should be getting some additional info and pictures soon, so I’ll post an update as soon as that happens.


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5 Responses to Winnebago Debuts the Winnie Drop

  1. Crystal

    Reminds me of the conflict, and ultimate lawsuit, between Forest River and Heartland when Heartland copied the R-Pod when making their MPG.

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  3. Cory

    They seem plenty distinguishable to me. I don’t think the design of the r-pod contains any true design innovations…they’re both just paying homage to old styles of trailers, including some trailers that Winnebago was building long before Forest River was even in existence.

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