A Plea to RV Designers

Let me start off by saying I’m grateful for the RV industry. After all, if it weren’t for RVs, most of us would not be able to experience the happiness that camping brings. I’m also grateful that the RV industry is there for me to have things to write about on this blog. It’s a way for me to channel a love I have for writing on topics I enjoy writing about. And that in turn fuels a competitive spirit I have when I look at my stats every day to see how many people click on a page on this web site you’re reading. It always gives me a little boost when the site has a good day of hits. And, the $$ I get from a certain search engine whose  ads appear on this site makes me quite grateful to those readers that take the time to click on them.

With that said, this post is dedicated to a pet peeve I have with RV designers. If you are one and happen to be reading this, please don’t take it personally. But, I’m asking you to stop this. Now. What is it, you ask? This:


At first glance, you may not assume there’s a problem here. From the left you have two bunks, a dinette, and a front bed. This photo was taken in panorama mode to get the full view. And for the record, I’m not going to tell you the manufacturer of this trailer, as many are guilty. But when you look at this next photo that was taken without the panoramic setting, this is what we see:


This photo was taken from the bed looking at the dinette and bunks. Anyone know my beef yet? We have sleeping for, depending on the size of your bunk dwellers, up to five when you include the dinette. However, this dinette seats TWO. That is, unless mom & dad are letting their toddler and his buddies borrow it for the weekend. Here are the dimensions of the particulars of this unit:

Dinette: 30″ x 70″

Bed: 56″ x 80″

Bunks: 28″ x 74″

So our dinette is 30″ wide? That’s just about perfect for two normal sized adults, or an adult on one side and two toddlers on the other side. Anytime I see a layout like this, it’s like nails on a chalkboard for me. It makes me wonder if RV floorplan designers are bad at math, have never camped. or likely both. However, I know the counter argument will be “Well, most people eat outside anyway”. If that’s the argument, then don’t bother with a dinette at all. I’m sure that’ll go over with the buying public just as well.

Rant over. 🙂


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4 Responses to A Plea to RV Designers

  1. Ron

    Don’t have that dinette problem with a t@b. Seats & sleeps two…lol

  2. Danny

    I agree. I’d want a normal sized table/bed. Maybe these are geared towards “baby boomers” who would primarily be just two adults camping, with the occasional grandchild staying with them.

    I can see the eating outside the RV except, what do you do when it rains? Most newer RVs/campers have small awnings that don’t go end-to-end like they used to.

  3. Lynn

    Good point about the size of the dinette, but my initial reaction was ” who goes camping with a potted plant on the table?” It makes it prettier, I guess, but really…..?

  4. Cindee

    I have that small dinette in a slide. It is uncomfortable to sit at so I don’t. I used the table top to make a flat surface and cut 4″ memory foam to make a (comfortable) bench. My 5 year old grandson sleeps there occasionally.

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