Below is a list of manufacturers that specialize in or have small trailers in their line-up.  You may have to search through their floor plans to find the small units where larger trailers may be their norm.

Travel Trailers

Teardrop Trailers

Fiberglass Trailers

Pop-Up Trailers & Tent Campers


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  1. Karla

    I love following your website as I dream of having a small camper. I stumbled upon a SylvanSport trailer from a Nat’l Geographic quote. Have you heard of them or know of anyone w/ recommendations?


    • roadmaven

      Hi Karla,
      Yes, the Sylvan Sport is a unique camper for sure! I don’t know much about them, but they are unique and lightweight. You might want to check out their info page and try contacting them to see if they can give you names of owners within your area. Good way to get an owner’s perspective without the sales pitch:

      P.S…Thanks for following the blog!

  2. Mark

    You need to put a link to Skyline RV!



    • roadmaven

      Will do, Mark! I’m a big fan of the Koala Eco Camp. Do you work at Skyline?

      • Mark

        Yes I do Pat! The Koala brand is part of the new generation of Skyline RV products. Thanks for posting the link!

    • Keeta Kay Cole

      Mark…RE: Koala model 18BH … would be nice if there was an option to replace the queen bed with a sleeper sofa of some type for those older couples of us who would be happy with the bunkbeds and a living room type space… in a smaller unit.

  3. Sean Cooper

    What about Trillium from souther california?


  4. Ted

    Hey Pat, for those who may be interested, Paradise Coast RV will have an unveiling to the public at the Cruise-In sponsored by the Boat Museum in Cassopolis, MI on Monday June 4th followed by the Cruise-In sponsored by The Kar Club in Niles, MI on Wednesday June 6th.

  5. Bob McIntyre

    I don’t see the Escape trailer from B.C. Canada I toured one last week and the
    quality and layout were awesome.

  6. Bob McIntyre

    And don’t forget one of the coolest trailers of all the ALTO by Safari
    Made in Quebec

  7. Laura Garcia

    Hello – your article comparing 14ft. trailers included the Dutchmen 814RB. Could you also link this on your manufacturers page? I have had mine since May and love it.

  8. Anyone know how towing a Tab RV with a 4 cylinder Rav4 affects gas mileage?

  9. John

    Hey roadmaven

    There is also a Trillium trailer here in Canada (as you mentioned already), down in Calgary. There wasn’t a link listed for them however.

    Seemingly “down” site is Taylor coach (Ontario).

    Great list all in one place. I’ve bookmarked this one. Looking forward to seeing it expand. If I happen to come across any others, I’ll toss out the link. We had a Class A RV. Sold that and bought a truck camper. Sold that and are downsized to a tent until we find a “smaller footprint” teardrop that fits our needs. SO many choices!!!

    Great site!

  10. Keoki

    Are there any websites you know of that have done a comprehensive review of the small trailers available in the US. I would like to get a very small, used, under 10,000.00 trailer and don’t know where to start.

  11. another smalltrailerenthusiast
  12. another smalltrailerenthusiast

    Maybe Add upstart to fiberglass.
    Maybe you can call the owner Robert at If you can find out anything on the upstart it might be a good blog post.

  13. Peter

    Your “” link does not work, though the link posted by John on Oct 16 does.

    The manufacturers list is a great resource!

    • John

      Weird, I just clicked on it both in my notification email and here and it worked on my end. Not sure why… try with www in front maybe?

    • Aaron

      Does anyone know of any dealers selling the Alto in western Canada? More so in the Alberta area?

      I’m looking for a compact lite travel trailer under 3500lbs GVRW.


  14. another smalltrailerenthusiast
  15. Kreig

    Rockwood Mini-Lite (sibling of the Flagstaff Micro-Lite)?

  16. Terry

    Hey, I own a 1974 anf suncamper and I’m looking for specs on it. More importantly, the weight of it (GVW). But if you can hook me up with more info that would be great.

  17. another smalltrailerenthusiast

    Can add Oliver to fiberglass. They are coming back. Their website should be up in 1 or 2 weeks.

