Neiman Marcus adds $150,000 teardrop trailer to 2012 Christmas Book

Just in time for Christmas, Neiman Marcus has added a $150,000 custom built teardrop trailer to their 2012 fantasy gifts Christmas book. Built by Roanoke, Virginia based Silver Tears Campers and designed by New York based Brad Ford ID, buyers have a chance to own a trailer that is like no other. It features a polished mahogany and ash exterior, and the interior is made from recycled Bulleit Bourbon solid oak casks.

But that’s not all. Featuring a pull-out bar, you’ll also receive a year’s supply of Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye, leather accessories from Moore & Giles, Waterford crystal, and a Sony audio-visual entertainment system.

There will be only two of these units available for purchase. Need something to tow it with? No problem, as Neiman Marcus is offering a 2013 McLaren 12C Spider as your tow vehicle…for a mere $354,000. Oh, and in case you were wondering by the photos (courtesy Neiman Marcus), don’t plan on using this trailer to sleep in. That slide out bar has to go somewhere!


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2 Responses to Neiman Marcus adds $150,000 teardrop trailer to 2012 Christmas Book

  1. Gary Goldberg

    I wish I could understand this — as a camper it’s useless and as a tailgater it’s all about the drink/bar, but unless you put bar stools around it, it’s not much of a bar, and since there’s nothing for a grill/food prep and service, it’s missing the other components of a great tailgater. Plus, what’s the point of the interior behind those beautiful doors — a place to store stuff? Finally, it’s stupid expensive. Even people foolishly spending gobs of money would be hard pressed to see much use of this.

  2. David Cadogan

    Yeah, but what else are ya gonna with a measly 150k to spend on a gift for your beloved?

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