Here you’ll find a list of online forums & message boards dedicated to small trailers.

Sierra-Scotty Yahoo Group:  For those interested in Sierra Motor Corp’s Campfire & Bak-Pak campers as well as Serro Scotty Worldwide trailers built from 2007-present.

T@B & T@DA Yahoo Group: The definitive source for anything related to T@B and T@DA trailers.

Casita Travel Trailer Forum:  Good source for info on Casita trailers.

Teardrops & Tiny Travel Trailers Forum: A GREAT site for info on teardrops & other smaller trailers.

Tiny Travel Trailers Yahoo Group Comprehensive forum covering just about every fiberglass trailer known to man!

Hi-Lo Trailers Yahoo Group: This group is for the discussion of HiLo Classic, TowLite, FunLite, and other Hi-Lo travel trailers.

Lightweight Camper Forum: Forum for owners of lightweight travel trailers.

r-pod Nation Forum: Over 1300 members strong!

R-pod Owners Forum

Oliver Trailers: One of the best fiberglass trailers is back!

KZ Sportsmen Classic Forum

Riverside RV Owners Forum

15 Responses to Forums

  1. enchantedcamper

    How about a group for HiLo Trailers?

  2. Peter Gaylord

    Hi Pat,
    Will the new Scotty Hi-Lander stay true to its original design? One of the best features is the raised refrigerator. Much better than having to bend over to retreive a cold beer on a hot summer day. Another great feature is the choice between a dinette or full size mattress. Since it features a front dinette, for 2, a rear dinette is not so important. Please advise of your findings and keep us up to date on new Hi-Lander’s progress.
    Keep up the good work. Yours is an excellent blog.

  3. Kim

    I am a owner of a 2010 KZ Sportsmen Classic 14rk travel trailer. We have a nice forum dedicated to Sportsmen Classic owners. The Classic line starts at 13ft to 20ft. It would be nice to have our forum listed on your webpage. Thankyou

  4. Mark

    There are two forums dedicated to the R-Pod, would be nice to see them linked/posted.

    Love the blog and info you provide, thanks.

  5. another smalltrailerenthusiast

    Oliver link broke above, needs

  6. Laurel Wessels

    After years of tent camping, we are stepping up to a towable trailer and are considering. Winnebago Minnie 1801. Does anyone have any experience with this cute little gem? We would appreciate any feedback!

  7. Tracy

    Hi, do you have any ideas on buying a used travel trailer? Are any brands that hold up better than others, any good websites…?

    Thank you – I love your site.

  8. Robert Hawk

    Enjoy this Before and After pictures of this ’58 Oasis restored on GAC’s Flippin’ RVs

    “Midnight in the Oasis” airs on GAC this Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 8 ET/7 CT

    Watch Justin and Anna from Flyte Camp Vintage Trailer Restorations hunt for and restore vintage trailers rescued for clients throughout the country.

    Check out more info about the show and future episode dates/times here:,3562,GAC_46045,00.html

  9. liz

    Hi we have been looking at the new Meercat from San Diego little guy. It is cute and lightweight 900lb. Has anyone had experience with one or heard any pros or cons. Hope to hear feed back.

  10. How can we get ourselves listed as a Canadian builder ? Thanks, Steve A.K.A “Tear drop” on facebook

    • Pat

      No worries. In the section under teardrops, I’ll put your business name with a link to your site and then I’ll put (Canada) off to the side.

  11. Kellie

    Just wondering if anyone else out there travels in an Aliner Cabin A. I’ve yet to see one other camper like mine and I’m feelin’ kind of lonely…

  12. branfon

    I have a 1980’s sunline camper I’m trying to get it down to the aluminum look of an air stream. Aircraft stripper and another 2minute stripper won’t take the primer off 100% any suggestions? Thanks.

  13. Doug Bioneske

    I am looking a for good online or other source to shop for a good used small trailer.
    The one’s I have seen are few and far between and seem to be really expensive. I live in the Seattle Tacoma area. Looking for a Scamp or Calista.
    I really can’t drive cross country to pick one up and it costs 2500-3000 to have it delivered. With their popularity why aren’t here any dealers in the NW.

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