  18. Nick

    Really like your site. Lots of info. I would like to ask for your help please. I’ve been searching for a trailer, looking at Trailmanor, but the price is outta my range. Are there other manufacturers that make that kinda style of trailer ? Having a hard time finding similar styles. Thank you.

    • Pat

      Hi-Lo is another company that makes that type if trailer. They went out of business a couple of years ago, although it wouldn’t be hard to find a used model on the market. The name and plans were purchased, but that organization has yet to produce a prototype, so I wouldn’t wait on buying a new Hi-Lo anytime soon. Plus, I’m guessing their price point will be out of your range as well. Probably your best bet is finding a good, used Trail Manor or Hi-Lo through Craigslist, eBay, or Also, I’d suggest joining an online forum dedicated to either brand. That’ll be another great way to acquire a used model, as many owners tend to advertise their units to other owners.

      Good luck!


  19. Nick

    Thank you for your help !!!

  20. I recently acquired an 1975 Dutch Craft 19.5 ft. All original with all of the original documentation, manuals, notes, accessory books etc. I intend to restore it and enjoy it. I can’t seem to find out much about the company. Does anyone know when the company discontinued production. They appear to still be registered in Lancaster PA. I would like to learn more about the history of the company.

    • Christine

      I just purchased a 15′ 1971 and have some of the books on it. My logo on the rock guard is gone and the trailer needs a gut job from years of leaking and being siliconed and caulked!

      The company was in PA and only in business for a few years. I cannot find much either.

    • Christine Swalgin

      John, I was hoping your would reply . My email is
      I am still seeking copies of original docs from Dutch Craft. I rebuilt mine last winter,spring and summer.

  21. jason

    just wondering why Casita isn’t included? I am new to this and trying to figure out the best family TT I can pull with a caravan. Kind of thought it was between the casita and r-pod until I saw this list! thoughts on best with bunks for kids? thanks

    • Pat

      Have no fear. Casita is listed under the “fiberglass” section.

      • jason

        any recommendations to save me weeks of research others have likely done already? 2 kids, caravan, weekend camping. Does r-pod stand out as ‘dare I say it’ the best pound for pound? I know there are hundreds but i am sure seasoned campers would a agree a few consistently rise to the top?

        • Mark

          The R-Pod has proven to be a very good camper, very flexible, and mod friendly. The owners community is very active for a camper that has only been around for a few years, and any questions you may have will be answered on either of the forums, or the FB group. Everyone’s priorities are different, but we have a ’11 177, two adults and two golden retrievers. Love it.

  22. Nicole

    We have an older camper. Not sure what year….I think a 1985. It’s a Valor. Any idea who makes these? Thanks.

  23. Sharon

    Have to say love our r-pod and the quality of Forest River. Considering upping to the Vibe but then saw the Microlite. What are major differences that stand out to anyone?

  24. Don

    Two very light weight canvas tent trailers not on your list include from lower B.C and from Edmonton Alberta. These are for the small car enthusiasts as they are under 1000 pounds.

  25. Lynn

    I love your list. I’ve referred to it many times over the past year or so as I do research on what model etc trailer we may be looking to buy. I just came across the Palomino Palomini, and see it isn’t on your list. It looks like a nice trailer. Has anyone seen one of these in person?

    • Pat

      Thanks a bunch for the heads-up! I hadn’t heard of this model, so I’ll definitely add it to my list and probably even do a write-up on it when I gather more info on it.


  26. I’m impressed with much information, many manufactures except…..”TOET” ….Yes. “TOET” manufacturing . The gentleman I purchased it from bought it new from a dealer in 2006, and he said they went out of business in 2009 ….? I have tried every thing to no avail. On history, or new co. Parts etc.
    I would be grateful to find anything on this 890 lb. Teardrop made of fiberglass shell, 8×6 Aluminum and steel chassis frame with torsion axle.

    Thank You, Ric .

    • Matt

      I just bought a Toet trailer made in 2006. My wife and I are in the process of converting it into a camper. Matt

  27. another smalltrailerenthusiast
  28. don

    You can add MicroLite to your list. This model is lite weight, though no propane system standard.

