T@B 400 Unveiled at Elkhart RV Open House


After months of anticipation, nuCamp RV has unveiled the T@B 400 prototype at the Elkhart RV Open House. Thanks to this pic from Rusty Eckstein of Mount Comfort RV in Indiana, this is what the exterior of the 400 will look like. And before you ask, this was the only picture that I got from it, so currently no interior shots, but I suspect other media outlets who attended the Elkhart Open House will be following up in the days to come.


Now if you’ll excuse me, back to my regularly scheduled northern Minnesota vacation. 😀



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10 Responses to T@B 400 Unveiled at Elkhart RV Open House

  1. Adam Speich

    That looks exactly like the current T@b campers. What’s the difference? I wish they would bring back the bigger T@da camper.

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  7. MB

    I think the T@b 400 is a great idea – I’m looking – but I’m not sure if the 325 lbs. to 385 lb hitch weight is an accessible feature that most SUV’s or other tow vehicles can handle. My vehicle has a max hitch weight of 400 lbs. so at 385 lbs. (My vehicle has a tow weight of 4400 lbs.)I think I would be asking a lot of my tow vehicle and driving safety with a hitch weight that will max out my vehicles hitch weight capabilities.
    You can agree to disagree.
    Also, the fridge is not a 3 way fridge(I like to maintain a cool fridge while driving) and it’s a 2.7 cu ft. 2way Norcold with a teeny tiny freezer. Not sure about you but that’s small for a trailer in this price category. I asked if they could install a 3 way fridge but U Camp said a 3 way was too large for the space.
    Don’t mean to be a buzz kill but I didn’t realize I’d have to buy a different tow vehicle to accommodate the T@b 400’s hitch weight. (By the by an Airstream Bambi has a hitch weight of 350lbs)
    Thanks a bunch – have some fun and drive safely!

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