Manufacturer’s Update: The Whetzeldorf

When I first introduced you to the Whetzeldorf in October of 2012, builder Dan Sutton still hadn’t quite fine-tuned the look he wanted it to have.


Now nearly a year later, Dan appears close to finding the look he’s been looking for. “(I’ve) Just finished a Retro looking version, which sold very quickly, which also may become the standard look.  I have also started another, which will include a bathroom and a galley in the back, similar to a teardrop.”


The look of the new & improved Whetzeldorf , with the half green and half chrome aluminum siding,  has definitely changed the dynamic of this 1200 lbs micro camper.The offsetting color scheme has elevated the appeal compared to the original base silver aluminum of the 2012 models. Add to that the classic window “eyebrows”, then you’ve got yourself a camper that some will ask, “Did you restore that?” or “What year is it”?


Learn more about the Whetzeldorf or to contact Dan with questions, visit the Whetzeldorf website at





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4 Responses to Manufacturer’s Update: The Whetzeldorf

  1. Jim

    Really like this newest version, definitely the best look so far. Great profile, neat look on the siding, and the windows look really authentic. No pics of this posted on their website, it would be fun to see the interior.

  2. Pat

    I believe the interior is laid out just about the same in all if them. There are some interior shots in the first post I did last fall, which of linked in the current post above. I know Dan likely has some interior pics of the latest one he’s done that I know he’d send your way. His email address is in his website, also linked above.

  3. I like the new version. It’s much more appealing to the eye. I like your suggestion for a fold down bed that serves a dual purpose. My wife and I are thinking about ordering one.

    She did observe that she wouldn’t want to use a shower house for more than about 3 days at a time, but I think these trailers are intended as weekend campers vs. something you use for a week or two straight.

    Do you know if they have a VIN? I am wondering because to be insured they must have a VIN. I could always apply for a VIN on my own, but that is a lot of extra work.

    • Pat

      Yes, they do have a VIN. The last time I talked to Dan, he was using frames from pop-up campers to build the Whetzeldorfs on. He had also talked about building his own frames, but I don’t know if that ever came to be.

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