  29. Rochelle

    A newer, small trailer manufacturer I discoverd recently is in Florida. They have an ad on page 23 of the March/April 2014 Cool Tears And Tiny Campers magazine. Light-weight and affordable. They are also on FaceBook. Trouble is, I’m in California and shipping all the way across the country is cost-prohibitive… at least for now.

  30. Darla

    Hi all,

    I’m new here and I’m thrilled to see that SMALL is big here. :–) I’m going to be building a small custom RV later this year to travel solo full time throughout the United States.

    I’ve posted my RV plans online and I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a look at them and comment with your thoughts or suggestions. Anything that comes to your mind good or bad on my floor plan, equipment, decor, structural design. My RV plans:

    Thank you very much, – Darla

  31. James Johnson

    We found your blog while as we began looking for a small trailer. Have you heard anything about this maker: They are local to us and make “off the grid” small homes, garden sheds and teardrops. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, James

  32. Deborah

    Do you know if paradise coast rv is still in business?

    • Pat

      Good question, Deborah. Haven’t seen any updates to the website in quite some time.

      • Deborah Freeman

        Paradise coast rv owner is a liar and a thief…he took our money and we got an unfinished trailer after nearly 2 years…he also ripped at least 2 others off as got a shell and some parts . They had paid in full and it took them longer than us. He should be ashamed of himself…I’m thinking he’s done this before.
        His name is Ted Simpson. Beware people!

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  34. don

    Is the Toad still in business? The web site was up a month ago, with a big price raise. The web site name is now for sale. It must have died. It was a cute trailer that had possibilities, but the web site was terrible.

  35. liz

    I am looking at a new camper manufactured at San Diego little guy. Called the Meercat, very cute and light weight 900lb. Does anyone know them, pros or cons. thanks

  36. kim

    Hi. I just aquired a 1956 Hummingbird travel trailer and need to know who the manufacturer is……. can anyone help???

  37. Wild Bill

    There are a lot of small SUVs out there that can only pull 1,500 lbs. Most of the “ultra light” are at least 2,000 lbs. and up. Are there any trailers out there with a toilet/shower out there that can meet the 1,500 lbs.?

  38. Hello: We are a Leading Canadian Tear drop camper trailer sales company including Tear drop parts and accessories. Introduction to the tear drop trailer camper located in Newmarket, Ontario. Drop us a line or visit our site.
    We would be glad to assist you on your next project.

    Teardrop Trailers and DIY Kits are all produced here in Canada. Although some of our parts are purchased from outside of Canada in order to bring down costs, We produce the actual kits here in Ontario.

  39. Pierre-Paul Ferland


    You should add Sunset Park RV to the list. They have great product lines, especially the Sun Lite.

    • Pat

      Thanks for the heads-up! I remember hearing about them a few years ago, so it’s good to see they’re still around. I’ve got them added to the Manufacturers page. And thanks for reading!


  40. There is a new manufacturer of small trailers in Chilliwack BC called Kustom Kamping Industries. You can check out the website for more information.

    Thanks, Have a Great Day!

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  42. Cathie

    How do I find out how much a used trailer is worth without paying a website..! I see a lot of used travel trailers I like but don’t know a hill of beans on how much I should be paying ..


  43. Gareth

    Okay so am looking to upgrade my tent trailer and would like some advice:

    I’ve been looking at the R-Pod or the Jayco SLX (and am even considering to Escape 19). I have a truck and a family of 4 – 2 rambunctious boys aged 6 and 8. We take off during the summer to national parks and often go into off road territory. In 2 years time we have a year off and plan to go down as far as the Baja and maybe beyond… and so off road and remote/independent camping features will be important. Looking for mid comfort level (certainly not worried about flat screen tv’s and micro-waves!! Although it seems these are standard issue). I think bunk beds for the boys would be great. I’d rather have something with less bells and whistles and really well made so we reduce the chances of stuff going wrong – especially if we are in the are end of Mexico (so to speak). There… that should be easy!!! Ha!Ha! It’s my understanding from my limited research that the Jayco, R-Pod and similar models might be less sturdy than say the Escape… but the Escape isn’t? The Escape is probably too pricey for us and so any other advice would be welcome!

