Online Forum Aims to Assist Airflyte Owners

One of the readers of The Small Trailer Enthusiast, Dustin Smith, has started an online forum geared toward owners of the 2014-2015 Shasta Airflyte reissues. Airflyte Hacks was formed to be an online gathering place for owners to share experiences, modifications, improvements and hacks.

Airflyte_Hacks_headerPer the Airflyte Hacks website, “The goal of this website is to learn from each other, and build an archive of information that will last as long as our trailers do. This is not a social club. We will not be organizing outings. There are lots of other great trailer groups out there (including several just for the re-issues) that provide those kind of social forums wonderfully, and we are not trying to replace them.”

I find these types of internet resources much more favorable than social media pages such as Facebook. It gives members the opportunity to search archives and previous threads that pertain to information they’re looking for in an easier to find manner.

You can register for the site at

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  1. Kimberly

    If you are an owner of a Shasta Reissued Airflyte we would love for you to join our facebook group/club. Endorsed by Mark Lucas, Tin Can Tourist and many others. We are owners sharing upgrades, add-ons and experiences.

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