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Since I started this blog back in September, I’ve focused writing about hard sided trailers less than 20′ in length. The reason behind that is because that is mainly where my interest lies. Yes, I’ve excluded pop-up trailers from the discussion simply because I’ve never had any experience and interest in them.

However, I’m going to work on expanding the field of discussion on the blog and include pop-ups in the mix. Hopefully in the process, I can educate myself on them while creating a better appreciation for them. I’ve had some inquiries from some pop-up manufacturers about talking about their particular brand. After thinking it over, I decided why not?

So in the weeks to come, I’ll be adding some pop-ups to the “Manufacturers” page of this site. I may end up categorizing them separately, or may even create separate categories for travel trailers, teardrops, and pop-ups for ease of use.

Bear with me as I wade through the unknown. And if you’re a pop-up devotee and have a brand that’s a favorite of yours, let me know and I’ll be sure to put it on the list as well.


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3 Responses to Expanding our reach

  1. Julie Tomoser

    I own a Scamp 13 travel trailer and a Coleman pop up so I appreciate you “expanding” your blog to include them! They each have their pros and cons but I like having the choice of both depending on what kind of experience we want!

  2. I’d be interested in seeing something on the Trail.r Boat which is sort of a pop up. Maybe it’s more of a pop-off!

  3. Linda Johnson

    You might include the Leesurelite motorcycle camper.My husband and I used to have one that we pulled with our 2006 Beetle. It only weighs 250#. It sleeps two and sets up in less than one minute. We were the talk of the campground. We now pull a BakPak TTT and we’re still the star of the show.

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