  44. Alexander Lawrecki

    Good day!
    I am interested in direct contact with the manufacturer of Rockwood Tents-Hard Side Series, for example: A192HW, A122S etc.
    Please send me a ways / information for contacting the manufacturer.
    Thank you!
    Alexander Lawrecki

  45. Alexander

    I am from Europe and looking for a dealer of Rockwood Tents-Hard Side Series (for example: A192HW, A122S etc.) somewhere in Europe.
    Please sent me some contact data to the manufacturer of these camp trailers (e-mail, telephone numbers etc.).

    Thank you in advance,
    Alexander Lawrecki

  46. Pierre-Paul Ferland

    Hey Pat,

    You could add another company to your list :

    They’ve a great product line, aluminium and fiber glass construction and very light products. Unfortunately, in their 16BB’s models, they choose to put a double bed instead of a queen bed like other companies, probably to get a bigger dinette…

  47. Eva

    Good evening and greetings from Alberta Canada,
    I am wondering if anyone might be able and willing to recommend a really, really light camper/trailer that would be the lightest there are. I have a Toyota Echo (now I think its called Yaris) and VW Eos, and I would like to buy something light enough that both vehicles could potentially pull. I am very much fuel efficiency conscious as well.

    Please help and thank you very much!


  48. Krista

    One more interesting pop up trailer to add to your list.

    I just emailed them, and they are starting to sell in the US as well.

  49. Nicole

    I am trying to find out which teardrop style trailers have bunk beds…or can sleep four?

  50. Darla

    I am looking for information on Lancer travel trailers. We just bought a 1971 Lancer and want to know the history. It isn’t a Lance but Lancer. Thanks!

  51. Hello everyone. My name is Larry and I’m looking for a referral to a company that builds aluminum fifth wheel trailers only. Without the camper or RV attached. I am developing a prototype for a new breed of structure. A cross between an Airstream, a futuristic train, and a tiny home. Many manufactures build steel fifth wheel trailers but aluminum is a different story. Thanks Larry

  52. Snflgus

    Hi, we love your site and greatly appreciate the list of manufacturers! Any suggestions where we should start to find a mini-, micro- or teardrop-type trailer camper that could sleep 4 in a pinch? We don’t need showers or anything fancy inside.


    • Pat

      Thanks for the compliment! As for the trailer of your dreams, a lot will depend on your budget and what your tow vehicle is.

  53. I am interested in discovering the lightest weight, most affordable, most durable ultralight car camper for my 2003 subaru x2.5 forester which has a towing capacity of 2400 lbs (fully loaded). All I want the camper for is for a warm place to sleep while camping, I do not need need any other features, as I can bring insulated water, ultralight backpacking stove with fuel, so I do not need a refrigerator, I do not need a stove, I do not need a sink, I do not need A/C. Just something insulated suitable for sleeping with a propane heater in it. A fold-up/out bed that serves as a couch/seat, with a fold-up/out table, will do. I’d prefer all aluminum to keep away from rust and rot and to keep the weight down. Is there any minimalist car camper manufacturer out there? Thanks!

  54. Billy Radcliff

    I am looking for a supplier for Thetford toilet parts

  55. Billy Radcliff

    The cassett model toilet.

  56. rebecca

    Looking for a small travel trailer in southern California. Teardrop or regular. around 13 feet. Any manufacturers in southern Cali?

  57. Wayne Timmons

    My wife and I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful website. We have been looking for a tiny teardrop for about a year now, and your website made it so easy to find lots of teardrop builders. We ended up going with Tiny Camper Company in Florida, and just got back from a month journey in our camper exploring the United States. Super excited for upcoming gatherings ! Thank you so much , sincerely Wayne and Amber from Austin, Texas.

  58. Mike

    Also check out in NJ. Nice small, family company.

    • Tim Husk

      These campers look just like Runaway Campers not bad looking, but I would not trust any camper built on a store bought frame like Harbor Freight. Seem like a bolted trailer wouldn’t last long.

  59. Shonna Lord

    I have a 1973 Redd travel trailer and I can’t find any info or replacement items for it/

  60. Dale Bruce

    anyone tell me about the “Shrimp” Trailer? I just put money down on a mint 01…14′

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