Winter RV Show Season Set to Begin

The winter RV show season is kicking off in many cities this coming weekend, and the 120,000 square foot Indy RV Expo in Indianapolis is one of them. Some of you long time readers may recall I’ve filled in as a part time salesman over the past few years for local Indianapolis dealers Braun’s Fun Time Campers and Mount Comfort RV. I thought I was going to be an “unsigned free agent” for this year’s show and just be a spectator until an opportunity arose this week to join Braun’s again on both weekends of the show.


As most of you know, this website is not my full time job, and I don’t even make a regular living in the RV industry – I work full time in the retirement services division of a major insurance holding and  financial services corporation. So any time I get to escape the daily routine and talk to folks about trailers in person, I’m all over it! I enjoy writing and having you all read my ramblings, but helping dealers at these shows is a no pressure, rewarding venture for me that allows me to get out and help the industry grow. Granted, I like to think this website does just that as well, but talking to people one on one about RVing is one of my more enjoyable things to do. funtimesSo, for those of you in the Midwest looking to get out of the house, the show starts this coming Saturday, January 7 and runs through Sunday, January 15 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. I’ll be working at the Fun Time Campers corral both weekends of the show from open to close.  Braun’s is a dealer mainly of Riverside Retro, Winnebago Towables, and KZ travel trailers. They’re the same dealer we recently bought our Riverside teardrop from, so as was the case with my time working the show for Mount Comfort RV last year, I’m taking the angle of a customer selling for them as well. Honestly, a lot of folks don’t like dealing with sales people, so I try to convey to them my position as a fellow RVer. In some cases, that can tend to enable them to drop their defense shield a bit knowing they’re dealing with “one of them”.


So aside from Riverside Retros, you can expect to see some Winnebagos there such as the Winnie Drop and plenty of KZ products, such as the Escape.



Even if you’re not in the market for a trailer and just want to see what Braun’s and the other dealers have brought out, I do hope you’ll hunt me down and say hello!







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3 Responses to Winter RV Show Season Set to Begin

  1. Bob Suber

    Good post, Pat – looks like Braun is getting valuable help and you’re having fun. Win-win!

  2. Mic

    Thanks for the update. The first big RV show here in Western Oregon began yesterday and runs thru the weekend, in Eugene.
    Where can I find out information on the suitability of the Riverside Retro trailers for our very wet weather here in Western Oregon? The Dealers always say – “yeah, your good, these are made like a tank”, or some such. What’s the real truth, since these trailers are made in Indiana and not Oregon? Can the roofs be walked on for cleaning?

  3. Pat

    Mic – if you click on the “Forums” tab at the top of the page, you should find a Retro forum on there you can join. Also, Facebook has a really active Retro owners page if you’re on Facebook. I’m not certain on he roof structure, I’m leaning towards it not being walkable.

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